The Narrow Corner(Warner Bros.) (1933)

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WARNER BROS. MERCHANDISING PLAN FOR “NARROW CORNE DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS, JR. PATRICIA ELLIS RALPH BELLAMY DUDLEY DIGGES | st See What Happens When A JUNGLE GIRL YEARNING FOR HER FIRST LOVE ..» MEETS A MAN ESCAPING FROM HIS LAST! ee | Hit Ham bh i{ Come tonight! Share their sun-kissed paradise of love... Lose yourself in the magic of island nights...Let your heart thrill and throb to the most exotic love story the author of ‘Rain’ and ‘The Letter has ever told! Alluring as the Pacific night! Refreshing as a summer cruise! Thrilling as a plunge in the open wine gi Don't miss this exotic heart-and-flesh yi ay (guia TTT Tot : af} nnetilttit it ous white girl-ofthe-tropics who # had never learned the laws of love... and a fascinating man-of-the-world who had broken love’s every law! /. A Wain Read. Picture with DOUG, FAIRBANKS, Jn. ° PATRIGIA ELLIS RALPH BELLAMY * DUDLEY DIGGES ty I R A N DF DOUG. HUMANE J ra ELLIS RALPH BELLAMY DUDLEY DIGGES Cut No. 16 Cut 60c Mat 15¢ Cut No. 12 Cut 40¢ © Mat 10¢ 345 Lines 204 Lines