The Fountainhead (Warner Bros.) (1949)

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awe FRR eek Mat 303 3 cols. x 914 inches (384 lines) This ad also in four-column size. See front cover. SEE aEEEEEEEEEiecel 10 Py eee g Ore nee Het, 6. "No man takes what’s mine!” LOOK AHEAD OR a ere OCC OR AAR IAS I THE THRILL SR cnc sctoactnnnatc team ok GIANT BEST SELLER! = NEW ENTERTAINMENT FROM WARNER BROS. ‘GARYCOOPER EE’S [he’s ROARK WHO LIVED BY NO RULES! | WHO LIVED BY NO [he’s ROARK WHO LIVED BY NO RULES! | PATRICIA NEAL SHE’S DOMINIQUE WHO HAD TO LOVE THAT WAY! DIRECTED ‘BY ANG Ty nna ee REE Oe ee tlie Music by Max Steiner ees I. ten million readers are waiting for GARY COOPER in his role of roles as ROARK Mat 203 2 cols. x 41% inches (118 lines) The great best-seller made greater by WARNER BROS. CO-STARRING PATRICIA cn as DOMINIQUE RAYMOND MASSEY: KENT SMITH: ROBERT DOUGLAS HENRY HULL RAY COLLINS ° ae Aes: HENRY BLANKE reen Play by AYN Los The Fountainhead” * Music by This ad also in three-column size. See next page. <<