The Great OMalley (Warner Bros.) (1937)

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“THE GREAT O'MALLEY” RADIO & GENERAL STUNTS CAR LICENSE STUNT Station someone outside your theatre to take down five or six license numbers at random, as cars go by. You post numbers at the box office, and car owners identify themselves by their license cards ,winning guest tickets. Local editor will probably give you a story on the novelty of the stunt. Also tell motorists about it through ad underliners and in lobby, so they’re sure to drop in to see if they won. SCHOOL SNAPSHOTS Get the amateur photographers in your town (and there are plenty of them!) interested in your show with a novel contest. Offer ducats for the best “school scene’? snapshot — children flocking into school, or something of the sort. Exhibit all entries in your lobby, and invite a couple of professional photographers to act as judges. Possibly you'll find it worth your while to tie up with camera shop on this stunt. KIDDIE AMATEURS Sybil Jason won her way to screen fame through her singing and dancing ability —so why not cash in on this idea with an amateur contest for kiddies from five to twelve? Announce the amateur night in your ad, and have all those wishing to participate register at the theatre ahead of time to avoid confusion. Should be able to promote prizes from your local merchants. BOOK STORE TIE-UP Tie up with a local book store for a window display of school supplies. Provide them with stills of Sybil Jason and some of the other youngsters, and of course, you get a nice plug for your show. “LITTLE BEAU PORKY” (Looney Tunes Series). An amusing satire on the Foreign Legion. Porky is funnier than ever. (7 minutes—No. 2802) “NUT GUILTY” (Vitaphone Novelties Series). Edgar Bergen, the ventriloquist artist, has a knock-out for little ‘‘Charlie McCarthy,’’ who serves as Judge on Boys’ Day. (11 minutes—No. 2703) JAY C. FLIPPEN in “‘THAT’S PICTURES” (Broadway Brevities Series). The Famous Colonel demonstrates his technique of picture making introducing specialty entertainers. The noted ‘‘Master of Ceremonies” performs in his inimitable manner. (21 minutes—No. 2051) “HE WAS HER MAN” (Merrie Melodies Series). A cartoon satire on ‘‘Frankie and Johnny” done in Technicolor. Grand entertainment. (7 minutes—No, 2204) ‘Page Siz YOUR VITAPHONE SHORTS HUNT THE SHAMROCK Get hold of about fifteen of the little cloth and wire shamrocks that are used for St. Patrick’s day, and plant them around town. Work it the same way you do a treasure hunt—with the first cue announced in your ad. Ducats to winners. Use more shamrocks if you think the stunt will go over big. ‘O'MALLEY’ NIGHT Scan your telephone directory for O’Malleys. If there aren’t too many, invite them all to be your guests at the opening night performance. Call it ‘“‘O’Malley” night, and ask the O’Malleys to step up on the stage between shows, and be introduced to the crowd. It’s a sure-fire stunt for a newspaper story. If there are too many O’Malleys, announce in your ad that the first ten to get to the box office receive two guest tickets each. GET SAFETY SQUAD Every school has a “safety squad”’ of pupils who act as special monitors for crossings. Net a lot of publicity for your show by inviting this group to be your guests at one of the performances. IRISH CLUB NIGHT Contact the Irish clubs in your town— the Knights of Columbus, the Newman Club, etc.—on theatre parties. Benefit performances always net extra publicity in papers. A few simple contests between members of the clubs on the stage after the show. would lend interest to the parties. Promote a couple of prizes from local merchants. “NORTHERN LIGHTS” (Color-Tour Adventure Series). Don Wilson, ace radio commentator, takes your audience on a cruise of the North Cape country. Ably described, this short is done in the new Cinecolor. (10 minutes—No. 2303) “OKLAHOMA AS IS” (Vitaphone Novelties Series). Cal Tinney, well-known columnist and humorist, comments on people in the town of ‘‘Oolalah.”’ Done in the Will Rogers’ style-—your audience will appreciate this short. (10 minutes—No. 2704) JIMMY LUNCEFORD “The King of Syncopation” (Melody Masters Series). A short that is packed with hot, sizzling rhythms. Ten minutes of real swing in the land of syncopation. (10 minutes—No. 2506) EXPUOlTATION USE THESE THREE SPOT RADIO PLUGS If you’re using the air waves to plug your show, you’ll find the announcements below are just what you need. You know how to spot them, so go right ahead! 1-MIN. ADVANCE ANNOUNCEMENT ANNOUNCER: Plenty of fireworks at the Strand Theatre next Wednesday. ‘The Great O’Malley”’ with Pat O’Brien and Humphrey Bogart is coming. Pat plays the toughest cop ever to wear a bluecoat, who makes things unbearable for Bogart. And when the most hardboiled cop ever to pound a pavement gets on the trail of the killer of “‘Black Legion,’ enough dynamite explodes to satisfy the most thrill-seeking movie fan. Then for love interest there’s upand-coming young Ann Sheridan, and beautiful Frieda Inescourt. For the children, there’s little Sybil Jason, and will they howl with delight at her impish antics. Be prepared for ‘“‘The Great O’Malley” at the Strand, Wednesday next. VY2-MIN. OPENING DAY ANNOUNCEMENT ANNOUNCER: Tonight’s the night, folks. ““The Great O’Malley’”’ opens at the Strand Theatre, so grab your hats and be on your way to see your favorite Irishman, Pat O’Brien, match his wits against “Black Legion’? Humphrey Bogart in a really human drama of New York’s East Side slums. You'll laugh and cry, and you'll love the latest Warner Bros.’ hit, ‘““The Great O'Malley.” V¥2-MIN. CURRENT ANNOUNCEMENT ANNOUNCER: The whole town’s talking about “The Great O’Malley’’ down at the Strand Theatre. They’re talking about Pat O’Brien and Humphrey Bogart, who know how to put real pathos into their roles. They’re talking about the exciting scenes in which these two two-fisted stars go at it hammer and tongs. It’s a great human interest show, with New York’s East Side slums for its settings. If you haven’t seen it, you’d better rush right down to the Strand, and see “The Great O’Malley.”’ FREE RADIO SKETCH We’re mighty proud of the radio dramatization on this picture, because it does a great job of selling the film without giving away the plot. Sketch is 12 minutes long, allowing three minutes at beginning and end for picture plug. For enough copies to take care of entire cast, write Campaign Plan Editor, 321 West 44th Street, New York City.