The Story of Seabiscuit (Warner Bros.) (1949)

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24-SHEET CUT-OUT FOR LOBBY Cut out art from 24-sheet, add ad copy and back panel for effective setpiece in color (see cut), Actual size of display runs 4’ x 51%’. CONTEST IDEA Contestants identify following horse films from scene stills (check your own files or contact National Screen). Award pass prizes, request 25-word finish to sentence beginning, ‘“‘T want to see Warner Bros.’ “The Story of Seaae Black Beauty My Friend Flicka Gallant Bess Return of October Thunderhead National Velvet The Story of Seabiscuit Window Tie-up Stills Selected 8x10’s for merchant windows and co-op ads. ORDER “Window Stills No. 719” — set of 4, or individually by number — from National Screen Service. Haberdashery Jewelers 719-636 (McCallister) ST-54 Ski Suit Binoculars ST-93 719-601 (Fitzgerald) EXPLOITATION 2-Col. Teaser Throwaway Here’s the idea: Official Jockey Club diagram of horse, identifying various points of breeding, suggests teaser throwaway (see cut). Print quantities, as desired, locally and fold top over as shown in small diagram below — center panel is for theatre imprint as suggested. Art can also be used as basis of contest where contestants must name portions of horse indicated by dotted lines. All art shown available on one 2-column mat. ORDER “Mat Number 719-202-X” from National Screen Service Exchange. ltth tte ate : 1 ~ TEST YOUR ‘HORSE SENSE’ Can You Name the Different Parts of a Horse As Indicated in This Diagram? Lift the Flap for the Correct Answers. FOREHEAD---~y "POINT OF HIP BUTTOCK oo --ny inosrain 33 b-murue :: UPPER Lips 3+ LOR L1P—: vanes pip---i gto 46 esr FOREARM, GASKIN«* . a” a . % waforoes ANKLE? *** Fp Se seas 00s PASTERN< + eo cece ses f= "Tt *6. CORONET. 200 7 7° 7" . FETLOCK NOTE: Space allotted here for theatre imprint should be increased in actual throwaway to one-third of total folder (see diagram, left) so that teaser copy is visible. << This is how it folds.