The Famous Ferguson Case (Warner Bros.) (1932)

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Page Eight Wealthy Clubman Slain; Beautiful Mate Suspected By MAZIE DICKSON ORNWALL, N. Y., April 18—Less than two hours after a bitter quarrel with his beautiful. young wife over an asserted indiscretion, George M. Ferguson, millionairé banker, was found murdered last night in the bedroom of his residence* here, Four feet from his inert body lay the bound.and gagged figure of his}| wife. Freed by the police, she gave an hysterical account of having seen her cha egre shot | own by. two George M. masked men Ferguson who entered the room through the window. ee She had fainted immediately after Mrs. Marcia Ferguson ae shooting and was unable to| | remember anything. of Judd Brooks, cashier at a local Examination of the servants |bank,,was mentioned frequently. brought out the fact. that the|Mrs. Ferguson refused to discuss wealthy pair had engaged in al|details of the case with reporters. LEARN THE AMAZING TRUTH ABOUT A CRIME YOU READ ABOUT FOR MONTHS! ‘FAMOUS FERGUSON k with JOAN BLONDELL, Vivienne Osborne, Kenneth Thomson, CAS a Leon Waycoff, Grant Mitchell. cone © STRAND THURSDAY ® The producers do not purport to have actually solved a crime, but merely offer what they believe to be the most plausible solution. heated argument, earlier in the evening, during which the name Cut No. 12 Cut 40c Mat roc THE SMASH NEW YORK CAMPAIGN | Husband Sk yer Goes on Stand in Oyrn Defence! By MAZIE DICKSON ORNWALL, Nie Ap 19—While a packed courtroom listened to Count? Attorney Jeffries draw tight the net of evidence he hopes. ill send her and her lover to the chair, Mrs. Marcia Fergu n, on trial for the murder of her wealthy mate; 4dr £2... °° ° &«@&«€£&+# ©. that she will be the chief wit. the table to question her counsel. Her anxiety reached its height during the examination of Marie Bridges, charn‘bermaid at the Ferguson nome. Under the severe grilling of Prosecutor Jeffries, the girl admitted that her employers had quarelled bitterly on the night of the slaying ness in her own defense. Marcia Prosecutor Ferguson Jeffries and she had: overheard the Throughout the second da name of Judd’ Brooks, co-deof the trial, the pretty youn fendant and alleged lover of defendant was palpably ner Mrs. Ferguson, mentioned vous, frequently leaning acro~ ‘requently. LEARN THE STAh (G INSIDE STORY OF A CRIME THAT $ (ED THE NATION! in ‘FAMOUS FERG! SON C ASE) aon mh STRAND JOAN BLONDELL, Vivienne: Osborne, Kenneth Thomson, \ FIRST NATIONAL PICTURE Leon Waycoff, Grant Mitchell.; * The producers do not purport to have) ally solved a crime, but merely offer wiat they believe to be ost plausible solution. SL PS CutNo. 406 Mat roc ‘the objections of defense Witch Woman Bares Love Trysts in Petters Lane By MAZIE DICKSON Coe N. Y., April 20—A bombshell bursting in the courtroom where Judd Brooks and Marcia Ferguson are on trial for the murder of the latter’s husband, could not have had a more devastating effect than the sensational disclosures made today during Prosecutor fetiries examination Of Jennie nore Gibbs. Interrupted frequently by I counsel, the state’s star witness told a story of frequent trysts between the two accused in Lovers Lane, long a rendezvous for automobile petters. She climaxed her testimony by positively identifying Judd Brooks as the man _ she had seen running from the Fergusou home the night of the murder Brooks nee See the Headlines Leap to Life! Learn Tae Hidden Truth About the Most Sensational Murder Trial of the Decade! ‘FAMOUS FERGUSON CASE | ote AND with JOAN BLONDELL, Vivienne Osborne, Kenneth Thomson Leon Waycoff, Grant Mitchell * The producers do not purport to have actually solved a crime, but merely offer what they believe to be the most plausible solution, Judd ~—s'||_-:s Jennie Gibbs, the Witch Woman, as she appeared in court. A FIRST NATIONAL PICTURE Cut No.9 Cut 40c Mat roc