The Dawn Patrol (Warner Bros.) (1938)

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SE, a a TTR re (Advance Feature) Errol Flynn, Aviator In Real Life Is Dashing War Ace In “Dawn Patrol” If ever he were called to the colors, there’s no question but that Errol Flynn would enact a real-life version of his starring role in Warner Bros.’ “The Dawn Patrol,” which opens Friday at the Strand Theatre. In the spectacular drama of wartime aviation Flynn was cast as Captain Courtney, leader of “A” flight of the 59th Squadron, Royal Flying Corps, and he spent many days during production of the picture cavorting several thousand feet above terra firma in a 23-year-old Nieuport biplane. Flynn needed no double for the spectacular flying sequences of the film. As a matter of fact, when he wasn’t piloting the ancient Nieuport for actual scenes, he was putting it through difficult combat maneuvers for his own amusement. Flynn has been flying since he was seventeen. His first flight was made as a passenger in a wheezy old wartime biplane held together principally with baling wire. That was down in New Guinea. Since then he has seldom used any other type of transportation. The handsome, adventurous Irishman made his first solo flight in September, 1937, at Chico, Calif., where he was on location with “The Adventures of Robin Hood.” He took a ship, a small, high-wing monoplane, up alone for the first time after only three lessons of half an hour each. Billy Miller, manager of Chico airport and Flynn’s instructor, said he believed Flynn’s was an all-time record. The Warner star has been piloting his own ship ever since. He has become an expert in aerial acrobatics and he is rated one of the best amateur pilots in the Los Angeles area. Flynn places aviation second on his list of hobbies. First and foremost is sailing his sleek, 75foot racing yacht, “Sirocco,” on which he spends most of his week ends and vacations. No doubt there is a close relation between his two hobbies and his preference among the nine starring pictures he has made for Warners. His first choice among the pictures he has appeared in, he says, is the one in which he first starred — “Captain Blood.” His second is the one he recently completed. “Of course,” he explains, “there may be a sentimental reason for placing ‘Captain Blood’ first on my preference list. I can’t forget that it was my first big opportunity on the screen. It was great fun, though, and even disearding sentiment I think it would still be the favorite among the pictures I’ve made.” Though ‘Flynn did not say as much, sentiment may also have something to do with his second choice. After all, he is a British citizen, Irish born and Australian bred, and the picture does deal with the exploits of his compatriots during the World War. Won Military Cross Basil Rathbone, who has one of the leading roles in Warner Bros.’ “The Dawn Patrol,” which comes to the Strand Theatre next Friday, won the prized Military Cross for his work in the infantry and intelligence service of the British army during the World War, from which he emerged with a major’s commission. High Plane Mortality Nine planes were crashed, burned and otherwise destroyed during filming of Errol Flynn’s new starring picture for Warner Bros., “The Dawn Patrol,” which is scheduled to open next Friday at the Strand Theatre. Mat 203—30c ERROL FLYNN—handsome hero of some of the screen's greatest adventure stories—plays a dare-devil war ace in "The Dawn Patrol." (Advance Feature) Basil Rathbone Plans to Prove That He Can Act Romantic Roles So determined is Basil Rathbone to get away from the villain roles he has been playing that he will stand the expense himself for a series of tests in various characterizations at the Warner Bros. Studio. Mat 106—I15c BASIL RATHBONE plays a featured role in ''The Dawn Patrol.” Rathbone said he also would make a series of tests in which he will portray romantic characters. “Strange?” the brilliant actor asked in discussing his determination to get away from unsympathetic roles. “Not at all. I played roles of the type I’m determined to do on the screen for many years on the stage before I got into pictures. “T like pictures,” he concluded. “I want to stay in them for many years to come and I think that the way to do that is to prove my ability to handle a wide variety of roles. I’m convinced that when I make the tests and the producers see them that I’ll be given some other things to play besides heavies.” Rathbone said he would start making the tests soon after he completed his latest role — a heavy again, incidentally — in “The Dawn Patrol,” Warners’ drama of the British Royal Flying Corps which will open at the Strand Theatre next Friday. [5]