The Narrow Corner(Warner Bros.) (1933)

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SURE TO ATTRACT THE GALS Offer prizes to the ten girls who can wrap “sarongs” about them in the neatest way, in the shortest time, on the stage of your theatre. Offer tickets to “The Narrow Corner” to the lucky contestants. The sarong, as you will explain in introducing the stunt, is a garment worn by women in the Malay Archipelago, and is worn by Patricia Ellis in the picture. It consists of a single piece of bright-colored material, silk calico or cotton, about fifteen inches in width and ten feet in length. This is wound about the body, covering the bust and legs halfway to the knees, leaving the arms and shoulders free. It is twined about and then the end is tucked in so that it holds. This winding and tucking is a knack. Use brightest of silk or gaudy calico. This stunt will cause much amusement, while advertising your coming attraction in “The Narrow Corner.” NOVEL “CHUCKLE AD” CONTEST FOR Here’s a new slant on the classified ad tie-up and should be easy to plant with your local newspaper. Herbert Hayman of the Strand Theatre in Pottstown, Pa., sent us the idea together with a ream of newspaper tear sheets showing the amount of free advertising given the stunt by the cooperating newspaper. It’s called the CHUCKLE AD CONTEST. “Chuckle Ads,” are just what the name implies. They contain at least four lines—one complete line taken from each of four CLASSIFIED PROMOTION different classified ads appearing in the newspaper tied in the stunt. But the four combined lines must have coherence and above all be funny. It’s a cinch your local newspaper will want to use this novel classified promotion idea because it appeals ; to everybody. Start this contest off with this picture. However, first be sure the entire contest gets a strong advance build-up with publicity stories and display advertising. DOUG. FAIRBANKS, s:. PATRICIA ELLIS BURGEE In brilliant shades especially for suspension in your lobby or under your marquee. Size 20 x 30 heavy, durable canvas. inches, printed on With eyelets for hanging. Economically priced at 45e Each Available only from MORRIS’ LIBERMAN 729 Broadway, New York City NOT AT EXCHANGE SMART ROADSIDE ADVERTISING The following is an adaptation of a form of advertising which compels people driving by to look. It amuses them and causes them to talk about the product. This is the idea: Along highways leading into town string small wooden sign-boards, painted bright yellow, with the word VYAKE A TIP! TO THE STRAND | IT’S A PICTURE! | “NARROW CORNER” 24-Sheet as Big Marquee Display The 24-sheet. on this picture is easily adaptable for a striking marquee or truck ballyhoo display. Simply cut out the striking figures of Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., and Patricia Ellis and mount them on compo or beaver board. To bring out the full color and to give it a lifelike effect, it is advised that you put a coat of shellac over this cut-out display. When mounting it on the marquee, arrange a baby spotlight or some other similar illuminating device to play on it during the evening performances. ing in black. For “The Narrow Corner” the following rhymes may be used, though it is obvious that the idea easily adapts itself to any picture. The same boards may be used, simply repainting them a _ different color, with new slogans. Rhymed copy for “The Narrow Corner”: TAKE A TRIP | TO SEE A HIT! | | AND A WOW! | SEE IT NOW! | Use 24-Sheet for Drawing Contest The exceptional attractiveness of the figures in the 24-sheet—work of Karl Godwin, the famous magazine illustrator—makes it a “natural” model for amateur artists. Get the interest of school pupils and students at local art school by offering as prizes guest tickets (other prizes if you wish to promote them) to the twenty persons who send in the best copies of the figures in the poster. The drawings submitted should be displayed in lobby or prominent window, and can also be planted with the newspapers. Because of the incorporated NOTE: in the opening special atmospheric photography shots of ‘The Narrow Corner,” a COLORTONE EFFECT is unnecessary and consequently is being omitted on this picture. Page Six Lobby Piece Kasy to Make ‘For a cutout, lobby set piece, front display, window display and book tieup make up a giant book with shadow box effect. Have a break-away on the front cover on back of which is super-imposed a silhouette figure (like Patricia Ellis in the bathing scene in the picture). Light in the shadow box illuminates the figure on a flasher. Carry “Narrow Corner” and W. Somerset Maugham plus a strong selling line, on the cover. Direction Arrow as Road Snipe The title lends itself to grand roadside sniping, especially at all curves in the road. You can also use the copy suggested below for street corner signs. Use such lines as “Watch for THE NARROW CORNER” made up on cards in the form of direction arrows. You can, if yor wish, add your theatre and playdate Travel Agencies Good for Tie-ups Much of the action from “The Narrow Corner” takes place on a beautiful Malayan island. Many steamship companies feature special cruises to this part of the world. For that reason it should be easy for you to tie up with a travel bureau or steamship company agency on this picture. Supply your local dealer with stills from the picture which he should place prominently in his window together with displays on his South Sea cruises. Base Contest on Lovers’ Future Offer guest tickets or small cash prizes to the five persons who send in the most logical solution of the future of the lovers in “The Narrow Corner” in letters of not more than 150 words. Use _ heralds, posters, screen and publicity stories to advertise the contest. Since people will have to see the picture before enter‘ing the contest, you are assured of additional business. | BOOK EXPLOITATION SECTION DANDY INEXPENSIVE STUNT BIG CEDAR CHEST TIE-UP GIVES YOU SMASH WINDOW DISPLAYS . The Lane Cedar Chest Company are preparing elaborate window displays featuring Patricia Ellis in connection with this year’s models of their Cedar Chests. The campaign includes life-sized standee cut-outs for windows, counter and store cards and newspaper advertisements. Exhibitors should get in touch with the furniture and department stores in their locality who sell Lane Cedar Chests and cooperate with the dealers by supplying stills, etc., for window displays. If the exhibitor does not know what dealers in his town carry Lane Cedar Chests, they can find out by writing to J. ARTHUR KRAUSS Sales Manager LANE CEDAR CHEST COMPANY ALTAVISTA, VA. LUCKY NUMBER STORE TIE-UP WITH CEDAR CHEST AS PRIZES Here is a stunt which is sure to, arouse the interest of all in town, especially the women. Make a tie-up with the biggest department store to hand out lucky numbers with all purchases for the week preceding the coming of the picture. The store donates a number of cedar chests of different sizes. These are displayed in the lobby of your theatre. On the | opening night the winning numbers | are read from the stage, it being understood that the chests go only to people who are present in the theatre at the awarding. If one store cannot see its way clear to donate a number of chests, a number of stores may each be willing to donate one each. Lucky numbers to be given out to customers by each of the co operating stroes. Plan Big Outdoor Posting Campaign The paper on “The Narrow Corner” is of such exceptional quality and character that a lavish use of it is strongly advised. The beautiful and scantily-clad figures, with alluring South Sea backgrounds, are from the brush of the justly famous magazine illustrator, Karl Godwin. The and the general treatment, make the posters tempt colors employed, ingly sell the picture at a time when it takes a lot to lure motorists from the open roads. display for Play up your poster “The Narrow Corner” with the assurance that they will be the best “barkers” you can use. TIE-UP FOR FREE WINDOW DISPLAYS BR WARHER BROS. HIT Starring DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS». PATRICIA ELLIS Stills as Sport Store Displays If your local sporting goods stores handle a line of sail boats, you have a perfect opportunity to effect a neat tie-up. In this picture Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., is seen in a number of sequences handling a boat. There are stills available which you should be able to “sell” to your local store manager, showing Fairbanks in variHave your local sports store manager make ous poses on a Sailing vessel. up a special window displaying these stills prominently and giving credit to the picture as well as your theatre. The publishers of “The Narrow Corner” are prepared to give you every possible co-operation. As part of their campaign they have prepared special book dealer-theatre display cards (see illustration) and have notified all of their dealers to work with the theatre “The Narrow Corner.” manager playing Don’t fail to take advantage of this tie-up. As soon as your playdate is set, advising them of the stores with which you would like to effect a tieup. ‘They will immediately make all necessary arrangements. Address MR. GEORGE KLLIMAN Dovusiepay-Doran get in touch with the publishers, | Garden City, Long Island, New York