The Firebird (Warner Bros.) (1934)

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Carola Pointer............... SAL eae eg te Os Verree Teasdale Fe eer a i a ee Ricardo Cortez MOM EE OMWEEE 1. Secret cay cians Ape cake Lionel Atwill Bee RAR ee OU! CL en IRE re ae Anita Louise TRICE FRED COIR es ssh een cetiesce estate C. Aubrey Smith ee ors MM VEG Pe lies vos oa ccs ciavesenccacpunns Dorothy Tree DR OU GM reas ec ncccu evenness Helen Trenholme Ba a eI er Hobart Cavanaugh BOE UES 6 hk ER ih OSE a ee en Pee Robert Barrat Be Ts | Re ae Hal K. Dawson SP go, ese eek Bide ae Russell Hicks FSS RE CMe eke Spencer Charters DN 2.05 Se saatine. co. ek Were ss sR Oe Etienne Girardot rooms of the murdered man, the mother tells her husband (Lionel Atwill) that she was the woman and had killed Brandt because he would not let her alone. Her husband believes her guilty, but the police find her totally unacquainted with Brandt’s rooms. When questioned by the inspector, Mariette immediately admits the crime when she finds that her mother, to whom she had confessed the killing, was trying to shoulder the blame. It is shown, however, that Brandt was killed in a struggle for the gun and that it was not a premeditated murder. When it appears likely that the girl will be acquitted, her father and mother plan to take her away of her age. to start life anew. Mariette, how In the apartment building in ever, puts her foot down on this. which she lives, also dwells a faShe tells her “parents she loves mous actor, Herman Brandt them, but that they had so sup(Ricardo Cortez) who tries to flirt pressed her she did not know what with the girl’s. mother, Carola life meant, and that this was what Pointer (Verree Teasdale). Carola had brought about the tragedy. spurns him, but Mariette is at“From now on,” she declared, tracted by his magnetic person“IT am going to be myself and live ality and the glamor of his fame. my own life.” She keeps secret trysts with him The story is replete with action, in his apartment. One evening, and thrilling suspense. It is as while the Pointers are at the opera, unusual in treatment as in its conBrandt is found dead in his room, ception and has a Continental slain by a bullet from a revolver. savour that will appeal to the The story of a beautiful young girl whose emotions have been so repressed by an aristrocratic and highly conventional family, that she is unable to distinguish the true values of life, “The Firebird” is one of the most unusual dramas to come to the screen. Set in the colorful background of Austria’s gay capital, Vienna, Warner Bros. have placed this remarkable story in the hands of an all star cast which includes such remarkable players as Verree Teasdale, Ricardo Cortez, Lionel Atwill and Anita Louise. Mariette Pointer (Anita Louise) chafes against the restrictions of an old and proud family, and longs for the freedom allowed other girls When the police learn that a most discriminating searcher for woman had come from the Pointthe ers’ apartment and entered the unusual in dramas. motion picture DPEPECU OY SU IO DEM RO a oe sense oo William Dieterle SOLBCM UBB AR YS Soo silt cilehs ane6h 93:01 yp Bi A, Ble os Charles Kenyon aj ilahy, produced by Gilbert EEE RS OS: ecb pons re sddpted by Jefiry Dell Daatoyee ‘Direetoriish 2000) wisi... chai Arthur Greville Collins PRU BN oe io hens fs. hei RR aa Ernest Haller ee i cS Re oR Ralph Dawson BRON iis. eaten eas ek nig On OD Anton Grot MN cat CPR Ne ance» was ents ess oa Orry-Kelly Vitaphone Orchestra Conductor................00....000005. Leo F. Forbstein “THE FIREBIRD” 100% with Verree Teasdale — Ricardo Cortez 75% Lionel Atwill — Anita Louise 75% and C. Aubrey Smith 20% Dorothy Tree 20% Directed by William Dieterle 20% A Warner Bros. 40% Productions Corporation 5% Picture 25% Ricardo! Cortez Ricardo Cortez was born in Vienna but moved to New York with his parents when three years of age. He received his early education there and then entered a brokerage office as a messenger boy. He was always interested in the theatre and spent all his spare pennies for seats in the peanut gallery. His first chance to play before the footlights came when he got a job as a super in a theatrical spectacle. Then he was given work as fly boy in a Forty-first Street Theatre. An advertisement for extras at a Fort Lee studio caught his eye. He applied and got a job. Cortez quickly advanced from extra to bit parts and finally to leading roles. He was Garbo’s leading man in her first feature, “The Torrent.” His more recent pictures include “A Lost Lady,” “The Man .With Two Faces,” “Mandalay,” “Wonder Bar,” “The Big Shakedown,” “The House on 56th Street,” “Big Executive,’’ “Torch Singer,” “Broadway Bad” and “The Giant Swing.” His current production, “The Firebird,” comes to the ..........0....... Dheatre On oie aka aoe Verree Teasdale Verree Teasdale was born in Spokane, Wash., but moved to New York City with her parents when two years old. She was educated at Perkins School for Girls and at the Erasmus Hall High School. She also attended the American Academy of Dramatic Art and the New York School of Expression. Miss Teasdale is an accomplished singer, having been trained by Eleanor McLellan. She has done considerable radio singing. Her first stage experience was in “Cheaper to Marry,” followed by “The Constant Wife” and “The Greeks Had a Word for It.” While playing in “Experience Unnecessary,” she attracted the attention of Hollywood producers and was engaged to play in “Skyscraper Souls.” Her more recent pictures are “Desirable,” “Madame Du Barry,” “Dr. Monica,” “A Modern Hero,” “Fashions of 1934,” “Roman Scandals,” “Goodbye Love” and “Payment Deferred.” Miss Teasdale is a golden blonde, five feet six inches in height and weighs 125 pounds. Her latest picture for Warner Bros. is “The Firebird,” which comes to the eS, Pate Theatre on ................. Stars of Strand Drama Ricardo Cortez and Verree Teasdale, who appear in “The Firebird’, Warner Bros.’ sensational new drama coming to the ..........000.0000..00-Theatre. The film is based on the stage success, which took America and Europe by storm. The all-star screen cast includes, in addition to the couple seen above, Lionel Atwill, C. Aubrey Smith, Dorothy Tree, Anita Louise, Helen Trenholme and Hobart Cavanaugh. Mat No. 3—20c Dorothy Tree: Dorothy Tree is a native New Yorker. She was educated in the Manhattan public schools and at Cornell University where she specialized in literature and dramatics. Her theatrical career began on Broadway where she played minor roles until finally cast with Billie Burke in Noel Coward’s comedy, “The Marquise.” Her work in this production led to other outstanding roles, including important parts in “Holiday” and “The Merchant of Venice.” Her last Broadway stage play was “Clear All Wires,” after which she turned to the West Coast, where she made a hit in the stage production of “Grand Hotel” as Flammchen. It was her talent in interpreting this part that led to a contract with Warner Bros. Her pictures include “The Case of the Howling Dog,” “Side Streets,” “Friends of Mr. Sweeney,” “Here Comes the Navy,” “Madame Du Barry” and “The Dragon Murder Case.” She is now appearing in “The Firebird” at the Theatre. C. Aubrey Smith C. Aubrey Smith was born in London, England, and attended Charter House School and Cambridge University, winning fame in the latter school in cricket. He captained the University team and toured with it through Australia and South Africa. He made his debut on the London stage in 1892, playing in “Prisoner of Zenda” and later in “The Wilderness,” “The Man of Forty” and “As You Like It.” He first came to America in 1896, playing on the New York stage in “The Notorious Mrs. Ebbesmith.” He returned to London but in 1904 returned to New York to appear in a number of plays. Smith made his screen debut in England in 1915 and then came to the United States in 1930 to play on the screen the same role he had in his stage play, “The Bachelor Father.’ His more recent pictures include “Gambling Lady,” “We Live Again,” “One More River,’ “House of Rothschild,” “Caravan” and “Morning Glory.” He is now appearing in the Warner Bros. picture, “The Firebird," attthevne ots Theatre. Lionel Atwill Lionel Atwill was born in Croydon, England. At the age of seventeen he was producing school plays. He _ studied architecture and spent several years in the business before the lure of the stage attracted him again. He played on the London stage and in 1915 came to America with Lily Langtry to play in “Mrs Thompson.” He made such a success he remained in this country, appearing in a number of Broadway productions, including “The Squall” and “Caesar and Cleopatra.” Among his screen productions are “The Mystery of the Wax Museum,” “Dr. X,” “Secret of the Blue Room,” “Solitaire Man,” “The Sphinx” and “Song of Songs.” His current production for Warner Bros. is “The Firebird” whieh? comes. to -théec:.;..02%< sera: PHESLECMONG tints eck ee Anita Anita Louise was born in New York City and started her stage work when six years of age. She played in many stage productions on Broadway, including “Peter Ibbetson,” “Gloss of Youth” and “The Greatest Thing in the World.” While playing in stage plays she was also being educated at the Professional Children’s School, also taking instructions in music. Among the pictures in which she has appeared are “Madame Du Barry,” “Swan Song,” “Are We Civilized?” “The Most Precious Thing in Life,” “Our Betters” and “The Phantom of Crestwood.” She is at present appearing in “The Firebird” for Warner Bros., which comes“ to? the 4.34.4 eRe Pos. til Theatreon' siie2) as ak. Louise VERREE TEASDALE — “Desirable,” “Madame Du Barry,” “Dr. Monica,” “A Modern “Fashions of 1934,” Scandals.” RICARDO CORTEZ—“A Lost Lady,” “The Man With Two Faces,” “Mandalay,” ‘Wonder Bar,” “The House on 56th Street.” LIONEL ATWILL— “Wax Museum,” “Doctor X,” “Secret of the Blue Room,” “Solitaire Man,” “The Sphinx,” “Song of Songs.” ANITA LOUISE —“Madame Du Barry,” “The Swan Song,” “Are We Civilized?”, “The Most Precious Thing in Life,” “Our Betters.” C. AUBREY SMITH—“Gambling Lady,” “We Live Again,” “One More River,” “House of Rothschild,” “Caravan,” “Morning Glory.” DOROTHY TREE—“The Case of the Howling Dog,” “Madame Du Barry,” “The Dragon Murder Case,” “Here Comes the Navy,” “Side Streets.” HELEN TRENHOLME — Case of the Howling Dog.” HOBART CAVANAUGH — “I Sell Anything,” “A Perfect WeekEnd,” “A Lost Lady,” “Kansas City Princess,’ “Madame Du Barry.” ROBERT BARRAT — “A Perfect Week-End,” “I Sell Anything,” “Big Hearted Herbert,” “The Dragon Murder Case,” “Housewife.” HAL K. DAWSON — “Another Language.” RUSSELL HICKS — “Happiness Ahead,” “Gentlemen Are Born,” “The Case of the Howling Dog,” “Before Morning.” ETIENNE GIRARDOT — ««Th e Dragon Murder Case,” “The Return of the Terror,” “Fashions of 1934,” “The Kennel Murder Case.” WILLIAM DIETERLE (Director)—“Madame Du Barry,” “Fog Over Frisco,” “Fashions of 1984,” “From Headquarters,” “Female.” Hero,” “Roman “The Page Fifteen