The Firebird (Warner Bros.) (1934)

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IS THIS PICTURE T00 GOOD FOR WICHITA? riticism of a pic, see high excellence The Firebird” other than Bee ie be TOO good. Public taste De may A me such aS a delicate als sroduced There can be ture of the unif Facsimile excerpt from a review of “The Firebird” in a Hollywood film = journal. nuances—may be heads of the avera ge audience. A Hollywood film reviewer has rushed into print with the opinion that ‘The Firebird”’ may be “‘too good... for the average audience.” By the “‘average audience” he means YOU — and YOU and ME! SPEAKING FOR THE CITIZENS OF WICHITA, | RESENT THIS IMPLIED SLUR ON OUR INTELLIGENCE ! Who is this alleged “expert”? to take such a superior and condescending attitude? What right has he to assume that he is the only one who can enjoy fine pictures? I know the citizens of Wichita. . . . And I know there is no body of men and women in this country who are so quick to appreciate and so eager to acclaim the finer things of the screen. | KNOW THEY'RE GOING TO MAKE THIS HIGH-AND-MIGHTY “EXPERT” EAT HIS WORDS AS FAR AS WICHITA IS CONCERNED. In spite of this critic’s “warning” I am going to put “The Firebird” on at the Miller Theatre starting this Friday—and unless I am greatly mistaken in my judgment, the public of this city is going to flock to see this superb drama of murder and mother-love, and acclaim it as highly as did the audiences of New York, Paris, Vienna, London and other world capitals during its brilliant stage runs! “THE — A CHALLENGE INTELLECTS : Warner Bros.’ hit with a remarkable 10-star cast headed by ... A new angle—and a hard one | VERREE TEASDALE --RICARDO CORTEZ LIONEL ATWILL --ANITA LOUISE QOZ—-wn—3A 7m <> for the fans to turn down! ware MILLE Mat is available of clipping only (No. 30—20c). Copy FRIDAY can be written and set to fit your own requirements. Be sure to substitute name of your town and theatre in this ad. Page Seven