The Nurses Secret(Warner Bros.) (1941)

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PU LICITY Mat 201—30c THERE’S A WORLD OF THRILLS for a world of thrill-fans in the new Warner Bros.’ mystery, “The Nurse's Secret,” which opens Friday at the Strand Theatre. Shown above are Charles Trowbridge, Regis Toomey. Ann Edmonds and Lee Patrick in one of the many exciting scenes from the new, fast-paced mystery thriller. (Lead Story) “Nurse's Secret,” Mystery Drama Coming to Strand A mystery-thriller that packs suspense from the first reel to the last, called ‘““‘The Nurse’s Secret,” opens next Friday at the Strand Theatre. The Warner Bros. picture tells the intriguing story of two mysterious murders and the havoc that reigned before they were solved. Lee Patrick is cast as a nurse who is called in to tend to a woman who is suffering from the shock of finding her nephew murdered. Regis Toomey, playing the role of a detective, is assigned to the case and gets Miss Patrick to work Mat 101—15c Lee Patrick EXCITING CRIME FILM NOW AT STRAND THEATRE What happens when a maniacal murderer runs amuck in the home of a wealthy dowager? You'll learn the grim answer when you see “The Nurse’s Secret,” the exciting Warner Bros. mystery hit now playing at the Strand Theatre. The nurse’s role is played by Lee Patrick, and the detective assigned to the case, by Regis Toomey, surprise hit of ‘Meet John Doe.” The pair track down the killer at great personal risk and solve the mystery of who murdered the dowager’s nephew. The plot presents a variety of clues and suspects, so that mystery and action fans will have a difficult time deducing the identity of the murderer. As a matter of fact, the attractive blonde nurse finds that she is a suspect also, since a patient in her charge has been poisoned! Her eventual exoneration comes only after a series of swiftly paced scenes that will thrill and hold the attention of every theatre-goer. “The Nurse’s Secret” was written by Mary Roberts Rinehart, one of America’s ace mystery writers and a favorite with all. The exciting film was directed by Noel Smith. with him. When her patient is poisoned she is accused of the deed and it takes some fast thinking to clear herself of the crime. Both she and Toomey set out to bring the real murderer to justice and their adventures get them into many a dangerous situation. The murderer they seek to trap is both clever and ruthless and it is only after the execution of a daring plan that they finally bring him to bay. Mary Roberts Rinehart, who is famous for her thrilling tales of mystery wrote ‘The Nurse’s Secret” and Anthony Coldewey adapted it for the screen. The exciting mystery film was directed by Noel M. Smith. Thrills Galore At Strand There are chills, thrills and excitement galore in Warner Bros.’ new mystery film, “The Nurse’s Secret” which will open next Friday at the Strand Theatre. The picture tells how two detectives, one amateur, the other assigned by the police, track down a ruthless killer in the home of a wealthy dowager. The amateur sleuth is played by Lee Patrick who gets on the inside track by obtaining a position as a nurse. The professional detective, and Miss Patrick’s boy friend, is played by Regis Toomey. ‘“‘The Nurse’s Secret” was directed by Noel Smith. The original story was written by Mary Roberts Rinehart, noted mystery writer, and adapted to the screen by Anthony Coldewey. Mystery Fans Startled A hair-raising mystery thriller with a surprise ending that will startle the wisest wouldbe detective is Warner Bros.’ “The Nurse’s Secret,” which is now playing at the Strand Theatre. The fast paced film stars Regis Toomey and Lee Patrick as the breeziest pair of sleuths to ever trap a murderer. They bring to justice a killer who murders two people and has intentions of continuing his brutal activities much further. They encounter many dangers before the clever killer is caught. The scenario for “The Nurse’s Secret” was written by Anthony Coldewey from a story by that famous author of mysteries, Mary Roberts Rinehart. Noel Smith directed the film. (Opening Day Story) “NURSE'S SECRET” MYSTERY-THRILLER AT STRAND TODAY Mystery, thrills and adventure make up the exciting story of Warner Bros.’ new film, “The Nurse’s Secret,’ which opens today at the Strand Theatre. The story of how a detective and his girl friend, a nurse, expose a diabolical scheme to cash a trumped-up insurance policy makes one of the season’s most entertaining movies. Regis Toomey, who was so grand in “Meet John Doe,” is cast as the dashing, quickwitted detective. His girl friend, who is not to be outdone when it comes to clever sleuthing, is portrayed by Lee Patrick When Juliet Mitchell, played by Clara Blandick, discovers her nephew lying dead in his room everyone believes it to be suicide. But the detective assigned to the case, Regis Toomey’s role, shows that it was murder. Blandick is so overcome by the news that she requires the services of a nurse and Toomey sees an opportunity to have his fiancee, Ruth Adams, played by Lee Patrick, Mat 103—15c Lee Patrick and Regis Toomey fill the job and do a bit of detective work on the side. She becomes so involved in her attempts to bring the murderer to justice that she is accused of poisoning her patient and only after many a hair-raising experience, is she able to clear herself. Together, Miss Patrick and Toomey trap the criminal and solve the series of brutal crimes. “The Nurse’s Secret” was written for the screen by Anthony Coldewey from a story by Mary Roberts Rinehart. Noel M. Smith directed the exciting mystery thriller. Strand Gets Murder Film Excitement is the keynote of Warner Bros.’ new mystery drama, “The Nurse’s Secret” which is now playing at the Strand Theatre. A_ coldblooded killer nearly succeeds in committing a series of brutal crimes but is balked by a nurse and a shrewd detective. The role of the nurse is played by Lee Patrick and that of the detective by Regis Toomey. The film’s intriguing plot is crammed with suspense, thrills and a bristling romance. “The Nurse’s Secret” was written by Mary Roberts Rinehart, famous author of mystery tales. (Review) “Nurse’s Secret” Has Thrills, Suspense and Excitement “The Nurse’s Secret,” a new Warner Bros. picture which opened at the Strand Theatre last night is a : film calculated to please the most exacting mystery fan as well as the average moviegoer. The exciting story deals with murder ers & in a wealthy Mat 102-15family circle, and the even tual apprehension of a ruthless criminal. A nurse called in by the family aids the youthful detective to whom the case has been assigned, and together they attempt to solve the baffling case. Their combined efforts bear fruit, for in addition to solving the mystery, the final fadeout finds the pair on their way Regis Toomey “Nurse’s Secret” to the nearest justice of the peace. It would be unfair to delineate the characters or reveal the plot, since that would eliminate the film’s major element of surprise and mystery. We’re safe in saying, however, that even the most discerning armchair hawkshaw would have extreme difficulty in ferreting out the murderer. Lee Patrick is splendid as the nurse innocently implicated in the affair who harbors a dark secret. Regis Toomey, fresh from his sensational triumph in “Meet John Doe” scores heavily as the detective. In addition, an excellent supporting cast rounds out the group of players. The wellpaced, imaginative direction is credited to Noel Smith, whib Anthony Coldewey adapted the screen play from a _ popular story by Mary Roberts Rinehart, who is America’s foremost author of mystery novels. Story of Mystery Killer, At Strand A ruthless murderer who threatens an entire household is the theme of the thrilling new Warner mystery film, “The Nurse’s Secret” which opens this Friday at the Strand Theatre. There are three different opinions concerning the death of a wealthy matron’s nephew. The family say it was an accident. The coroner claims it to be suicide. But the police say it is murder! Regis Toomey plays the role of a clever, young detective who has been assigned to the case and it is on his conclusions that the police arrive at their grim verdict. In order to obtain more information on the activities of the family, Toomey has his girl friend, played by Lee Patrick, secure a position as nurse to Juliet Mitchell, portrayed by Clara Blandick, head of the family. Miss Patrick soon discovers that the criminal is exception ally clever in covering up his tracks and she is so absorbed in trying to thwart him that she becomes involved in the poisoning of her patient. Having the added incentive of clearing herself of suspicion, Miss Patrick and Toomey are determined to leave no table unturned in their efforts to trap the killer. Every member of the household has a motive for the crime and so ingenious is the criminal that Toomey and Miss Patrick are forced to carry out a plan that is fraught with danger in order to ensnare the murderer. Their path is a hazardous one and makes one of the season’s most exciting pictures. “The Nurse’s Secret” was written by Mary Roberts Rinehart, who is famous for her engrossing mystery stories, and was adapted for the screen by Anthony ,Coldewey. The film was directed by Noel Smith. SYNOPSIS (Not for publication ) Juliet Mitchell's (Clara Blandick) nephew is found dead and Inspector Tom Patten (Regis Toomey) claims that he was murdered. Tom has his girl friend, Ruth Adams (Lee Patrick) placed as a nurse to Juliet who has a nervous breakdown. Ruth attempts to get additional information for Tom and becomes involved in the murder of her patient. Tom and Ruth then carry out a very dangerous plan to capture the criminal. They succeed after many exciting experiences and the murderer's identity proves a surprise to everyone. THE CAST Ruth Adams Inspector Tom Patten Florence Lentz Miss Juliet Mitchell Dr. Stewart LEE PATRICK REGIS TOOMEY Julie Bishop Ann Edmonds George Campeau Clara Blandick Charles D. Waldron Charles Trowbridge Leonard Mudie Virginia Brissac Frank Reicher Georgia Caine Keith Douglas Faye Emerson Lucia Carroll PRODUCTION Directed by NOEL M. SMITH Screen Play by Anthony Coldewey; From a Story by Mary Roberts Rinehart; Director of Photography, James Van Trees, A.S.C.; Art Director, Stanley Fleischer; Dialogue Director, Eddie Blatt; Film Editor, Doug Gould; Sound by Dolph Thomas; Gowns by Howard Shoup; Makeup Artist, Perc Westmore. Country of origin U.S.A. Copyright 1941 Vitagraph, Inc. License to reproduce with copyright notice granted newspapers, magazines and other periodicals.