Stallion Road (Warner Bros.) (1947)

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ue velva pearls ad campaign [ier pane nas, roDUcTON Here is the full-page Velva Pearls ad featuring Alexis Smith and crediting ''Stallion Road,'' which appeared in the December issue of Harper's Bazaar. This is the first in a series of similar ads, designed to promote Warner stars and pictures, which Velva Pearls has scheduled for early issues of top national fashion magazines, among them: Vogue, Mademoiselle, Glamour, Charm, ete. Limited number of "Stallion Road" ad proofs are available for local tie-in with Velva Pearls outlets. For dealer information and additional proofs, contact: Mr. Harold Reingold, Reingold Agency, 10 State St., Boston, Mass. sinclair refining tie-up IMPORTANT! Sinclair Refining Co. makes it a Warner year! As we go to press, plans are under way for a national advertising campaign on a truly impressive scale. For 8 consecutive months 8 different full-page Sinclair ads featuring Warner stars and pictures are scheduled to appear in 5 top national magazines. The campaign leads off with a full-page ad starring Alexis Smith and crediting "Stallion Road" in Life (May 5), Liberty (May 10), Collier's (May 17), Saturday Evening Post (May 24), and This Week (May 24). Watch for the magazines and arrange local displays combining the ad and branch set stills. For additional ad proofs, write to: | a | glow | *SEMULATED Mr. James Pepper, Hixson-O’Donnell Agency, 350 Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y. AMERICAN PEARL COMPANY, PROVIDENCE, NEW YORK. PHILADELPHIA, CHICAGO. LOS ANGELES EJ wald’s ad and window card The L. Wald Co. makes available the handsome counter and window display standee (illustrated, left) for local tie-in and also presents Alexis Smith and "Stallion Road" in the attractive full-page ad (right) which appeared in Harper's Bazaar (Dec issue). The standee, which measures 19x28", makes an ef fective display in com bination with stills from your branch set. CC 7 ~~. . For reprints of the ad, available in limited quantity, and for window display cards, write direct to: Mr. Sander Shapiro, Meyer-Both Agency, Michigan & 20th St., Chicago, Ill.