The Story of Seabiscuit (Warner Bros.) (1949)

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HURTLING OUT OF OF THE HILLS OF THE BLUE GRASS ...the thrill-pounding story of the ‘orphan horse who raced to glory! There’s a heartbeat _ to match every hoof| beat when an oldtimer gets his last chance to : saddle a champion 3 :...and two | | young-timers | take their | first chance _ on love! _ WARNER BROS | PRESENT THE STORY \OF D Gone to the highest bidder. . and a young girl’s tears i with wes STARRING SR BARRY FTG ALSO STARRING QN MCALLISTER “"s2AShSuTs6® ey jramans oF wan MAT 302 — 3 cols. x 8% inches (375 lines) — A story witha heartbeat all gx its own! Latest Warner Shorts ee, WARNER BROS. PRESENT “SPILLS AND CHILLS” .. . Hair-breadth stunts performed high in the air, combined with crashing cars. motorcycles and locomotives, make for seat-edged tension in this danger-packed short. 5606 . . . Sports News Reviews—10 min. “BYE BYE BLUEBIRD” ... A mirthful myth about a mouse who saves Porky Pig from becoming a ham sandwich. > 5716 . ... Technicolor Cartoon—7 min. S aaEnnUUIaRERRREE EERIE “HORSE AND BUGGY DAYS”... A melodie tour of the gay nineties with take-offs on Lillian Russell, Eddie MAT 206 Foy. Weber and Fields and many other all-time favor2 cols. x 7 inches (196 lines) ites. . 6601 .. . Vitaphone Novelty—10 min. “SO YOU WANT TO GET RICH QUICK”... Joe (“Behind The Eight Ball”) MecDoakes is bandied about by the fates for $100,000 worth of laughs in this latest MeDoakes mirth-terpiece. STARRING ef BAR RY 6401 .. . Joe MecDoakes Comedy—10. min. “JUNGLE TERROR” ... Thrill to the soul searing cries of the denizens of the jungle, as the camera carry: ing safari explores nature’s glorious wasteland. ALSO STARRING some east Spec 2 min (N MCA S] 9 AVID BUTLER WRITTEN BY JOHN TAINTOR FOOTE