Stallion Road (Warner Bros.) (1947)

Record Details:

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IMPORTANT: Your request must be accompanied by the following information: name of theatre; station on which recordings will be aired; station from which you ordinarily purchase time; how many times Announcement and _ Break will be used. If recordings are requested on behalf of a circuit, indicate the theatres to be covered by these recordings. Still Blow-ups Tell ‘Em It's A Great Story For a 2-way lobby and/or book outlet tie-in, set up a book-into-film display with the Julian Messner published book (right) and a blow-up of the Liberty condensation, below, both available as 8xI0's. ORDER: Book Still No. 664-Pub. A-64 and Liberty Still No. 664Pub. A-65 from Warner Bros.’ Campaign Plan Editor, 321 W. 44th St., New York 18, N.Y. TRANSCRIPTIONS (BOTH ON ONE RECORD) One 45-second Spot Announcement and one novel 10-second Station Break, each allowing time for live announcement of theatre and date. TO GET weie lo your tocal YOURS: WUKNER EXCHANGE. and also A 5-Minute transcription of a Hollywood Interview with Alexis Smith, with many plugs for ‘Stallion Road”. WRITE TO: Warner Bros. Campaign Plan Editor 321 West 44th Street New York 18, N. Y. IMPORTANT! Your request must be accompanied by name of radio station and program on which this transcription will be used.