The Great OMalley (Warner Bros.) (1937)

Record Details:

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“THE GREAT O'MALLEY" EXPLOITATION “GREAT TIE-UP STILLS Pictures release date coinfos Ko (-\-Marcendal@al-¥Xo palaces al oy bicshal=tot 1338, ZALUSIE NY season. Local merchants will lol-MaUiccbanee ate mi cele pard-Wadal-¥h ae oh cof fo hb Ko4 ai dalWh 9) <0) 0f-) aact-\ ale bros amt-tale! SLOW they should be particularly pleased with these star stills, sVdablol aW-bacW-1-) ol-(ost-Wdiar-lel-hol Volta io -y-1-T-fo} at-Veo) baat) col at-Fatobictbatem S} 5d U-Mror-b alll of-Wbly=to Bs xo) ate bE o) Ebi, purposes by many different types of stores. No endorse: = ments. Set of 16 stills. $1.50. a JEWELRY AS. 33 HAIRDRESS & NAILS AS. 7 Individual stills 10c. Order by number from the Camjoy-bhe pal ad l-ball Mobtvos mG yp aM K-to | CHILDREN’S BOB SJ,71 WRIST WATCH POJ08 44th Street, New York Ostara PIANO SJ. Pub. A43 = DINNER GOWN FI. 35 COAT AS. 18 PLAYSUIT SJ. Pub. A94 PIPE PO. 250 MIEN’S SHOP OVERCOAT PO. 117 HAT AND SCARF PO. 256 SPORTS JACKET PO. 223 DAIRY SHOP TOY SHOP SPORTS SHOP MILK SJ. Pub, Q DOLL SJ. 112 TOY DOG SJ. 101 HUNTING EQ'T. HB. Pub. F Page Seven