The Crash (Warner Bros.) (1932)

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CASH IN ON THE TREMENDOUS PUBLICITY GIVEN THE CHATTERTON-BRENT TEAM THE STORY Linda Gault has gained the security of wealth by marriage after a childhood of poverty. But despite their increasing prosperity, she and Geoff Gault are drifting apart. Linda resents Geoff’s use of her beauty and charm to obtain valuable stock market information from the big traders who are entertained in their palatial home. The first signs of the market crash of 1929 begin to appear and Linda, anxious to protect their fortune, turns once more to John Fair, financial wizard and one of her devoted admirers, for a tip on the market. But Fair is embittered by her selfish use of him and evades her questions. Rather than admit her failure, she tells Geoff that Fair believes the market is going up and Geoff plunges. The market continues to decline and Geoff is practically wiped out; but he manages to save enough out of the wreckage to send Linda to Bermuda until he can recoup his losses. In Bermuda Linda meets Ronnie, a young Australian sheep rancher, who falls madly in love with her. Feeling that Geoff can never regain his losses, Linda returns to New York to pawn her jewels to get enough money to go to Reno and divorce Geoff, so she may marry Ronnie. But the pearls she hoped to pawn have been stolen and Linda, facing poverty, is forced to go to work as a mannequin. Geoff has found out about Ronnie. Believing Linda wants to marry Ronnie only for his money, and being desperate at the thought of losing her, he determines to play a mad game. He goes to John Fair and offers to sell Fair his letters to Linda for enough money to start over again on the market. Although Fair knows his letters are not incriminating, he ~~ Aeoft S95 OO cauwuue, Lintaa has tnally con _oted to Ronnie’s plea that she: go to Australia with him, stopping by way of Reno to get. her divorce at his expense. On their way to the station, Linda insists on saying goodbye to Geoff. There she learns what Geoff has done in order to regain her love and the sight of her furniture, which Geoff has carefully bought back from second-hand dealers, touches her. She realizes that Geoff’s ruin was more her fault than his own— knows at the same time that he needs her and that she loves him. Linda takes John Fair’s check, tears it up and takes him into her arms as Ronnie, who has followed her upstairs, sees the scene from the doorway and realizes he must go back to Australia, alone. LENGTH 5288 feet RUNNING TIME 58 minutes TABLE OF CONTENTS Caste oie Res an ore 2 TAOS Story 6 os ee 2 Running Me a ees Pes 2 Biovraphies:=.9.3 see 2 Official Billing Sere 2 Advance Stories ............. 5 Newspaper Ads ..... ana a ba bees ys 13 Program :Shorts. 2255... os 5 ReViOW.=.45 a ae ee 18 Current Stories .............. 18 Feature Stories ............ 4,19 Exploitation ....... 14, 15, 16, 17 Banner. ss ee 17 ACCORSOTIOS conc as ck See 20 Page Two Ruth Chatterton in a scene from “The Crash,” her latest starring pic ture for First National, in which George Brent, her husband, again | plays opposite her. Cut No. 22 Cut 30c Mat roc SOCK SALES ANGLES FOR “THE CRASH” Here is the answer to a showman’s prayer—a picture labelled BOX OFFICE from the word go! RUTH CHATTERTON and GEORGE, gether again for the first time since their sensational marriage to each other made the front pages ef the world’s newspapers. Their names were on the tongues of the nation’s millions. These millions are waiting for the opportunity to see them together on the screen. ~IN YOUR DISPLAYS AND ADS USE AS MANY CLINCH SCENES AS POSSIBLE SHOWING CHATTERTON AND BRENT. THE STORY is the first on the screen dealing with the effects of the stock market crash on the nation’s habits, morals and standard of living. GET THAT OVER TO YOUR PUBLIC. CHATTERTON’S CLOTHES worn in this picture are the very latest creations. Women especially will want to see the stunning gowns worn by the star as only she can wear them. IT WILL PAY YOU TO MENTION IN YOUR_ ADVERTISING, THE STAR’S GORGEOUS CLOTHES. CAST OF CHARACTERS bade ee RUTH CHATTERTON ei a ee GrEorGE BRENT PRE a ee eee PauL CAVANAGH Cen eS ee eee BARBARA LEONARD jenn Pat ee ee ee Henry KOLKER Waarcia—t Clerhei en ee Lots WILson odie a ee es ee Ivan SIMPSON Rother Parrien 2 oe ee HELEN VINSON yo 01st ye eee bo Sea EN ee eect OPE SU eae: HarpiE ALBRIGHT Sanalady oe As pee es eee EpitH Kincpon fag er abril ee ee RIcHARD TUCKER Nadine Shs ge ee ee Vircinta HAMMOND THEIR BEST PICTURES RUTH CHATTERTON — “Sins of the Fathers,” “Madam X,” “Sarah and Son,” “Unfaithful,” ‘Tomorrow and Tomorrow,” “Once a Lady,” “The Rich Are Always With Us” and “The Crash.” GEORGE BRENT—‘So Big,” “The Rich Are Always With Us,” “Miss Pinkerton,” “The Purchase Price,” “Week-End Marriage” and “The Crash.’’ PAUL CAVANAGH— Unfaithful,” “Born to Love,” “Squaw Man,” “Always Goodbye,” “Transgression,” “Heartbreak,” “Devil’s Lottery” and “The Crash.” HARDIE ALBRIGHT — “So Big,” “A Successful Calamity,” “The Purchase Price” and “The Crash.” HENRY KOLKER — “The Unholy Garden,” “Don’t Bet on Women,” “JT Like Your Nerve,” “Quick Millions,” “The Way of All Men,” “Jewel Robbery” and “The Crash.” BARBARA LEONARD — “Beauty and the Boss,” “One Hour With You” and “The Crash.” LOIS WILSON — “Seed,” ‘“Conquest,” “Object Matrimony,” “Kid Gloves,” “Once a Gentleman,” “The Expert” and “The Crash.” IVAN SIMPSON -— “Disraeli,” “The Way of All Men,” “Lovers in Quarantine,” “Manslaughter,” “The Sea God,” “Old English,” “Green Goddess” First National Pictures, Inc. 25% presents RUTH CHATTERTON 100% in “THE CRASH” 75% . with GEORGE BRENT 75%’ Directed by Wm. Dieterle 20% A First National and Vitaphone Picture 40% PRODUCTION STAFF Based on best-seller, “Children of Pleasure” by Larry BARRATTO Screen play by_...Eart BALDWIN 2 AND LARRY BARRATTO Directed by 2 Photographed by Ernest HALLER Ast -Director= 2 = Jack OKEY Film Editor_..... Owen Marks YOUR CAMPAIGN IS NOT COMPLETE UNLESS YOU PLAY THE OFFICIAL VITAPHONE TRAILER ON THIS PICTURE