The Great OMalley (Warner Bros.) (1937)

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“THE GREAT O'MALLEY” “Now I Know What Hap: “Faith, And If It’s True, pened to the Snakes Listen To Me Rattle, That Left Ireland! ,.. Killer! And Look Out They All Became Cops!” When I Strike!”. ... See the toughest Irishman on the force match bullets and wits with the deadly killer of ‘Black Legion’! It’s dynamite! PAT O’BRIEN HUMPHREY BOGART "THE Me ADVERTISING With ANN SHERIDAN FRIEDA INESCORT SYBIL JASON » DONALD CRISP « HENRY O'NEILL CRAIG REYNOLDS HOBART CAVANAUGH GORDON HART Directed by William Dieterle A Warner Bros. Picture Teme —E AT. Re E Date and Policy 258 Lines Mat No. 302—30c Blooded Gun-Mad Killer ... You'd better start gest screen thrill! HUMPHREY With Ann Sheridan © Frieda Inescort * Sybil Jason Donald Crisp » Henry O'Neill Craig Reynolds « Hobart Cavanaugh « Gordon Hart Directed by William Dieterle A Warner Bros. Picture THE AT RE 164 Lines Mat No. 210—20c Page Ten an See bracing yourself Human ssnas for the year’s bigsth 4 Ruthless Killer: THERE’S THE : Wild Irish Cop Turns When a Hot-Headed Irish nto A Human Being! Cop Comes To Death DIVIL HIMSELF Grips With a Cold. TO PAY WHEN.. Being Turns PAT Shure, he’s a harp...and he plays... rough! Directed by William Dieterle A Warner Bros, Picture With Ann Sheridan Frieda Inescort Sybil JasonDonald Crisp-Henry O'Neill . Craig Reynolds. Hobart Cavanaugh-Gordon Hart iyo barn TRE 170 Lines Mat No. 208—20c