The Fountainhead (Warner Bros.) (1949)

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SS AN at v Ole! eet Sa cbeat at A (hey 6 pg AeA aba PAR PRG tg part Sah « bsg linineah tag HAN rT DART bane HSM RSS resi SVP ea trator: ley Seto: 2 Bi et Ai Pande! Yop Mee epi tarde COR SOo Ary D a, GIANT BEST SELLER! GAR PEA Otay a cS ON ala SO DIRECTED BY with KING VIDOR THE STORY Running time: 113 minutes Financial pressure forces Howard Roark (Gary Cooper), idealistic architect with dynamic ideas about design, to take a job in a stone quarry. Here he encounters beautiful heiress Dominique (Patricia Neal) and a deep, mutual attraction springs up between them. Cooper abruptly ends the idyll by returning to New York to accept an architectural commission. Patricia marries newspaper tycoon Gail Wynand (Raymond Massey), whose paper, The Banner, wages a violent campaign against Cooper’s ideas. Society architect Peter Keating (Kent Smith) prevails on Cooper to aid in designing a proposed new public housing project. Cooper agrees on condition that no changes whatsoever be made, once his design is accepted. But, returning from a trip with Massey, now his friend and champion, Cooper discovers numerous changes and, in fury, he destroys the half-built structure with a blast of dynamite. Brought to trial, with public opinion overwhelmingly against him, his brilliant self-defense earns his acquittal. Massey, desperate at his personal failure to help Cooper, commits suicide after commissioning Cooper to build the world’s highest building as his monument. Cooper starts the new project with the lovely Dominique, now his wife, at his side. “No man takes what’s mine!” PERE COOPER PERL OSEE SOE LES ORS HE’S ROARK WHO LIVED BY NO RULES! PATRICIA NEAL SHE’S DOMINIQUE WHO HAD TO LOVE THAT WAY! RAYMOND MASSEY KENT SMITH: ROBERT DOUGLAS HENRY HULL RAY COLLINS screen: Fige. by AYN RAND e From her Novel ‘‘The Fountainhead’ Music by Max Steiner Mat 402—4 cols. x 123 inches (692 lines) 3 BAS ae tPA ns Fatd Gr Gwe sit deckens eee. ah yoy een oss ge, ‘aida: La veh es oat) cart fe are eras PRODUCED BY HENRY BLANKE