The Murder of Dr Harrigan(Warner Bros.) (1936)

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TOMORROW ONE MAN WILL DIE FROM SHEER FRIGHT AT THE MERE SIGHT OF THIS KILLER! And Thousands Will “Get , The Thrill Of Their Lives. At MIGNON G. EBERHART'S RICARDO CORTEZ « MARY ASTOR KAY LINAKER JOUR ELDREDGE A First National (CLUE ct! THEATRE 216 Lines—Mat No. 207—20c A DEAD DOCTOR REVEALS WHAT NURSES WON'T TELL! Miguon G. Eleckact's 112 Lines—Mat No. 208—20c Page Four RICARDO CORTEZ: MARY ASTOR One LINAKER « JOHN ELDREDGE 72 Lines—Mat No. 203—20c THE TRAILER Everyone knows how much a good trailer can do toward selling your picture, and (with a modest blush) we say that this one is tops. The copy’s below—and a print is at your exchange, waiting to be screened. This Girl Knows Too Much About The Murder of Dr. Harrigan First National's Picturization of M. G. Eberhart's Thrilling Novel (Book Insert) From This Dark Stairway M. G. Eberhart It's a Crime If You Miss The Murder of Dr. Harrigan With Kay Linaker (You'll Love This Girl) Ricardo Cortez Mary Astor John Eldredge Frank Reicher Johnny Arthur The Murder of Dr. Harrigan A First National & Vitaphone Picture It's a Clue Club Mystery