The Firebird (Warner Bros.) (1934)

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For Your First Fl ereiniehelyAyyl This is the first of a lot of ash om ON WARK Me swell accessories we are pre: —— PIC Lape E paring for our big military “~ 7 musical. It's 40"x60", in two 7 MON TH 25 brilliant colors and all : — \ WE SALUTE? ready for alobby frame. Your Pe AE ee branch will have it by the § screen's first greapiilitary musical! end of October. Order it now and use it for your initial ‘coming’ notice on the show. Fifty cents each. ’Flirtation Walk’ will be released Dec. Ist, with special advance engagemenis beFifty million keyholers can't be wrong! They said “It's ginning Thanksgiving Week. | : a knockout!" And an advance peek at Warner Bros. new musical produced under the supervision of the U. S. Army proves they're right! So we pin this month’s Croix de Guerre on “Flirtation Walk" —staged against the pulse-tingling background of West Point—for its thrilling stars and glorious love story—its stirring songs and grand girls — its fast fun and lavish production! \ ® heaps new honors on DICK POWELL— RUBY KEELER —PAT O'BRIEN; on FRANK BORZAGE for his best production; on Bobby Connolly of Ziegfeld Follies fame for his spectacu lar dance numbers; and on Warner Bros. for a grand all-round show. Follow this sample billing for your preadvance displays ..... Watch for FLIRTATION WALK’ Warner Bros.’ big military musical with DICK POWELL: RUBY KEELER-PAT O'BRIEN Spectacular dance creations by Bobby Connelly of Ziegfeld Follies fame. ~§ song hits by Dixon & Wrubel A FRANK BORZAGE PRODUCTION Printed n U. S. A