The Story of Seabiscuit (Warner Bros.) (1949)

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THE STORY (Not For Publication) Shirley Temple, 18-year-old colleen and her uncle, Barry Fitzgerald, fabulous trainer of steeplechase horses, arrive from Ireland so the latter can take a job as assistant trainer for a vast thoroughbred establishment. Top rider Lon McCallister falls in love with Shirley but she remains indifferent because her brother, also a jockey, had been killed on the turf. Meanwhile, Fitzgerald has taken to a little yearling called Seabiscuit. The owner is urged to sell the colt, but Fitzgerald talks him into keeping it. However, the two-year-old Seabiscuit never even sees show place in any race. Offered head trainer position with a California rancher, Fitzgerald prevails upon his new employer not only to buy Seabiscuit, but also to buy up the contract of the young jockey. With Fitzgerald’s great knowledge of horses and McCallister’s riding ability, Seabiscuit fast becomes a top money horse. Fitzgerald convinces Shirley that Lon is a born rider. On handicap day, everyone including Shirley, appears to cheer Seabiscuit, with Lon in the saddle, to victory. (Running Time: 93 Min.) ... your heart will ride high with happiness !!! eRe ccaaany Bae oe anaes DRAMA! Gone to the highest bidder...and a young girl’s tears go with him! THRILLS! Pounding hearts and pounding hoofs! The ‘orphan horse’ races to glory! Tt’s the true story of the gallant stallion whose fight for fame brought an oldtimer his big dream and two young-timers their big love! WARNER BROS. present THE STORY OF XT >>>>>>SE =| SHIPLEY TEMPLE: BARRY FIZGERA STARING (\\ \ ( IS] omecreo sy DAVID. BUTLER C WRITTEN BY JOHN TAINTOR FOOTE MAT 401 — 4 cols. x 11% inches (644 lines)