The Fountainhead (Warner Bros.) (1949)

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THRILL! He's ROARK who lives by no rules except his own! THRILL! She's DOMINIQUE the only kind of woman for his brand of man! CO-STARRING WARNER BROS: TOWERING TRIUMPH! ee ee Ren Le j nore: A a ameebiemanmimntinencntietiniiinenenatl q DIRECTED BY KING V PRODUCED BY DOR kwono uASSEYKENT SWITHROBERT OOUGIASHENRY ULL-RAYcoWLWNS HENRY BLANKE Screen Play by A e From her Novel ‘‘The Fountainhead’”’ « Music by Max Steiner Mat 302—3 cols. x 81/g inches (342 lines) This ad also in two-column size. See page 13. JULY 22 One of the greatest of all bestsellers... K% One of the greatest of all WARNER BROS. pictures . GARY COOPER eee AS ROARK PATRICIA NEAL CO-STARRING AS DOMINIQUE aes O°. Gas pO. ere 6 OP OIG OD SIN WN O THE STRAND has been selected § for the first showing in this territory * * Mat 204—2 cols. x 5° inches (152 lines)