Night Nurse(Warner Bros.) (1931)

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ae YOUR CAMPAIGN OUTSTANDING! Ben Lyon Gets Army Pilot Rating While Making Latest Film Supports Barbara Stanwyck In “Night Nurse” Warner Bros. Picture, Soon At Strand (Advance—Plant 3 days Before) Ben Lyon, who dates every important happening in his life by the picture he happened to be working in at the time, has something by which he will never forget “Night Nurse,” his latest Warner Bros. picture in which he will be seen in support of Barbara Stanwyck at the She Spot Eheatre-.... => next It was during the production of “Night Nurse” that he received an envelope from the War Department in Washington addressed to Second Lieut. Benjamin B. Lyon, Jr. containing his army pilot’s rating card. This rating is the highest that can be obtained in aviation, and Ben claims that the moment in which he opened the envelope was the proudest in his life. Besides piling up a lot of hours in the air, he had to pass a series of written and physical examinations which cover everything connected with planes and flying. Ben’s commission is as an officer in the 322nd Pursuit Group of the U. S. Air Force, to which outfit he must devote two weeks every year. Others in the cast of “Night Nurse” are Joan Blondell, Charles Winninger, Charlotte Merriam, Edward Nugent, Allan Lane, Blanche Friderici, Vera Lewis, Ralf Harolde, Clark Gable, Walter McGrail, Betty May, Marcia Mae Jones.and Betty Jane Graham—the last two named being part of the baby delegation seen in the thrilling picture. William A. Wellman, the ex-aviator who directed “Hell’s Angels,” directed “Night Nurse.” — Do iNurses iviarry Fatients -Asks “Night Nurse’ Star (Current Reader) Do nurses marry their patients? The question has often been propounded .by laymen who try to find a romantic side of the routine of general hospital work and workers. That there is romance even in hospitals is proved by Barbara Stanwyck and Ben Lyon in their current Warner Bros. production, “Night Nurse,” which is now playing at area Theatre. Miss Stanwyck has a supporting cast which includes Joan Blondell, Eddie Nugent, Charles Winninger, Clark Gable and Blanche Frederici and many others. William Wellman directed. Googoo Eyes of Joan Defy *Night Nurse” Disguise (Current Reader) No disguise has yet been invented that Joan Blondell can assume and utterly avoid detection. In “Night Nurse,” the current Warner Bros. picture: at the: ==. 228. *. Theatre, Director William Wellman dressed her in the same gown, cap and mask that several other girls were -wearing in the operating room sequences. They all looked alike but Joan. It’s those big, round, tell-tale eyes. She appears in this picture with Ben Lyon in support of Barbara Stanwyck. emergency-calls! No other screen star has ever had such a role. strips bare all facts, rets, scandals that have been hushed for years! Barhara. SS TANWYCK NIGHT NURSE with BEN LYON JOAN BLONDELL CLARKE GABLE WARNER BROS. She's Been Thru The Mill She knows all about those private rooms, midnight transgressions, ‘rest cures,’ & VITAPHONE HIT AME NO. 6 It Sec “Cut 60c, Mat 15c Speaking Of Funny Operations, Listen To What Bill Says (Current Story) Speaking of operations, William Wellman who directed “Night Nurse,’ the Warner Bros. picture, starring Barbara Stanwyck, which is showing at the...... Theatre now, has a thing or two to say. After, obtaining permission, from the authorities, he donned cap, gown and mask, and was admitted to the operating room of a Los Angeles hospital, where he was seeking local color. The only thing he regrets is that he couldn’t hire the surgeon he was watching. Wellman was all admiration for the doctor’s fancy cutting and cross-stitching. As no scalpel work or embroidery is shown on the screen, Wellman | spent most of his time watching the way the nurse and internes deftly handled their end of the business. Not to be outdone, Eddie Nugent and Allan Lane, who play the parts of internes in “Night Nurse” spent a day at a Los Angeles receiving hospital where they watched their real life counterparts handling accident cases in the rapid, insouciant manner characteristic of receiving hospital attendants. PREPARE TO BE SHOCKED! When this Night Nurse tells her story! NOW PLAYING Barbara. yTANWYCK NIGHT NURSE with BEN LYON. JOAN BLONDELL “BOYD Cut No. 15 Cut 40c Mat 10c Ben Lyon Fans May Now GetNewPhoto Of Him By Trading a was Theatre :.........:.0:0005. Next, Supporting of Barbara Stanwyck, In Warner Bros. “Night Nurse” (Advance—Plant 5 Days Before) Ben Lyon, who will be seen in support of Barbara Stanwyck in “Night Nurse,”........ next, at the es eye Theatre, in pausing to look back over the past eight years in which he has distributed thousands of autographed pictures in answer to requests from fans—decided to make a momentous proposition to them. “These were nice enough photos in their day” Ben says, “But every time I look at them now I get the heebie-jeebies to think how many of them I broadcasted! I doubt whether there is a person living who looks at a photograph taken some eight years ago without, at least, a sheepish grin or a slight blush.” Ben is now issuing an appeal to all his fans who received his photograph between the years 1923 and 1929 to return their old pictures (if they still have them) and get new ones in exchange. “There was only one pose used’ in those years” Ben Says, “but the picture can be further distinguished by the highlights on the forehead which the very meticulous photographer created by rubbing oil on my so-called brow.” Ben has a stack of nice new ones all ready to be mailed out free to those who return their old ones to him, care of Warner Bros. Studios in Hollywood. This is a bona fide offer and he adds that he might consider sending a new one without the one in return—anything to please the ladies. Beside Ben Lyon the support of Miss Stanwyck includes Joan Blondell, Charles Winninger, Charlotte Merriam, Edward Nugent, Allan Lane, Blanche Friderici, Vera Lewis, Ralf Harolde, Clark Gable, Walter McGrail, and Betty May. William A. Wellman directed. “Night Nurse” Director And Player Are Air Pilots (Current Reader) the never-failing pic of conversation whenever Director William Wellman and Ben Lyon got together on the set of “Night Nurse,” the current Warner Bros. picture now at the.......... Theatre. Wellman saw active air service in the war as a member of the famous Lafayette Escadrille. Ben Lyon is a full fledged army pilot, holding a commission in the U. S. Air force. Barbara Stanwyck is starred in “Night Nurse.” Director Wellman Sees Future Star In Five Week Old Infant William Wellman, who directed Barbara Stanwyck in “Night Nurse? the Warner Bros. picture which comes to these ca Y 77 next, declares with what appears to be deep conviction that he has discovered a future screen star in a five week old baby, one of the ten seen in a thrilling sequence of “Night Nurse.” In the twenty minutes the authorities allowed the baby to be recorded for the eyes and ears of the millions, it had an oil rub, a hand and foot print, an identification tag stuck on its midget back, a bath under a spray shower, and its weight. These operations were tolerated with such dignity by the baby that Mr. Wellman on the following day, when a bit was to be added to the scene, instantly called for his discovery. Barbara Stanwyck is supported in “Night Nurse’? by Ben Lyon, Joan Blondell, Charles Winninger, Charlotte Merriam, Edward Nugent, Allan Lane, Blanche Friderici, Vera Lewis, Robert Gleckler, Clark Gable, Walter McGrail and Betty May. Ben Has Ripping Time In Filming ‘“‘Night Nurse” (Advance Reader) Ben Lyon, who supports Barbara Stanwyck in “Night Nurse” the Warner Bros. production coming to 62S theatre Sa next— plays the part of a rather shady character who is brought to the hospital for treatment of his wounded arm. Barbara Stanwyck is required to rip the sleeve from his shirt. Six shirts had been ordered by director Wellman, in case of retakes, and all but two were used. Miss Stanwyck also clipped too deep during the sequence and caused the husky Ben to do some very real acting. Others featured in support of the beautiful star are Joan Blon ~ 1 dell, Charlies Winninger and Clark — Gable. Intimate Study of Modern Girl In ‘“SNight Nurse’’ (Advance Reader) The trials, temptations, loves and ambitions of a modern girl who enters the confines of a great city hospital to become a nurse are brilliantly portrayed by Barbara Stanwyck as the star of “Night Nurse,” the Warner Bros. production which comes to the........ Theatre....... next. Featured are Ben Lyon, Joan Blondell, Clark Gable, Charles Winninger, Charlotte Merriam, Edward Nugent, and many others. EXPOSED! Secrets rooms! of the private Mysteries that in the dead of night! Scandals of negNothing Here’s happen lected wives! omitted! one night nurse who has courage to TELL ALL! \\ Barhara fanwyc NIGHT NURSE with BEN LYON JOAN BLONDELL CLARKE GABLE Cut No. 5 WARNER BROS.& VITAPHONE HIT Never, riever, such flaming facts, such dynamic drama! never, INDIANA Cut 40c, Mat 10c Page Three