Night Nurse(Warner Bros.) (1931)

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WHO MADE “PUBLIC ENEMY"! DASHING SHOEMAKER FIGHTS WITH Tenant Directs His FRENCH, CRASHES IN BOMBED AIRPLANE| Landlord Who Plays FATED TO BECOME ACE OF DIRECTORS William A. Wellman Who Directed ‘Night Nurse” Warner Bros. Mystery Romance Starring Barbara Stanwyck With Ben Lyon, Now At Strand Theatre, Has Life Of Rare Adventure (Biographical Feature. Plant In No. 2 Sunday Paper) It was literally a thousand to one shot brought William A. Wellman, director of “Night Nurse,” the Warner Bros. picture starring Barbara Stanwyck now at the Theatre, down to earth and started him on his motion picture career. | NIGHT NURSE | sees ee ——baroara Stanwyck, who scored sensationally in her first Warner Bros. picture, Illicit,’ is said to rise to even greater dramatic heights in “Night Nurse” coming to the Strand Theatre next Thursday. Cut No. 13 Cut 15c, Mat Sc Wanted To Be A Doctor, Is At Home in ‘Night Nurse’ (Current Reader) Clark Gable, who drifted into acting, although he really wanted to study medicine, has finally found an opportunity to indulge his childhood ambition to a certain extent. He is cast in support of Barbara Stanwyck in the Warner Bros. production, “Night Nurse,” which is now playing at the Theatre. Although his role is that of a villainous chauffeur and not a doctor, he being around the hospital sets even on his off days harking back to his childhood dreams of wearing white robes and wielding a scalpel. Came to Lot to Visit Stayed To Play Parts (Advance Reader) It’s hard enough to be able to visit a motion picture studio, but it’s harder still to follow that up by becoming a motion picture actress as a consequence of the visit. That was the way Charlotte Merriam started on her career. The blonde actress who is now being seen in support of Barbara Stanwyck in the current Warner Bros. picture, “Night Nurse” which comes to the Theatre next, eee ee eo ew eo RLINGALLY. wee eens was a visitor at the Universal Studio when she was fourteen years old. Someone noticed her eagerly watching a scene being shot, and was so struck by her appearance that he signed her up on the spot. She has been in pictures since then. "Pye been warned to keep quiet, but don’t worry—l'll spill my stuff!’ —NIGHT NURSE Making shoes for the French army in his home town, West Newton, Mass., was too tame for young Wellman. In the school he had. graduated from before entering the shoe factory he was considered one of the best football, baseball and hockey players. He was used to action, so he secretly slipped off overseas. Long before the United States entered the war he was fighting in the air as a member of the famous French unit—the Lafayette Escadrille. Wellman was only eighteen years old then, and like all youngsters of that age was the sort of daredevil for whom everyone predicted a brilliant but certain death. Luck was with him, however. In his training he cracked up _ three planes, miraculously escaping injury each time. When he went to the front he was at first the only American in his squadron. When Tommy Hitchcock, the famous polo player, joined the same squadron the two became fast friends and often went out together looking for trouble above the clouds. They found it. Even when things were comparatively quiet for other flyers. Wellman soon came to believe that he led a charmed life. He, got a a re Ba ear Ton Gorey eae Sn a other. Even when his engine went dead while delivering President Wilson’s peace messages over the German lines, he managed to glide his plane back to the French lines where the machine crashed in a shell hole. Wellman climbed unhurt from the plane. The thousand-to-one shot was an “Archie.” That was the name given to anti-aircraft shells by wartime aviators. The intrepid airmen held these shells in utter contempt. It was well known to them that only one in a thousand ever hit its mark. Nine hundred and ninety-nine “Archies” exploded around the members of the Lafayette Escadrille, but as chance would have it, the thousandth found Wellman’s plane. Fortunately, his plane crashed in the foliage of a tree and Wellman got off with a broken back and several other injuries which ended his aerial career “for the duration of the war.” He could not now go back to pegging shoes after all that excitement. He wanted something colorful— some profession that would keep him on his toes all the time. Motion pictures was the answer, and twelve dollars a week was the initial salary as messenger boy for Samuel Goldwyn. His forceful personality enabled him to. rapidly mount from the ranks. He was prop boy, assistant cameraman, assistant director and finally a director—and he isn’t through yet. He put his air-war experience to practical use in “Wings,” which he made for Paramount, scoring his first tremendous success. When recently he completed “The Public Enemy” for Warner Bros. he was hailed as one of the finest directors in Hollywood. This led to his being assigned the direction of Barbara Stanwyck’s picture, “Night Nurse,” in which he has managed to chalk another big mark on his success slate. Supporting Barbara Stanwyck in “Night Nurse” are’ Ben Lyon Joan Blondell, Charles Winninger, Charlotte Merriam, Edward Nugent, Allan Lane, Blanche Friderici, Vera Lewis, Ralf MHarolde, Clark Gable, Walter McGrail, Betty May, Marcia Mae Jones and Betty Jane Graham. The picture is based on the sensational novel by Dora Macy. “Night Nurse’ Lead (Current—Plant 4th Day) William Wellman enjoyed the novelty of directing his landlord in “Night Nurse,” the Warner Bros. picture starring Barbara Stanwyck now playing at the Theatre. Every month, Wellman pays his rent to none other than Ben Lyon who, together with his wife Bebe Daniels, owns the beach home occupied by the director and his wife. Shortly after “Night Nurse” was completed Wellman moved to another of Ben’s houses, the house vacated being taken over by Psia Negri on her arrival in Hollywood. Ben is a director in the firm of Bebe Daniels, Incorporated, a real estate holding corporation. His role in “Night Nurse” is in support of Barbara Stanwyck. Others in the cast are Joan Blondell, Charles Winninger, Eddie Nugent, Clark Gable, Blanche Friderici, Ralf Harolde, Vera Lewis, Charlotte Merriam, Walter McGrail, Allan Lane and Betty May. Walter McGrail Here In “Night Nurse” (Biography, June 15, 1931) Walter McGrail who plays the part of the amusing drunk in “Night Nurse” the Warner Bros. production starring Barbara Stanwyck, now at the Theatre was born in Brooklyn, New York, where he received his education and rounded it out by taking a trip around the world. He started to work in pictures in 1914, after doing six years in musical comedy and vaudeville. Among his pictures are “Old San Francisco,” “American Beauty,” “Man Crazy,” “The Play Girl,” “Stop That Man,” “Midnight Madness,” “Splendid. Hour,” “Hey Rehr? OU Raver th Boia)? “Men Without Women,” and “Night Nurse.” He is six feet tall, weighs one hundred and seventy-two pounds and has black hair and blue eyes. Barbara Stanwyck At) Local Theatre Today “Night Nurse”’Star (Current—Plant Day of Opening) “Night Nurse,” the much heralded starring vehicle for Barbara Stanwyck, a Warner Bros. production, opens an engagement at the Theatre today. . The piece is based on the sensational novel by Dora Macy. It presents vividly the temptations, fears, loves and deeds of a girl who comes as a probationer to a great city hospital and stays until she becomes not only a nurse—but a woman who saves lives and wins through suffering the one thing women most want in life. Miss Stanwyck is supported by Ben Lyon, Joan Blondell, Charles Winninger, Charlotte Merriam, Edward Nugent, Allan Lane, Blanche Friderici, Vera Lewis, Ralf Harolde, Clark Gable, Walter McGrail and Betty May. William Wellman who directed “Wings” and “The Public Enemy” directed “Night Nurse.” Barbara Stanwyck whose work in “Tilicit” is remembered by all theatre goers, does the most effective work of her career as the Lora Hart of “Night Nurse.” SEE IT TODAY Yesterday... 8,431 people sat breathless as... Barhara “NIGHT NURSE told the naked truth about happenings on the night watch! Dora Macy wrote this story from er own ex peciences! STRANGER One of the feared men of the night. PLAY GIRL a ‘nurse too wise ‘totell what she knows. BEN LYON JOAN BLONDELL CLARKE GABLE EDWARD NUGENT , Chas. Winninger MYSTERY MAN Con federate of strange doctors. It’s always. Winter at the | WINTER GARDEN “ex end Warner Bros. @ Vitaphone Picture Cut No. 22 Cut 40c, Mat 10c Talkies’ Shrillest Sound |Great City Hospital Is Locale of *SNight Nurse”’ (Advance Reader) The sensational: sequences. of “Night Nurse’ the Warner Bros. production starring Barbara Stanwyck and coming to the Theatre next, are laid in a great city hospital. Here the heroine comes as a girl and goes through training necessary to become a nurse. The part is a deeply emotional one, and affords Miss Sound technicians discovered during the filming of “Night Nurse” the Barbara Stanwyck, picture now at the Theatre, that the cry of a small infant is the shrillest sound that ever shattered the nerves of the long-suffering “mike.” ~ Director Wellman wanted a background of baby-cries for an amusing sequence in a hospital. The babies had to be put at the extreme end of the ward before the same could be taken. Thrilling! Vital! Dramatic! Barbara TANWYCK NIGHT NURSE CAPITOL Cut Cut No. 12, Stanwyck her greatest vehicle. Featured in support are Ben Lyon, Joan Blondell, Clark Gable, Charles Winninger and many others. William Wellman directed. “Extras Wanted” Sign Led Ben Lyon to Film Fame (Advance Reader) It was an “Extra Wanted” sign that decided the future of Ben Lyon, who, at the time he read it, was in school in New York. He is now appearing in support of Barbara Stanwyck in “Night Nurse” the Warner Bros. production which © comes to the Theatre next for a run of..°... days. Others featured are Clark Gable, Joan Blondell, Charles Winninger and Edward Nugent. William Wellman 40c, Mat 10c directed “Night Nurse.” “ Page Nine