The Famous Ferguson Case (Warner Bros.) (1932)

Record Details:

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The screen reveals the whole, uncensored truth about the most sensational AS STARTLING USE IT FOR RESULTS! crime of the decade. At last the screen reveals the hidden facts no newspaper ever dared print about a crime that shocked the nation! Amazing details of how rich slayers fight to escape the chair! Incriminating testimony suppressed ! Prosecutors intimidated! ’m, JOAN BLONDELL Leslie Fenton, Vivienne Osborne, Tom Brown, Kenneth Thomson THE A First National Picture FAMOUS FERGUSON wd Miva bh E Cut No. 22 Cut 20c Mat 5c tells the truth about Marcia Ferguson and Judd Brooks, the Cornwall slayers! WITH JOAN BLONDELL TOM BROWN—VIVIENNE OSBORNE WHAT NO NEWSPAPER WOULD DARE PRINT! m= FAMOUS FERGUSON | | NOW PLAYING i; STRAND STRAND 2X0 Cut No. 18 Cut goc Mat roc Cut No.15 Cut goc Mat roc ; Cut No.19 Cut 20c Mat 5c FIRST | NATIONAL with TOM BROWN JOAN BLONDELL vivienne OSbORN PICTURE Page Seven