The Firebird (Warner Bros.) (1934)

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HE STORY RM SERIES A WOMAN WHO LOVED HIM KILLED HIM {so it might have been any woman in Europe!} What an event when Europe’s master dramatist writes a murder mystery! Warner Bros. bring it to the screen exactly as it held world capitals spellbound on the stage— 10 GREAT ROLES! 10 GREAT STARS! ' VERREE TEASDALE RICARDO CORTEZ LIONEL ATWILL ANITA LOUISE DOROTHY TREE C. AUBREY SMITH HELEN TRENHOLME HOBART CAVANAUGH SPENCER CHARTERS ROBERT BARRAT SF SPIN I NDNA NS 234 Lines Mat No. 19—20c —_—_————————_———— eee Page Nine tN \) CATCHLINES The brilliant stage success of two continents! Everybody says it’s swell! A drama of murder and mother love! Every woman who knew him loved him, but one loved him so desperately she killed him! The amazing story of one woman who went too far to protect her daughter’s reputation! Warner Bros. brings it to the screen exactly as it held the world’s capitals spellbound on the stage. A woman who loved him killed him! sls ES 10 great roles! 10 great stars! Filmed exactly as it shocked millions on the stage! “Warner Trailers Are the Best on the Market. Bar None? —Warren L. Weber, De Luxe Theatre, St. John, Kansas. 5 HMere’s how we do it for «The Firebird’: He's the King of Scoundrels! Ricardo Cortez As the matinee idol who was a "hero" on the Stage but the "villain" of a dozen private scandals. In "The Firebird" A Warner Bros. dramatic hit! He wrecked the lives of many women He was hated by many men Which one of his enemies was desperate enough to kill him? We'll let you listen to their stories You'll be amazed when you hear their full confessions in "The Firebird" Based on the play that thrilled New York and London With Verree Teasdale, glamorous new screen personality Ricardo Cortez Lionel Atwill, Anita Louise C. Aubrey Smith, Helen Trenholme Robert Barrat, Dorothy Tree "The Firebird"