Out of the Fog (Warner Bros.) (1941)

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CURRENT PUBLICITY — "OUT OF THE FOG' Dreams Up Titles Maurice Goldman, Hollywood prop boy, never wrote a song in his life but he can make up some red hot song titles. How do you like “Love Me Quick” Or “Kissin’ In the Kitchen’’? Those were two of 16 or more that Goldie had to dream up for “Out of the Fog,” the Strand’s exciting new drama featuring Ida Lupino, John Garfield, Thomas Mitchell and Eddie Albert. One of the principal sets is a cheap cafe in which a coin operated phonograph, or juke box, is an important item. Well aware of what dire things might happen if he poached either in ASCAP or BMI domains, Goldie took metronome in hand and ticked off titles of his own to put on the front of the machine. Some of his others: “Stop Light,” “The Kangaroo Twitch,” “Hi, Ho, Hicup,” “Kitsle Ketsle” (which he swears isn’t naughty), “Cassy Bites,” and “If I Had a Dime.” Many-Sided Tobias The many men that George Tobias is, is beginning to make him groggy. One day he was “Pasha” working in “Affectionately Yours,” with Merle Oberon, Dennis Morgan and Rita Hayworth. The next day he would be “Peewee,” constant companion of James Cagney in “The Bride Came C.O.D.” Between times he was “Igor Propotkin,” the discouraged storekeeper at Sheepshead Bay in “Out of the Fog,” the powerful drama based on the play by Irwin Shaw. It is nothing new for Tobias to be several people almost simultaneously and to have several strange and nearly unpronounceable names at one time. Small wonder George Tobias is never sure of himself or of what his name is at any given moment. But whether he is “Peewee” or “Pappalas” he usually manages to be funny which is what Warner Bros. studios pay him to be. Teamed For Keeps Thomas Mitchell and John Qualen think they’re typed as an inseparable “couple.” Just as soon as they finished in Warner Bros. “Out of the Fog,” they start a picture at RKO, making the fourth in a row in which they’re pals before the cameras. “Angels Over Broadway” and “The Long Voyage Home” were the other two. 6 SHORT TAKES—— Real-Life Role? Over at Warner Bros. the “Out of the Fog” company was working on a set designed as a pier along the Sheepshead Bay waterfront. It was night—a foggy night. Two shabby old men, Thomas Mitchell and John Qualen were accosted by a sharp, nattily dressed gangster, in the person of John Garfield. Greedily he accepted a wad of bills, which he had demanded of them, and stuffed them in his wallet. “Nice wallet,” he said brashly. “Cost me $23.00. Genuine ostrich skin. Imagine, me,” he chuckled, “me, Harold Goff, little kid from the gutter, havin’ an ostrich skin wallet!” The director, Anatole Litvak called, “Cut!” whereupon Garfield turned around, and continued, “Or for that matter, Tola, imagine me, John Garfield, the terror of P.S. 5, having one!” An Accident, Of Course Thomas Mitchell doubts that he’ll ever hear the last of a laugh friends had at his expense one recent night. He invited five people to accompany him to “any nearby movie house” to see a picture or so, explaining that he specified a nearby house because his daily chores in Warner Bros.’ “Out of the Fog” meant that he couldn’t stay up late. “Now,” he quotes himself as saying, “‘let’s look at the paper and see what’s playing in the vicinity. We ought to be able to find some program that nobody’s seen—there are five good little theatres near here.” They checked the list, and then his friends began to guffaw. Every one of the five houses near his Pacific Palisades residence was playing a Thomas Mitchell picture! Got A Clean Break George Tobias, up to his neck in muddy trenches in “Sergeant York,” finally got his best break in a hectic two months of bicycling between the sets of various pictures. He was called back to the set of “Out of the Fog” to do a steam bath scene. They Filmed By Night Literally “shot in the dark” is Warner Bros.’ “Out of the Fog,” which is based on Irwin Shaw’s great play, “The Gentle People.” Ninety percent of the film is composed of night scenes, and the rest of murky daylight and fog. Still GP-46; Mat 204—30c DRAMA ALONG THE WATERFRONT—John Garfield, Robert Homans, Thomas Mitchell and John Qualen in a dramatic scene from the Strand's new hit, "Out of the Fog." Ida Lupino co-stars with Garfield. Posed by Ida Lupino, Star of ‘Out of the Fog’ at the Strand Yours for a Grand Vacation Mat 301-B—45c. Order from Campaign Plan Editor Here's the basic wardrobe Ida Lupino suggests for a carefree, but well-dressed vacation. (Left) A playsuit with that little-girl charm, in yellow seersucker. (Center) Dinner pajamas are just right for the informality of summer evenings. Ida's are violet and white striped silk jersey with a wide inset waistband of the violet. (Right) For afternoon, the cool freshness of printed white spun linen, with velvet ribbon beading at the neck and on the short sleeves. BRIEF and PERSONAL IDA LUPINO, daughter of a famed English theatrical family, ran away from school when she was thirteen, to start a theatrical career . . . Her work in British pictures attracted the notice of Hollywood ... Barely 16, she arrived here to fill a Paramount contract .. . After playing ingenue roles long enough to become weary of them, she decided to change her personality . . . She concentrated on diction and dramatic lessons, then applied for the role of the waif in "The Light That Failed" .. . From that time on she has climbed steadily to the top ranks of serious dramatic actresses with her work in such pictures as "High Sierra’ and "The Sea Mat 10815Wolf"... Her newest role is in the new Strand picture, "Out of the Fog.” JOHN GARFIELD is a native New Yorker . . . He first became interested in dramatics while he was attending Angelo Patri's school for problem children . . . Became a member of the famous Group Theatre in New York | and scored hits in "Golden Boy" and "Having Wonderful Time" . . . Summoned to Hollywood, he had an immediate success in "Four Daughters" . . » Now, an established star, he refuses to let luxury interfere with his | perspective, sticks to the simple things he liked to do before he became 3 famous . . . Most recent hit was "The Sea Wolf," which he is currently } following up with "Out of the Fog," coming to the Strand. Mat 103—15c | THOMAS MITCHELL inherited his Irish brogue, his talent for writing, and | his acting ability from his father . . . Born in Elizabeth, N. J., the celebrated character actor started his professional career as a reporter... After working on several New Jersey papers, he gave up reporting to join the Ben Greet Players in New York . . . For several years he played with various well-known stock companies on the road ... During all this time he continued to write and when he returned to New York it was as author and star of the hit play "Little Accident" .. . Many Broadway successes followed, then, inevitably, came the Hollywood call . . . Has appeared in "Lost Horizon," "Gone With the Wind," "Long Voyage Home," "Stagecoach" and many more ... In 1939 he received the Academy Award for best supporting actor . . . Currently playing in "Out of the Fog." Mat 112—15c DIRECTOR ANATOLE LITVAK'S list of directorial achievements demonstrate forcibly the extreme versatility of the Russian-born director... They include "Mayerling," "The Sisters," "The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse," "All This and Heaven Too," "City for Conquest" and the new picture at the Strand, "Out of the Fog," screen adaptation of a long-run Broadway | stage play by Irwin Shaw . . . Recognized as an artist of true genius, Litvak nevertheless has no "rules" for directing films . . . He attacks each one as a new and entirely fresh problem ... He does feel though, that his : fundamental knowledge and feeling for music helps his direction greatly. Mat 104—15c