The Firebird (Warner Bros.) (1934)

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THEATRE SELLING T IN A UNIFO B=, SBM BITRE BBE NCEE LO LT, Every WOMAN WHO KNEW HIM LOVED HIM but one loved him so desperately she killed him! WHO WAS SHE? Lajos Zilahy, Europe’s sensational dramatist, takes the human heart apart in his masterpiece of murder and mother -love— tA bsorbing entertain ment... Magnificent performances... A new star comes into her own!” write film experts. SOQROQARK ra nn SY WOMEN OF WARNER BROS. .10-STAR HIT WICHITA! | VERREE TEASDALE RICARDO CORTEZ BIS ONE TS TS i TS NSN WISI ND OD OD NON NNN NN K) How far would you go to LIONEL ATWILL :-ANITA LOUISE h| protect your daughter's DOROTHY TREE C. AUBREY SMITH . i mesa l : HELEN TRENHOLME HOBART CAVANAUGH " ee a SPENCER CHARTERS ROBERT BARRAT ay ay 250 Lines Mat No. 24—20c Wy ay ay Warner Bros.’ All-Star Hit with H VERREE TEASDALE ay RICARDO CORTEZ | Wy LIONEL ATWILL ) eg ANLTTA LL O-U.4SE SMD as C. AUBREY SMITH (Y) . as DOROTHY TREE YS e ROBERT BARRAT (J) YY HOBART CAVANAUGH (f\ ay SPENCER CHARTERS ({\ ay HELEN TRENHOLME Xx q eR DY K Pt os PS Pl ee &. SCS eC ers 4 « @ G 206 Lines Mat No. 21—20c eee mn Page Eight