The Murder of Dr Harrigan(Warner Bros.) (1936)

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EXPLOITATION 3) THRIETY SELLING ANGLES ASKING FOLKS TO SEE ’MURDER’ "You are invited to witness ‘The Murder of Dr. Harrigan’." A catchline like this can be used with numerous stunts ‘round theatre and town. Below are a few that should arouse interest without putting much of a dent in your pocketbook: |. Catchline is set in marquee, on top of which are two figures, one bending over the other. Figure on top has arm on pendulum and knife in hand. With pendulum in motion, it appears as if the man with the knife is continually stabbing the other one. 2. Above stunt can be worked just as easily in lobby, with caption and playdate below the two figures. 3. Just before trailer goes on, man steps on stage and says: “You are invited to witness ‘The Murder of Dr. Harrigan’."’ Whereupon man in front row of orchestra gets up as if to leave theatre. He goes a few steps, a shot is heard, and he falls amid screams from another stooge. Lights go out and trailer flashes on. 4. Over air, announcer does the inviting, which is followed by the voice of a man saying: "No, no! You can't do itl I'll give you what you want, but don't kill me!" A short pause is followed by a shot, groans and the thud of a body falling to the ground. Announcer steps in and tells playdate. Display of Suspects For lobby display, tack up a scalpel, surrounded by stills of members of cast. Caption underneath reads: "This scalpel was used by one of these people to murder Dr. Harrigan. “Who is the murderer? See ‘The Murder of Dr. Harrigan’ and find out." Dealers Give Old Mags Magazine dealer can tie up with you by supply ing back numbers of various mystery mags. You paste on your plug, and give ‘em out to patrons as they leave theatre . . ~ vance of opening. . week in ad The Doctor PHONES FOR MEDICINE RICCARDO CORTEZ appearing in “<The Murder of Dr. Harri now playing at gan, the Stra nd Theatre | If an emergency arises, telephone us ! Prompt and careful attention is given to each order ae oe ee ar and every pre caution is taken to safeguard your health. TRIANGLE DRUG STORE No need explaining that idea is to persuade drug store manager to run this as a co-op ad— or, if he prefers, something along the same lines as a window card. If he's interested, order still No. FS 37 — 10c, from Campaign Plan Editor, 321 West 44th Street, New York City. Page Two ‘Doctor as Street Bally For street bally, doctor or nurse in uniform walks along street with medical kit. Sign on kit says: "| am going to attend ‘The Murder of Dr. Harrigan’ at the Strand Theatre." Newsies Hawk ‘Murder’ Want a novel way of distributing herald on this film? Then send out newsies with heralds and a few newspapers. They yell ""WUXTRY, WUXTRY! FAMOUS DOCTOR MURDERED!" When strollers come over, kids hand 'em the heralds. Tie-up With Book Store Film is based on ''From This Dark Stairway,’ by Mignon C. Eberhart, who has written many popular mysteries. Book store may give a window to display of her books . . . plus your stills and copy. f 3 resen tin Ed aces The KAY LINAKER COIFFURE This coiffure worn by Kay Linaker in “The Murder of Dr. Harrivan,” is being featured this week at our salon. BLUM’S BEAUTY BAR If you show this ad to beauty shop, manager may be interested in similar set-up for co-op ad. If so, order stills No. LA 12 and LA 14-— lOc each, from Campaign Plan Editor, 321 West 44th Street, New York City. Tying Up With Doctors Since hospital is locale of this mystery, tie-up with medical profession should be possible. Below are a few ways to play around-with that angle: |. Send letters to doctors, nurses, internes and medical students, telling ‘em about your show. 2. Notices on bulletin boards of hospitals, telling ‘em that show will interest them. 3. Arrange theatre parties for nearby hospitals, with bannered busses taking ‘em from hospital to theatre. 4. ls there any possibility of a city-wide charity drive for hospitals? If so, you tie up with a benefit, proceeds going to hospital. 5. Tell the docs that they can leave their names at box-office window for emergency calls. 15 WAYS TO TIE UP CLUE CLUB Club starts anti-crime campaign. Con Os@n eC RS a —— bers guessing outcome. 9. Mystery story telling night at theatre. Club awards prize to reporter who wrote best crime stories of the year. Club co-operates with P.D. by giving suggestions for solving crime. Part of auditorium roped off for Clue Club members. Club members appointed deputies in local crime drives. Bookmarks distributed at libraries and book shops. Prizes for best scrapbooks of newspaper articles on crime. Special screening for members, with film stopped before solution and mem |0. Club awards monthly prize to most heroic policeman. 11. Members discuss current crimes. 12. A few cops invited by Club to see picture. 13. Junior auxiliary operating through Boy Scouts or Y.M.C.A. 14. Newspapers give a weekly column to Clue Club activities. 15. And the following accessories are FREE: |4'' x 22'' Newsstand Posters Membership Cards Slides You can get them from Black Mask Magazine, 578 Madison Ave., NOY.