The Great OMalley (Warner Bros.) (1937)

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“THE GREAT O'MALLEY” EXPLOITATION — CONTEST IDEAS FOR EVERYONE WatchTheTots GoForThisOne Tie up with a pet shop and promote a “‘Scottie”’ or some other breed of house dog which you offer as a “Sybil Jason prize.’’ Editors like it— and the youngsters love it. Story tells all. (Publicity) Your Letter to Sybil Jason May Win a Scottie Mat No. 111—10c Would you like a real live, thorough bred Scottie for your very own? Of course you would, and you may get one, too, absolutely free if you can prove you really deserve one. You all know Sybil Jason, the seven-year-old Warner Bros. star whose picture is shown here. Well, Sybil, who is seen with Pat O’Brien and Humphrey Bogart in “The Great O’Malley” which opens at the............ Theatre on.......... ,» is a great lover of dogs, just as are all boys and girls. So she has written to the manager of the............ Theatre asking him to present one to some lucky and deserving Child-2in’ ..).:. eis. one (city). Of course the manager doesn’t know all the little boys and girls in’ town, Bor thesc...:..00 ba (newspaper) has been asked to conduct a contest and the....... (name of pet shop) will furnish the prize. Here’s what you do, if you are in school and are not more than 10 years old. Write a letter to the “Great O’Malley” Contest Editor of the....5 3 ES (newspaper) telling why you think you deserve the Sybil Jason Scottie. The letter which in the opinion of the judges is the best and presents the best reasons will win the dog. It’s a fine dog, too. You can see “tin Mr:.. 9)... 5 ’g window at his pet shop. Ten other prizes will also be awarded. Each prize will consist of two guest tickets to the...... Theatre to see “The Great O’Malley.” The contest closes on........ (date) and no letters received after that time can win. SUGGESTIONS Find politest cop. Find oldest cop. Find youngest cop. Hero cop stories. Cops and firemen share with children the affectionate interest of all citizens. That’s why we offer these contest suggestions which are built around policemen and youngsters. All of them will bring publicity breaks, and each can be adapted to your own particular needs. You have two great stars in a great picture. Go to town with them. If you wish additional suggestions or information write 321 West 44th Street CAMPAIGN PLAN EDITOR New York City FIND TOWN’S DOUBLE FOR LIT.SLE SYBIL JASON Few editors will turn down this cute picture of little Sybil Jason and it will be easy to arrange a contest to find her double. If you wish, a talent contest can be incorporated. Publicity story gives you the idea. Free Theatre Tickets If You Are Her Double Ten little school girls of...... (name of city) are going to consider themselves mighty lucky in a few days. For each of the ten will receive two guest tickets to (i) Cee” > ee Theatre to see Pat O’Brien, Sybil Jason and Humphrey Bogart at the head of a mighty cast in “The Great O’Malley” the Warner Bros. picture which opens there on........... These little girls are going to be rewarded simply because they look like Sybil Jason, the sevenyear-old child who came from South Africa a year ago to become one of the greatest screen sensations. Just study the picture of Sybil Jason as she appears in “The Great O'Malley.” If you knew a little girl who looks like her, send her photograph to the “Great O’Malley” Contest Editor of the aN, (newspaper) before....... No photographs will be returned, so do not send expensive pictures. A snapshot, provided it is clear and distinct, is the best. Simply write the child’s name, age and address clearly on the baek of the picture. DO CITY COPS KNOW THE LAW? Every police department has a code of rules and regulations. A knowledge testing contest run like an old time spelling bee on your stage will arouse interest and bring publicity. Even the radio programs are going in for these audience tests. Try this one out. The police chief will probably be glad to cooperate. Prizes can be promoted, of course. F ind Her Double ley.”” Ronson will: 3. Thousands of Ronson dealers throughout the nation are ready to plug the film for you. Jewelers, department stores, and tobacco shops have been supplied with material for a complete tie-up campaign. All you have to do is contact your local stores and let them know when you will play “The Great O’Mal Cop Building Game “The Great O’Malley” is the story of a cop—and the following word game is built around that fact. Each of the twenty words begins with the syllable ‘COP.’ Add the specified number of letters, figure out the word indicated by the definitions and discover the missing words. Offer guest tickets to the twenty persons who are the first to send in the correct answers to the twenty questions. Letters Definitions Answers I. 1..A duplicate ...COP-Y II, 2..Dried kernel of the cocoanut....... COP-RA .-A small coin ...COP-PER .-Hard resins used in . Last name of Dickens NeMisvsnete aces COP-PERFIELD . African king in Tennyson’s ‘‘Beggar Maid’’. COP-HETUA 3 3 varnishes....... COP-ALS VY. 3..Belonging to the ODES Fest acicl ors COP-TIC VI. 3..Word uniting subject and predicate....... COP-ULA VII. 3..The top course of a Wales tcc wide o'er COP-ING VIII. 3..Stole, U.S. SLANG Ye2 sca c'evere’s COP-PED IX. 4..One who traces. COP-YIST X. 4..Showing abundance aac eee £OP-10US XI. 4..A thicket of BUSHES aieiscicisia sc COP-PICE XII. 5..Green sulfate used in Gyeing 5:25 echelets COP-ERAS XII. 6..Author’s right to DUDIISH oo ie ac scde COP-YRIGHT XIV. 6..Top stones of a WALI ose'g tavacis «cl COP-STONES XV. 6..One who partakes with avovher...2 . «oats COP-ARTNER XVI. 7..A poisonous SNAKG 6 Wiere 0 d' e109 COP-PERHEAD XVII. 7..A Polish astronomer, 1473-1543..... COP-ERNICUS XVIII. 7..Capital of Denmark....... COP-ENHAGEN 8 5 Arrange for dealer co-operation. 2. Distribute dealer window cards as illustrated above. Furnish special advertising mats for local tie-ups. WARNER BROS. “The Great O'Malley FREAK LAWS Every city has a lot of obsolete and freakish laws that are ignored for cause. Contest offers ducats for best lists of freak and outlawed ordinances. Story explains. (Publicity) Forgotten Laws to Bring Rewards to News Readers Did you know that in........ (city) you will be fined if you throw your old hoop-skirts on the street? And it means ten days in jail if you feed your pigs on the city green. There is also a penalty for driving a motor vehicle through the streets, unless proceeded by a man on horse back ringing a bell. These are only a few of the forgotten laws of ........ (name of city) which are more honored in the breach than in the observance. There are probably many others and thety..& ibs dase (newspaper) wants to know them. It would not be nice if every policeman adopted the tactics of Pat O’Brien, the cop in “The Great O’Malley,” the Warner Bros. picture coming to the...... Theatre on......... Pat knew all the laws and enforced them regardless. This inspires the present contest, and for the ten best lists of freak, obsolete and forgotten law Ah6 22s Visa, (newspaper) will give twenty guest tickets (two to each of the winning contestants) to the Theatre to see “The Great O’Malley.” All lists must be submitted to the “Great O’Malley” Contest Editor of the...... (newspaper) Delores 22ancca.s (date) when the WORLD’S GREATEST LIGHTER For list of local dealers write: ART METAL WORKS ARONSON SQUARE NEWARK, NEW JERSEY Page Three