The Firebird (Warner Bros.) (1934)

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Four-Day “What Do You Know’ Reader Test Publicity stories below explain the workings of this contest, designed to plug & the stars of the picture. Set up arranged so that contest can run four days or less, depending on how far you get with your editor. Answers are listed after each ques tion. Be sure to omit answers during contest. Incidentally, if you need any addi tional one column cuts for publicity, you might use these. Four illustrations available in one mat. Order Mat No. 10—20c. (Publicity Story) Let Your Knowledge Of Movie Stars Win Tickets To Theater What do you know about the famous stars of the screen? Here is a chance to test your knowledge and win free theatre tickets as a reward for accuracy. What Do You Know About Verree Teasdale? Starting today and continuing for three more days, the .................. (newspaper) will publish a series of questions about four noted film players, each of whom has a leading part in Warner Bros. great drama “Firebird,” which will open atithess ee. on Today’s questionnaire concerns Verree Teasdale, a Warner Bros. star whose most important screen role is the self sacrificing mother she portrays in this adaption of one of the greatest European stage successes of the decade. None of the questions should be difficult for those who read the stories of film players published frequently in this newspaper. The writer of each of the ten most accurate lists submitted will receive two tickets to the ................ Theatre. The contestant who submits the most accurate replies to the entire series will be awarded a grand prize of (name prize). All entries must be sent to the I. This star is VERREE TEASDALE 2. She is the wife of Adolphe Menjou 3. She is a cousin of the late poetess, Sara..Sara Teasdale 4. Cousin of the famous novel ist, Edith............ Edith Wharton 5. Her first picture was Skyscrapet............ Skyscraper Souls 6. She played friend of Kay Francis in.....0.0.0....... Dr. Monica 7. She was Duchess de Gram mont in..... Madame Du Barry Contest Wditor of the 72 3......:.....2.... (newspaper) before 6 P. M. of the day following the appearance of each list of questions. The winner 9. She was with Dick Barthelof the grand prize will be anMESS INL... A Modern Hero nounced as soon after the contest closes on ...:.... dasue. aed 10. Her latest picture is (date and time) as possible. The Firebird &. She was mother of Jean Muarticins cities te Desirable For the Women All the clothes worn by Teasdale in this film were purchased by her in New York to be included in her trousseau. So impressed were the studio officials by the clothes that they bought them from the star, insisting she wear them in “The Firebird.” Following are ways in which this fashion angle can be exploited: INVITE FASHION WRITERS to showing of film wising them up to Trousseau Angle. Publicity stories should also be sent to these scribes starting week before picture hits town. DEPARTMENT STORES to plug specials in trousseau clothes making mention in ads that “Locals can have as beautiful a trousseau as Verree Teasdale, star of “The Firebird, now playing at Strand Theatre.” WOMEN’S PAGE contest based on “What I Would Include in My Trousseau.” Credit is, of course, given to Teasdale’s wearing her trousseau in “Firebird” as an inspiration for contest. LOBBY DISPLAY of stills showing some of gowns worn by Teasdale in picture tied up by copy telling of Trousseau Angle. Page Four What Do You Know About Ricardo Cortez? 1. This star is RICCARDO CORTEZ 2. Garbo was his leading lady rT RE. coed e fare The Torrent 3. Starred with Kay Francis in both..... House on 56th Street and Mandalay 4. Starred with Bebe Daniels Und Fo The Maltese Falcon 5. Starred with Bette Davis ine The Big Shakedown 6. Starred with Claudette Colbert ire... The Torch Singer 7. He was a dancer in W onder Bar 8. His wife’s name is Christine Lee 9. His latest picture is The Firebird 10. The producers are Warner Bros. DEA § Sky Writing Attach radium painted sign to kite or couple of gas ballons, and send it into the sky, on opening night. Town can’t miss seeing the flaming letters in the sky. What Do You Know About Lionel Atwill? 1. This actor is LIONEL ATWILL 2. He came to America in 1915 with the famous English actress, Lily......... Lily. Langtry 3. He was starred on Broadway by David............... David Belasco 4. He was lead for Nazimova in plays by Henrik................. Ibsen 3. On stage with Helen Hayes in Eqyptian play of two great lovers, Anthony and Cleopatra 6. He wore a wax mask in Warner Brothers, The Mystery of the the Wax Museum 7. He was the inventor of a crime-detection machine in Doctor X 8. His favorite American actor starred on Broadway as “Hamlet”... John Barrymore 9. His favorite American actress starred on stage in “Mary of Scotland””............... Helen Hayes 10. His latest picture is The Firebird 4 What Do You Know About Anita Louise? 1. This actress is ANITA LOUISE 2. Her favorite actor was star of “Silver Dollar,’’ Edward G. Robinson 3. Her favorite actress, who played Jo in “Little Women,” is Katherine Hepburn 4. She supported Dolores Del Rio in......... Madame Du Barry 5. Title of one of her films began “The Phantom of 2” The Phantom of Crestwood 6. She was on Broadway in Du Maurier’.s............ Peter Ibbetson 7. She is one child actress who never played “Little ?,” Little Eva 8. She has been awarded a screen contract by Warner Bros. 9. Her hair, the kind gentlemen prefer, i8.....0ccc0. Blonde 10. Her latest picture is The Firebird Coop Ad Idea If your town’s been going for our co-op ad suggestions, here’s one to try with this picture. Store adver tises on this angle: “The Firebird loves the flame. It can’t resist it’s attraction for it. The flame draws it closer and closer looks .. . hesitates for a moment—but the flame is stronger than the will power of the bird. . . it plunges into the flame and is burnt. Are you like the Firebird when you buy? Do you look—and without waiting to think, buy? Sce our new line of Fall Frocks. But don’t buy until youve decided which one will look best on you. Were sure yowll find one, no matter how long you hesitate, because our selection this fall is greater than ever before, etc., etc... .” Dedications Why not sell department or specialty shops on idea of dedicating new line of frocks or shoes or what have you, to Verree ‘Teasdale. It’ll help sell the item, make a nice looking ad or window display . . . and gives you a chance for another free plug for the picture. Stating a Fact Invite women leaders to preview and get statements about the film. Use these in your ads, in your front and lobby, on and flashed on the screen by slide or special heralds trailer, adding catch-lines. THE RIGHT ANGLES TO MEET THE RIEL mem