The Fountainhead (Warner Bros.) (1949)

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WARNER BROS. TAKE DEEP PRIDE IN ANNOUNCING THE INO MAN TAKES PRESENTATION WHAT’S MINE!” ON THE SCREEN OF ONE OF THE GREATEST NOVELS OF Starring as ROARK, a man who lived by no rules but his own GARY COOPER Co-starring as DOMINIQUE, the only kind of woman for that brand of man win RAYMOND MASSEY KENT SMITH ROBERT DOUGLAS WREBI/) 1, ) ORES PN Ay eroouceo ev HENRY HULL RAY COLLINS <fre'fotetmheses muscu mossune, NEY KING \ DOR HENRY BLANKE Mat 306—3 cols. x 10/4 inches (426 lines} This ad also in two-column size. See page 14. BOTH ON ONE MAT ORDER MAT 101 ww RAYMOND MASSEY KENT SMITH ROBERT DOUGLAS H HULL RAY COLLINS woe KING VIDOR HENRY BLANKE WARNER BROS’ Big New Triumph! wv RAYMOND WASSEY_KENT Swilh RUBERI Duugias HENRI HULL Rat COLLINS O nese en { NG VIDOR moose’ HENRY BLANKE scvseis Play by ATH RAND « From ter Moret “Tne Fownteintesd” + Music uy Maa Steines ‘Screen Play by AYN RAN | col. x 234 inches (39 lines) | col. x 1/2 inches (20 lines)