The Narrow Corner(Warner Bros.) (1933)

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ADVERTISING AS LOVELY AS A GODDESS... AND AS INNOCENT AS A BABE! For perfect summer entertainment see this great romance of a girl-ofthe-jungles who had never learned love's secrets—and a man-of-theworld who brought her secret love! “NARROW CORNE Somerset Maugham’s greatest story brought to the screen by Warner Bros. with this great cast — DOUG. FAIRBANKS, Ja. * PATRICIA ELLIS RALPH BELLAMY * DUDLEY DIGGES SUMMER LOVE Where Summer Never Ends! Your heart will thrill and throb to this great romance of the Pacific — brought to the screen with all the fevered emo tion Somerset Maugham poured into his greatest story — F NARROW DOUG. FAIRBANKS, Jr. PATRICIA “ELLIS RALPH BELLAMY DUDLEY DIGGES Cut No. 20 Cut 60c Mat I5c Cut No. 11 Cut 40c Mat 10c 255 Lines 188 Lines / See What Happens When A GIRL-OF-THE-WIiLDS YEARNING FOR HER FIRST LOVE... MEETS A MANAV OF-THE-WORLD ESCAPING FROM HIS LAST! NA RROW. CORNE A Warner Bros. Picture with Shaving love slardale DOUG, FAIRBANKS, Ja. ° PATRICIA ELLIS a girl who didn’t RALPH BELLAMY * DUDLEY DIGGES know right from wrong...and a man Cut No. 17 Cut 40c Mat 10c ‘who knew too well! 108 Lines "THE /NARROW CORNER A Warner Bros. Hit with DOUG. FAIRBANKS, 'r. PATRICIA ELLIS RALPH BELLAMY DUDLEY DIGGES @ STRAND BROUGHT TO THE SCREEN IN ALL ITS EXOTIC SPLENDOR! The flaming romance — the thrilling adventure — the seductive magic of W. Somerset Maugham's most glamorous 1 love story in a great Warner Bros. picture, played against the same enchanting background as “Rain” and “The Letter” NARROW CORNE DOUG. FAIRBANKS, sr PATRICIA ELLIS RALPH BELLAMY DUDLEY DIGGES HIS SIN WAS LOVE HER SIN WAS INNOCENCE! <g Alone in this island paradise, he found the loveliest creature human eyes ever beheld! Was it wrong to offer her the gift of love... to share with her those magic delights she never knew ssited. and had never: been taught to refuse! Cut No. 13 Cut 20c ~— Mat_-5c ‘ | 71 Lines A yn an ane Lae A GB, A Perfect For the Perfect pS ee A ee ee ee SE Summer Picture Summer Theatre : Summer Picture § D Summer Theatre Cut No. 14 Cut 40c Mat 10c Cut No. 16 Cut 40c Mat 10c 200 Lines 72 Lines Page Two