The Great OMalley (Warner Bros.) (1937)

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“THE GREAT O'MALLEY" 28 EASY-TO-WORK IDEAS SUMMONSES Insert summonses—really heralds—under windshield wipers of parked cars. Herald might read: “This is not a SUMMONS just a suggestion that you will enjoy being a witness at the taming of a ticket-serving cop, etc.” TRAFFIC SIGN B See “THE GREAT OMALLLY cn OEY This old fashioned ‘stop and go’ sign ought to direct passersby right to your box office. Placed in front of lobby, one sign reads: “Go . ‘The Great O’ Malley’ ’’; other sign at right angles . See ‘The Great O’Malley.’ ’? Man dressed in old fashioned uniform, as shown in illustration, adds to the gag. to first, says: “Stop. . ALLY vo ge “THE . . See AWARD PRIZE Award prize on stage of your theatre to cop who has performed most heroic deed during the year. Should merit you some nice publicity breaks in newspapers and plenty of goodwill from your local police force. INVITE COPS CHILDREN If you want to start a good whispering campaign about the picture—and, no doubt, you do,— invite the children of policemen to see the show at half rate. Mark off a special section for them, and bally the stunt in your lobby and through newspapers. You'll be well repaid for your efforts, for kids will be telling whole town about it, and you'll have gained enough goodwill to last you the season. Don’t forget, there’s no better plug for your show than a bunch of enthusiastic kids. WARN THUGS Sandwich man _ tramps busy streets with placards reading: “Gangsters! Take Warning! ‘The Great O’Malley’ is at the Strand.” No reflection on the citizens of your town but something that'll get them into your show. BALL TEAMS Every police force has baseball and football teams, and they’re always trying to fatten the athletic fund. If you haven't already tied up with pensioners, perhaps benefit can be arranged, proceeds going for athletic equipment. Page Four TEST BRAWN Let your customers put their physical prowess to the test. Weights, strength contraptions, etc., rigged up in lobby provide plenty of amusement. Surround with signs like—“Are you physically fit to be a cop?” COP ESSAYS Cops could probably tell many exciting stories. Offer ducats to cop submitting best true adventure story, told in first person. Perhaps local newspaper would like to print best ones. Makes swell feature, especially with a few photos. * GAG PARKING SIGN On street of your theatre place three or four parking signs at certain distance apart from each other. Furthest sign from theatre reads— “Don't Park Here.” Next one, nearer lobby, says—‘‘Nor Here.” Last sign right under your marquee points directly to theatre and reads — “But Park Here and see ‘The Great O’Malley’.”” Add as many signs as you care to, the more the merrier, but be sure they are close enough so that their sequence is understood. A good gag and bound to be appreciated by drivers who have difficulty finding parking space, or even by mere pedestrians who object to ‘keeping off the grass.” GAY ’90’S COP a | / } | Here’s a street bally with a bit of a twist. Dress man in oldtime policeman’s uniform, London bobby’s hat—gay ’90’s style and all that. Sign on him says — “‘ ‘The Great O'Malley was an old fashioned cop until a beautiful girl put him wise.”’ If he has any talent of his own he can add a few flourishes to stunt — singing a few old songs, an Irish jig, etc. SNAP POLITEST Working hand-in-hand with newspaper, it should be no trouble at all to start a ‘Be Polite’ campaign among local police. Newspaper sends ace candid camera-shooter and reporter to cover the traffic front, watching for noteworthy examples of politeness by cops while on duty. Cops who are snapped are given ducats. Reporter questions them and can build-up swell feature story, of course, mentioning that the inspiration of all this is your ‘Great O’Malley.’ If you can arrange it, have ‘politest’ make personal appearance on your stage, and of course give it all the fanfare you can—pictures, lobby display, etc. Cop might have a few interesting words for audience. EXPLOITATION CHARITY SHOW FOR POLICE PENSIONS No doubt there’s a special pension fund for policemen in your town. Contact those in charge and make arrangements for running a special performance, part of the proceeds to go to the fund. Committee setup to sell tickets, extensive mail campaign, store tie-ups, will help sell tickets at advanced prices. If you can put this stunt over, you can write out your own meal-ticket. We'd get after that Pension Fund right now. You may catch them just as they’re making their plans for the coming season. Sponsoring such as this adds plenty of class to your show. GOOD DRIVERS In spirit of cooperation with police force, why not have some awards for careful drivers? Announce thru newspapers that a person known as the Great O’Malley is going around town on the lookout for careful bits of driving. He takes car’s license number and inserts it in classified ad column, driver being asked to appear at your box office to pick up his ducats. You can carry this out more by conducting a “Better Driving’? campaign in your theatre lobby. Newspaper morgue should be able to supply you with some good stories while local police supply you with accident statistics, etc. Makes an interesting display, giving your stunt that bit of extra punch that will put it over with a bang. STREET BALLY Get hold of the most tremendous fellow you can who is available for ‘sandwich’ purposes — you know, 6’ 7” or thereabouts. Uniformed and swinging a policeman’s club, he makes a street bally that can’t be missed. Placards on each side of him read — ‘The Great O’ Malley.’