The Famous Ferguson Case (Warner Bros.) (1932)

Record Details:

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ILL BE KILLED xonights His body will be found in the bedroom of his summer home. Beside him will lie the bound and gagged figure of his beautiful wife. Half hysterical with fright she will tell of seeing the millionaire clubman slain by two masked intruders. what really happened! Os with JOAN BLONDELL LESLIE FENTON VIVIENNE OSBORNE KENNETH THOMSON ADRIENNE DORE TOM BROWN A FIRST NATIONAL and VITAPHONE HIT OPENS TODAY STRAND Cut No.6 Cut 6oc Mat rsce Page Four ORGE M. FERGUSON ys ¢ ¢ as H f «din cold blood! Be ! y of seeing her wealthy city awoke to find one ts leading citizens mur him lay the bound and zed figure of his beautiyoung wife. She told a e shot down by burglars iad tried to resist. But uing of value had been n... nothing had even 1 disturbed! WAS LOVELY MARCI HIELDING THE TRUE IDENTITY 0} SLAYERS? i tells what you want to know about the most sensational crime of the decade. NOW PLAYING STRAND Cut No.7 Cut 4oc Mat roc with JOAN LONDELL ‘IENNE OSBORNE SLIE FENTON . FIRST \ATIONAL ICTURE RAMATIC NEWSPAPER ADS ae en A STORY NO AUTHOR COULD HAVE WRITTEN! It had to be taken from real life! Every detail, every hidden fact, every secret motive of an actual love slaying revealed on the screen for the first time! THE FAMOUS FERGUSON JOAN BLONDELL Leslie Fenton, Vivienne Osborne, Kenneth Thomson, Tom Brown A First National Picture NOW PLAYING STRAND Cut No. ro Cut 20c Mat 5c