The Story of Seabiscuit (Warner Bros.) (1949)

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POUNDING QUT OF THE HEART OF THE BLUE GRASS A STORY WITH A HEART-BEAT ALL ITS OWN / A gallant stallion’s fight for fame brings an oldtimer his big break—and _two young-timers ' “their big love! WARNER BROS. PRESENT COLOR BY SPARRING: 28 Se ee Se Se ee: SHIRLEY TEMPLE: BARRY FITZGERALD ON MCALLISTER “sis Qaule.BUnceR wp MAT 303 — 3 cols. x 958 inches (405 lines) (Also in 2-column size. See page 7) WARNER BROS. presenr sone FEN BY STARRIN Trt Tit ees — LEY TEMPLE: 2. st SHIRLEY TEPLE-FICGERAUD-MACASTER OV TLAUSTR @ 22 onecreosy DAVID BUTLER + warren arson rawron rore aisha MAT 202 — 2 cols. x 2% inches (64 lines) 1 col. x 1% inches (26 lines) —