The Church Mouse (Warner Bros.) (1934)

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Still No. 150-81 shows Miss La Plante with the oldest and newest types of Remington typewriters. A reason to tieup with local Remington dealers for window displays and advertising. Oe Beauty Parlors Advertise ten beauty treatments given free by cooperating beauty parlors for certain days. Hand small envelopes to all girls, with copy reading, “BEAUTY TREATMENT —FREE.” Inside is a card explaining that the number on it may be a lucky one, winning ten treatments at local beauty parlors. Names of lucky parties can be shown on screen or pasted outside theater. reSsE=LQYEEEETT____ es Steno Contest The heroine of “The Church Mouse” is a stenographer. Stage a contest tie-up with local business school for fastest shorthand or typing. Shops selling stenographic supplies to co-operate. Prizes may be promoted. ae eaten Mel chcintee Rhumba Contest Since the rhumba is featured in the film, tie-ups may be made with dancing school—or local dancers may do the rhumba for stage prologue. Word Game The old stunt of asking for the longest list of names (all of which must be four letters or over) can be made from the title of the picture, always enlists the interest of a large number of people. re Throwaway A throwaway for homes, department stores, stenographers, etc., consists of small card with picture of Laura La Plante, picture plug on one side; on the other, “GIRLS— BEAUTY CULTURE COURSE—FREE! This card preee Theatre with regular admission fee entitles you to two hours of grand entertainment, and expert advice on how to make yourself as alluring as Laura La Plante, in the sparkling comedy ‘The Church Mouse’ now at the... Theatre.” Sliding Scale of Accessory Prices 1-SHEETS 1 to 50 15¢ each 51 to 100 = ta 13e each Over 100 =e os lle each 3-SHEETS lto 25. : 7 3 : ; = 40c each Over 25 : 36c each 6-SHEETS 1 to 10 : 75e each 1l to 20 = 70c each Over 20 ; 65c each INSERT CARDS 1 to 25 me : 25c each 26 to 50 . 22c each 51 to 100 20c each Over 100 19e each LOBBY DISPLAYS 1l x 14 Photos : . 75e’a set (8 in set-colored) 22 x 28 Photos ____. , 80c a set (2 in set-colored) i SLIDES we 15¢ eaetr These Prices Apply io U.S. Only gf vu ‘ { ot , CCESSORIES TAN HUNTER MONTY BANK; FIRST NATIONAL SIX SHEET > ? nga Cage ( “sg — }/ : @ ie MOUSE g IAN HUNTER MONTY BANKS Virected bey Mosi ty Banks AFIRGT NATIONAL dais INSERT CARD THREE SHEET "Le LAPLANTE 4 wCHURCH — gaamMouse : SLIDE OTHER ACCESSORIES: 22 x 28 Photos (2 in set—colored) 11 x 14 Photos (8 in set—colored) AT YOUR EXCHANGE ONE SHEET PRINTED IN U. S. A: aa