The Narrow Corner(Warner Bros.) (1933)

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Your Own Movie Magazine at Only the Cost of a Throwaway Attractively gotten up in a fourpage leaflet, with your theatre name at the head, this ‘Movie Magazine” is designed to bring in the customers. This is the type of material that goes into the home, with women especially saving it for the rest of the family to read. The beauty about this ‘Movie Magazine” is the fact that it concentrates upon selling each picture you play. Prices include theatre imprint, top of magazine and back. Fifty per cent of the order must accompany the _ order, balance C.0.D., F.O.B. New York City. Two per cent discount allowed if full cash is sent with order. 1000 to 3M.................. $4.00 per M 4000 to 5M.........00....... 3.75 per M 6000 and over.............. 3.50 per M Order direct from HOLLYWOOD PICTORIAL NEWS 358 West 44th Street, N. Y. C. THE STORY Fred, a gay young Australian blade, gets mixed up with a married woman, and in a battle with her husband accidentally kills him. His father, being a man of wealth and influence, hires Captain Nichols, a crooked sea captain, to take the youth on a tour of the Malaysian Islands until the trouble blows over. On one of the islands they pick up Doctor Saunders, an adventurer, who is trying to get back to China. A storm drives them into a small island, formerly a Dutch trading post, but now abandoned except by natives and a few white families. The whites include Louise, a beautiful young girl whose father is devoting his life to translating what he considers to be a masterpiece of literature, and Eric, a powerful and somewhat innocent young giant. Fred and Louise fall in love, but Fred restrains his passion because of his friendship for Eric who is the only man he has ever met with high ideals. Human nature is too strong, however, and Fred visits Louise at night, although. she is engaged to Eric. ‘The latter sees Fred leave CARRIES YOUROWN THEATRE NAME=? X DEVOTED SOLELY TO YOUR THEATRE: ' SELLS YOUR PICTURES TO THE PUBLIC: Play Dates NOTE: Your imprint to include only the above information—3-col. ad as per sample to appear on back page, PRODUCTION INFORMATION Louise’s rooms. His anger is terrific. He chokes Fred and leaves him for dead. Fred recovers, however, and rushes to Eric’s home to explain that he and Louise_are_in_love_and—wish to—get married. He also wants to beg his forgiveness. But he finds Eric dead, he having committed suicide in remorse over choking Fred. HKric’s Chinese servant sees Fred leave the house after finding his master dead and informs the police. Doctor Saunders hides Fred in a closet in a _ hotel room. Captain Nichols discovers Fred’s whereabouts and reveals the hiding place to the police, he fearing that a general inquiry will bring to light some of his own past crimes. The police go after Fred, but in the meantime’ he has left his hiding place and gone to the boat, determined to flee from the island. There is a terrific storm and although he does not know the narrow channel, which is extremely dangerous, he is willing to risk death. When he gets aboard he finds Louise who says she is never going to leave him. She knows the channel and they sail out into the storm to start life over, together. CAST OF CHARACTERS ee a Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. Doctor Saunders ....-.cccccccccccceccccceeecoeeeo EE eS ea i ae 2, | ee ae eRe. ne neem Series SE a Reginald Owen i nes ce a ee Henry Kolker Se ae Es i ee ees ar rie eer See William V. Mong FS ea ace ie ee on Willie Fung SS ee ee Patricia Ellis es eee oe Ralph Bellamy est pee ee Dudley Digges et Se ee ae Arthur Hohl Warner Bros. OFFICIAL BILLING -Pictures, Ine. and The Vitaphone Corp. 25% present “THE NARROW CORNER” 100% with Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. 50% Patricia Ellis 50% Ralph Bellamy—Dudley Digges 20% Based on the Story by Somerset Maugham 5% Directed by Alfred E. Green 20% A Warner Bros. and Vitaphone Picture 40% Use Good Shorts To Balanee Show Balance your program with carefully selected Vitaphone Short Subjects. We suggest you use “Beau Bosko” (Looney Tune Cartoon) “Double Crossing of Columbus” (A Big V. Comedy) “Castillian Garden” (Melody Master) A Cool Front We suggest you use South Sea Island atmosphere in your front, thus serving the double purpose of giving your theatre a seasonal cool dress while at the same time you get across the alluring South Sea locale of the story. Book Mark Good For Libraries a great BOO K a greater picture. MAR K it down on your “must see” list. Somerset Maugham’s brilliant “The Narrow Corner” with DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS, Jr. and PATRICIA ELLIS STRAND THEATRE July 8 to 14 These book marks are an ideal means ot exploiting your showing of “The Narrow Corner.” Make sure that your local libraries are well supplied with them. ‘hey can also be distributed in the usual manner on the streets as well as through your mailing list. In addi The use of palm trees with an electric fan blowing upon the leaves, to their customers grass mats on the floor and the trans forming of your box office to resemimprints, are as follows: tion, be sure to supply your local book stores with a quantity for distribution Prices, including theatre and playdate ble a South Sea isle thatched hut Ee $3.00 me ee. Pe sai aes = eae eee showing Fairbanks and Ellis in scant 100i 2s = 2.25 per M attire, surrounded by stills of Dudley Digges and Ralph Bellamy wearing white tropical clothes. I New York City CREDITS Order direct from ECONOMY NOVELTY CO. 239 Wesr 39TH STREET Pi oig ge! eee ee See ee ee Alfred E. Green | TCO ee A Ty ios rte tp Somerset Maugham 0 ae a ire ee aie Robert Presnell Bg ey ee ae eee oe eee ae a ee Tony Gaudio eS ee a ee RIE a ce Bert Levy ae DOC eS. See Robert Haas epic 2 See Sea ee a se or See Orry-Kelly Vitaphone Orchestra Conducted Dy i...-:cccccccceccccce Leo F. Forbstein Length 6.640 Feet Running Time 71 Minutes Douglas’ Fairbanks, Jr.. and Patricia Ellis as they appear in Warner Bros.’ “The Narrow Corner.” Cut No. 3 Cut 30c Mat 10c USE OFFICIAL VITAPHONE TRAILER >. By all means use the Vitaphone trailer on “The Narrow Corner” as it punches home the tremendous power of Somerset Maugham’s stirring novel. The scene clips and the title are sure-fire ticket sellers. Page Seven