The Narrow Corner(Warner Bros.) (1933)

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24 SHEET THREE SHEET eS ONE SHEET MIDGET WINDOW CARD ’ U. S. A. DESCRIPTION—Drawn by W. W. Hood, this poster is one of the most effective you've ever flashed! Background is white with title in purple with a buff outline. Remainder of lettering is in grey. Illustration is in natura! colors. INSERT CARD SIX SHEET Sliding Scale Prices of Advertising Accessories |-SHEETS INSERT CARDS 10550 ee Sc each ito sg a 25 c9ach Sie to. | 00. = er encn PGE 0 7 -BACH Over 100. = SS eeeach DO. OU Se 200 pach Over 002 FB eeach 3-SHEETS [eet == 2 5. eee ANC Gach HERALDS Over 2: 25—— =e = beseech IM to 5M________$3.00 per M Over 5SM_______ 2.75 per M 6-SHEETS S86 ee eee eee. OPEN PHOTOS WINDOW CARD ae ea 11 x 14 Photos___ 75¢ a set it = 20a ee ach (8 in set—colored) 22.-x26“ Photos_-0c areal 24-SHEETS (2 in set—colored) Up to 25 $2.00 each | Slides —___________1Sc each Over 25 1.75 each | Stills ——____________10c each Merchandising Plans ________ Gratis WINDOW CARDS Midget Window Card 4c each a P i550 Bear Music Cues Gratis ~ ‘aaiigm 5! to 100 ____ bc each Spanien Side. sue These prices apply to U. S. only