The Famous Ferguson Case (Warner Bros.) (1932)

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SELLING IT TO THE PUBLIC! Sales Angles @ Although this is the first, authentic story of how newspaper reporters cover big murder cases, this angle should be your secondary selling point! @ Primarily, your basic appeal should be COLORTONE EFFECT Make your screen presentation artistic and colorful with this atmospheric effect, elaborately colored, beautifully created. 4x5—Colored positive only..$2.00 Set (positive and negative) 3.00 314x4—Colored positive only 1.50 Set (positive and negative). 2.25 Order by No. N-233 NATIONAL STUDIOS, Inc. 226 West 56th St., New York Be sure to specify size and send re mittance with order to avoid parcel post and C.O.D. charges. Send for catalogue of Colortone Effects. Newsboys Caps and Aprons From the Exploitation Printers, 20 West 22nd Street, New York City, you can order caps carrying ‘‘The Famous Ferguson Case’’ a ; Newsp: pers Will Go For This One In order ‘ » encourage journalistic the rhts in minds of the younger reneration, especially high : iool and college students, a? ange with your local news per to promote prizes for tl best news stories by students ne week prior to and during he run of ‘‘The Famous Fei gon Case.”’ Every stu, nt of average intelligence G ies across news, or human i srest stories that make exe it reading. By making thi students reporters for tw. weeks, the newspaper not ¢ -y will be sure of getting all e local news, but will also St + up interest in journalism. | This is one of the most value stunts any showman can g@i\ to a newspaper. It guarante: , plenty of news coverage. It imereases circula tion. It giv as the newspaper prestige, a a it will do plenty to set up The Famous Fer guson Case in your town. Peep-Hole Display Still Good! If there is a vacant store window near your theatre, put on the ‘‘peep hole’’ stunt to get the customers interested in ‘‘The Famous Ferguson Case.’’ All you have to do is to cover two-thirds of the window with the following sign :— WHO KILLED GEORGE FERGUSON? WAS JUDD BROOKS MRS. FERGUSON’S SECRET SWEETHEART? DID THE LOVERS’ LANE PETTERS TELL ALL THEY KNEW? Look into this hole for the answers. Leave a small circular hole in the sign. Have your artist draw arrows to eall attention to it. Inside the window, about twelve feet from the sign place a three sheet poster. Be sure your theatre name and playdate is properly displayed. You might add to the value of the display by placing another sign near the three-sheet with the following copy: — ‘‘The Famous Ferguson Case’’ tells ALL about a love-murder you have read about.’’ Follow These Ideas For Novel Lobby Your lobby should cover three important selling points: mystery, newspaper and sex. It should also reflect the sensationalism of the picture itself. For the mystery angle, use the seared-looking heads of Joan Blondell’ with a eatchline you can lift from the newspaper ads in this Merchandising Plan. Cover the newspaper angle by using a newspaper motif throughout the lobby. Reproduce one of the ads in this Merehandising Plan which imitates newspaper style of covering an important love-murder. <A black-and-white color scheme, with Gothic newspaper-type lettering will get over the effect. Copy and _ catchlines should be based on the lovemurder angle. Many exhibitors, in exploiting ‘‘Five Star Final,’’ used a 40x60 enlargement of a tabloid newspaper in their lobby and on the sidewalk., This idea fits perfectly with ‘‘The Famous Ferguson Case.’’ There are some excellent stills in the press and star set for the creation of this imitation tabloid paper. Captions can be lifted from the newspaper ads in this Merchan al LOBBY SUGGESTIONS THE INSIDE STORY OF THE MOST SENSATIONAL CRIME OF THE DECADE — KNOW WHAT REALLY HAPPENED! WHAT ONLY THE SCREEN imprint, and give them to all newsboys in your town and also to every kid in the neighborhood. You. can get them in assorted dising Plan. Display Murder Weapons Much interest can be aroused by displaying the murder on the murder itself... its mystery ... its motives ... its love angle! @ Courtenay Territt, who covered the sizes at the following prices: CAN TELL! : : weapons in the lobby. The Hall-Mills and Snyder-Gray cases for the POO Lots 2 Pe 14¢ each rope that bound the beautiful New York World wrote the story. Use his oe Se AY Aa a ue oe wife... the finger prints found : : 5 i) i eae eee. Caen ee e@ eae on the gun... the handkername in this connection, but do not say 1DA0 bis e 1G cack aioe that aooed ites’ Wen this is the story of those cases. euson ... the footprints on the window sill ...a pair of scissors that cut the telephone con nections ... are captions that Prices include three lines of im: inting for the title, theatre and @ It is filmdom’s monument to the newsWegaate His paper profession. You should have no RUS diate weniek ey Se trouble in enlisting the aid of your local newsboy’s aprons to you at 35¢e editors. each. These aprons are made up in the regular way with pockets and straps. Printed across the front in big bold letters is ‘‘THE FAMOUS FERGUSON CASE’”’ with JcOAN BLOND ELL, VIVIENNE OSBORNE and TOM MOORE. Under this inscription : 4 ! will be your theatre name. Phone, dozen important box-office names Ey he ae a Pe ne PRINTERS, 20 West 22nd Street, New York City, giving them your theatre name and playdate. ean easily be illustrated with the articles. Put them all on a big board in an attractive layout and light the display with baby spots. “THE FAMOUS FERGUSON CASE” TELLS ALL (over) @ Joan Blondell is your big cast bet. Play The Bodeity illustrated above will prove a great attention getter her over everybody else. for your showing of this picture. When blank space is rubbed with a coin or pencil a dramatic illustration and powerful copy will appear. Size 31% by 6 inches. Price complete with theatre imprint and play date: $4.50 per M $4.00 per M over 3M | $3.75 per M over 5M Order direct from NOVELTY ADVERTISING CO. 500 WAF ICK STREET BROOKLYN, N. Y. @Use as many of the supporting cast names as you can. There are more than a SEE THE UNUSUAL HERALD ON THIS PICTURE AT YOUR LOCAL EXCHANGE Page Ten