The Fountainhead (Warner Bros.) (1949)

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"No man takes what’s mine!” & hy MONUMENTAL BEST-SELLER® TOWERING SCREEN TRIUMPH! EXPLOSION! He’s ROARK who lives no rules except his own! She's DOMINIQUE — the only kind of woman for his brand of man! A HIT TO REMEMBER * CO. y-STARRI NG PATRICIA NEA sme oING VIDOR — seneoe HENRY BLAN Screen Play by AYN RAND + From her Novel “The Fountainhead” « Music by Max Steiner Mat 305—3 cols. x 9% inches (414 lines) FROM WARNER Bros! . RAYMOND MASSEY KENT SMITH ROBERT DOUGLAS HENRY HULL RAY COLLINS KE This ad also in four-column size. See page 2. NOW! Warner Bros’ New Trumpy! unGARY PATRICIA COOPER: NEAL All of the Giant Best-seller’s Giant Thrills! W with RAYMOND MASSEY: KENT SMITH: ROBERT DOUGLAS HENRY HULL RAY COLLINS KING VIDOR erooucen ev LF \| PY BLANKE Screen Play'by AYN RAND « From her Novel “The Fo Mat 202—2 cols. x 2/2 inches (68 lines) Ee Rae ane Good Ad For A HERALD! <______———