Night Nurse(Warner Bros.) (1931)

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AUTHOR OF “EX MISTRESS”! ~ MONA LISA SMILE OF BEAUTIFUL STAR Blonde Joan Climbs OF “NIGHT NURSE” REASON FOR HER) Merrily Starward UNFAILING CHARM, SAYS BIG BEN LYON Barbara Stanwyck’s Magnetic Personality Analyzed By Her Leading Man, In Warner Bros. Thrilling Romance, Now Drawing Record Crowds To The Strand (Biographical Feature—Plant in No. 2 Sunday Paper) “The longer I work in pictures, the less I know the leading women I play with,” said Ben Lyon in answer to a query as to Barbara Stanwyck, opposite whom he appears in Warner Bros. thrilling modern romance “Night Nurse” now at the........ Theatre. “There is really little time on the set to get acquainted,” Ben went on. “Acting is a matter of continuous work, either before the camera or in rehearsal of lines and action. “Hardly any time is allowed us for other than the passing of the usual pleasantries about the weather and the state of our health. Even when I appeared with my wife, Bebe Daniels, in ‘My Past’ we really didn’t get a chance to get chummy until we were out of the studio and on the way home.” Ben—the hero of ‘Wings”’—has been in pictures for eight years. Though during that time has played opposite enough leading women to constitute a Who’s Who of the profession, he confesses that he knows few of them now—while others whom the screen public have seen nestled lovingly in his arms, he would not even recognize if he passed them on the street. “The meeting of male and female leads in a picture usually takes place in the following manner: I reported promptly at eight-thirty the morning I was to begin work on “Night Nurse.” Barbara Stanwyck was there, seated chair going over her lines. Director William Wellman went over my first scene with me and then, in a sort of nonchalant manner, took me to the star and introduced us. She ack “ brief smile and nod. “Ten minutes later we were clasped passionately in each other’s embrace—before the camera. “Three weeks after that our acquaintance had not progressed much beyond the nod-and-smile stage.” But that doesn’t prevent Ben from having some very definite opinions regarding Barbara Stanwyck. He found a certain coolness in her that disconcerted him at first, he says, and interpreted it as aloofness, an illusion soon dispelled. “She speaks very little when out of a scene. Her manner is easy, unruffled. She glides into a scene with hardly a change of manner and does her best acting without the slightest trace of strain. More than anything else, this quality in_ her, gave me confidence in myself. Unconsciously, I found myself drifting along with her mood into a natural, sustained style and acting. “Miss Stanwyck seems to influence everyone in the same way. After I had worked with her for a few days, I could not understand why I had thought her upstage. In many little things, especially her consideration for those working with her—I found her very human. “For several days I was disturbed by something vaguely familiar about her, but try as I would I could not place it. There was an intangible aura of mystery—of placid secrecy— which I knew I had encountered before. “When I knew she was not watching me, I tried to discover what it was that struck me as though I had known her all my life. One day it came to me suddenly. There is a perpetual halfsmile hovering about the corners of her lips. It is barely perceptible at times, yet always there. My attention was riveted to the smile, and I felt that here was the answer to the riddle. I was right. “The answer was so obvious as to escape detection, her faint, baffling smile, is probably the closest to Mona Lisa that has ever been found in a human being since Leonardo da Vinci created his masterpiece.” Others who support Miss Stanwyck in “Night Nurse” are Joan Blondel!, Charles Winninger, Charlotte Merriam, Edward Nugent, Allan Lane, Blanche Friderici, Vera Lewis, Ralf Harolde, Clarke Gable, Walter McGrail, Betty May, Marcia Mae Jones and Betty Jane Graham. William A. Wellman, who directed Ben Lyon in “Wings” directs “Night Nurse.” in a canvas-backed | ; ledged_ my presence. with -a| | OPPOSITE STANWYCK | estates ; ARR Ben Lyon may be seen the Strand this week in “Night Nurse,’ Barbara Stauwyck’s new film. CharlotteMerriamIs Here In Night Nurse (Biography, June 15, 1931) Charlotte Merriam, who plays the part of Mrs. Richey in “Night Nurse” the Warner Bros. production starring Barbara Stanwyck, now: atthe == ‘Theatres <s.-was born in Chicago, Ill. April 5, 1906. She entered pictures when fourteen years of age, securing her first part with Universal while on a visit to that studio, ee She has appeared in “So Big,” “Captain Blood,” “Danger,” “South Sea Pearl,” “Pleasure Crazed,” “Second Choice,” “The Broadway Hoofer” and “Night Nurse.” Miss Meriam is five feet three inches tall, weighs one hundred and fifteen pounds, and has blue eyes and blonde hair. Blondell and Nugent Play Big Parts in ‘“SNight Nurse” (Advance Reader) “Night Nurse,” the Warner Bros. modern romance starring Barbara Stanwyck, and coming to the...... heatres:. next, provides the fascinating star with her greatest role. Ben Lyon is featured. A secondary love interest is provided by Joan Blondell and Edward Nugent who respectively play roles of nurse and interne. William Wellman who directs “Night Nurse” recently did the phenominally successful “Public Enemy.” He it was who directed the first of air-epics, “Wings.” LAST 2 DAYS ! BARBARA Night ™ Nurse ~~ : oss , Screen thrill of the year ! STRAND exavinc Cut No. 14 Cut 20c¢ Mat sc In “Night Nurse” (Biography, June 15, 1931) Joan Blondell who is prominently cast in “Night Nurse,” the Warner Bros. production starring Barbara Stanwyck, Tow catethe: 4... 35 Theatre, is the favorite daughter of Eddie Blondell, known all over the world as “The Katzenjammer Kid.” Joan’s mother, brother and sister still appear in her father’s vaudeville act. When but a few months old, Joan was Carried on in the act with her family and for the first twelve years of her life, traveled all over the world with them. She celebrated her twelfth birthday in Sydney, Australia, and remained in that country for six years, during which time she developed into a very able singing and dancing comedienne. After returning to America, she left her family to join a stock company in Dallas, Texas, remaining there for several months. She then went to New York to appear in “Tarnish” at the Provincetown Theatre. This was followed by a season in the Follies. She then was seen in “The Trial of Mary Dugan,” “My Girl Friday,” “Maggie the Magnificent,” “Sporting Blood” and “Penny Arcade.” While playing in the latter production, she was signed by Warner Bros. to enact the same role in the screen version, which was released as “Sinners’ Holiday.” Following this, she appeared in “Office Wife,” “Other Men’s Women,” “Illicit”? and “God’s Gift To Women.” Joan Blondell was born in New York City on August 30, 1909. She is five feet, four inches tall, weighs one hundred and eighteen pounds and has ash-blonde hair and gray eyes. “Night Nurse” Player Once Trouped with Circus| | Cut-—-Now 19 Cudol Se eeMe taSig be ——_—__—— (Current Reader) Charles Winninger, who plays a featured role in “Night Nurse,” the -Warner Bros. production now playing-at the... Theatre, started out life with an ambition to become a band leader. All of his forebears were musicians. In pursuit of his ambition, he worked with wagon shows, medicine shows and circuses, and ended up as an actor. “Night Nurse” stars Barbara Stanwyck and features Ben Lyon, Joan Blondell and Eddie Nugent. WhatLife Had In Store ForBarbaraStanwyck “Night Nurse” Star (Biography, June 1, 1931) Barbara Stanwyck now at the See per Theatre as the star of Warner Bros. “Night Nurse” got her real start in the theatrical world by impersonating Louis Wolheim as the “Hairy Ape” at the Globe Theatre in Brooklyn, New York. Miss Stanwyck was born in Brooklyn and from the time she was a little girl dancing attracted her. She never lost an opportunity to learn and execute new steps. When she was sixteen she somehow managed to convince the chorus master at the Strand Cabaret that she could trip the light fantastic and he gave her an opportunity and she made good. A chorus engagement in the musical show “Keep Cool” followed. It was during the run of “Keep Cool” at the Globe Theatre, that Miss Stanwyck first received recognition. She and five other girls were picked to do imitations of the principals. Barbara’s bit was to impersonate Louis Wolheim as the “Hairy Ape.” She did the part so well that Ziegfeld, who eventually bought the entire production of ‘Keep Cool,” kept her in his “Follies” for two seasons. This was followed by another period of dancing in New York cabarets, including the Club Anatole, and an en ‘| gagement in Shubert’s “Gay Marie.” Her real chance came in the Willard Mack opus, “The Noose.” She was engaged for a small bit in the cabaret scene but when the show opened she had been promoted tc the lead. Arthur Hopkins saw her in this play and seeking for a girl to play the lead in his production of “Bur years ! OrpHEUM Tonight... professional ethics will be swept aside to reveal secrets that have been hushed for “I know it will cost me my career. But I’m not going to allow Dr. ee r to get away with that game any longer. I’m going to tell EVERYTHING!” Barhara STANWYCK in Dora Macy’s revealing story NIGHT NURSE wih BEN LYON JOAN BLONDELL CLARKE GABLE Cut No. 25c, Cut 40c, Mat 10c lesque,” signed her for the part. Her twenty pounds and has auburn hair success in this role established her and dark blue eyes. as a Broadway star. Then coming to Hollywood she played in “Mexicali Rose,” “Ladies of Leisure,” “The Locked Door”, “Tllicit,” “Ten Cents a Dance,” and “Night Nurse.” Miss Stanwyck who in private life is Mrs. Frank Fay—is five feet five inches tall, weighs one hundred and Fai gasn 8S ; ie Fe “Say, my story will run your temperature up to 104!” —NIGHT NURSE Page Seven