The Firebird (Warner Bros.) (1934)

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lOSTARS || | Sea a bring the Sengational Stage Success of Two Continents to the Screen! 10 oo" ROLES created by Lajos Zilahy, Europe’s master dramatist, in his classic of Murder and Mother-Love... 10,02" STARS assembled by Warner Bros. 10-STAR CAST beMoseMeoserlor stele Meh vossrlome)) Murder and Mother-love WAR N-E RB R-O'S. to bring you an “absorbing entertainment—a fine, intelligent screen play with magnificent performances” TR [ BIRD VERREE TEASDALE RICARDO CORTEZ LIONEL ATWILL ANITA LOUISE —Hollywood film journals Hi eBIRD First time on the with, screen—direct from sensational stage VERREE 0 dines Rat Nae Dent Oe runs in London, T E A § D Al E New York, Paris, ~-Budapest. Vienna, onan: Berlin, and Rome! RICARDO | CORTEZ eee eat LOUISE SMITE tie BARRAT CAVANAUGH CHARTERS TRENHOLME c HE ASR R ECE 320 Lines Mat No. 16—20c A Warner Bros. Picture THEATRE 138 Lines Mat No. 25—20c Page Thirteen