The Story of Seabiscuit (Warner Bros.) (1949)

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Newspaper Copy “The Story Of Seabiscuit” 10 TALENT MUST BE NATURAL, SAYS SHIRLEY Shirley Temple has now definitely made the transition into the select ranks of full-fledged young dramatic motion picture stars on her own and not as a result of her past fame as a child star. A beautiful young lady who is now a wife and mother, Shirley, just the other side of 20, with long camera experience behind her, aided in greater part by acting talent, has emerged as an actress of the first rank since her roles in “Since You Went Away,” “Fort Apache” and “Adventure in Baltimore.” Now comes another great role as the colleen who comes from Ireland with her uncle, played by Barry Fitzgerald, to charm the dashing racing circles in the colorful blue grass country of Kentucky. The film is Warner Bros.’ “The Story Of Seabiscuit,” in Technicolor, due ............ at the bse e ae Theatre. A recent interview showed that Shirley had definite ideas about the raising of her little daughter, Linda Susan, and the possibility of an acting career for her. SHIRLEY TEMPLE Still ST-52 Mat 719-1B “Susan’s life will be her own,” says Shirley. “If she shows an early talent for singing or for dancing, we will see that she gets proper training and guidance.” The screen star believes that if a child has talent it will develop and assert itself naturally. “If it’s not there, well, it’s just not there, and no forcing!”, she added strongly. “So either way it works,” Shirley hopes, ‘“‘Susan is going to live her own happy life.” Horse-scents! Sea Voyager, who plays the part of his daddy, Seabiscuit, in Warner Bros.’ Technicolor film, “The Story Of Seabiscuit,” now gt the... Ses Theatre, was everybody’s pet during the making of the picture. But when they brought him into the gallery to make still photographs with Shirley Temple, Barry Fitzgerald and Lon McCallister, he got as temperamental as any human star. “It’s that blanket of roses you got draped over him,” explained Tex, his groom. “He’s never been in a winner’s circle before—and he don’t know what to make of them flowers!” Featured in the cast are Rosemary DeCamp, Pierre Watkin and Donald MacBride. William Jacobs produced “The Story Of Seabiscuit” for Warner Bros. SHIRLEY TEMPLE and Lon McCallister provide the heart interest in Warner Bros.’ Technicolor film, "The Story Of Seabiscuit," coming ...... to the ee: ..... Theatre. Still 719-632 Mat 719-2D Romantic Racing Yarn Has Shirley Temple A heartwarming love story that brings the grown-up Shirley Temple together with Lon McCallister to the screen, is in store forsee Theatre patrons next Re ee when “The Story Of Seabiscuit,” the thrilling Warner Bros. film in Technicolor begins a week’s engagement. With the inimitable Barry Fitzgerald, Irish character actor and comic, co-starring in a leading role, this film story, which employs as its background the events and racing career surrounding the life of the amazing Seabiscuit, promises more than its share of cinematic thrills. Seabiscuit, from the stable of ‘C. 8. Howard, California sports man, came along in turf annals a few years ago when as a fouryear-old, the doughty little horse romped to fame, and fortune for his owner, by beating everything in sight, including War Admiral, another great competitor, in a special match. He amassed one of the greatest earning totals in all racing history. Barry Fitzgerald plays the trainer who retains such great faith in a horse that has not shown much form as a twoor. three-year-old, while Shirley Temple is his niece whose brother has been killed in a race in Ireland. When Lon McCallister, one of the top jockeys in the sport, falls in love with Shirley, she tries to persuade him to quit riding and she succeeds—up to the point where Seabiscuit needs a jockey for one of the most important races of his career. Filmed in color by Technicolor, “The Story Of Seabiscuit” promises to be pictorially thrilling as well, what with some of the nation’s leading tracks, with their attendant colorful crowds and Race Days, playing an important part in the film. BARRY FITZGERALD and Shirley Temple seem satisfied with the results of the ‘Biscuit's’ work-out in a scene from the Technicolor film, "The Story Of Seabiscuit," produced by Warner Bros. Still 719-69 Mat 719-2B AIR FORCE VET ROMANTIC LEAD IN WARNER FILM Lon McCallister, like his current screen sweetheart, Shirley Temple, was born within a few miles of the Hollywood motion picture studios and has been in film work since his early teens. However, Shirley began as a child. Their present association of talents is in “The Story Of Seabiscuit,” a Warner Bros. Technicolor film in which Barry Fitzgerald is co-starred. The film opens ..... Poeaat tie... Theatre. Lon’s career has been selfplanned since boyhood, when he joined a boys’ choir that was frequently hired for picture work. He stepped from that to the Central Casting extra player list, played extra roles and small bits in more than 50 pictures. He got his big break when he was cast for the part of ‘California’ in “Stage Door Canteen.” After drawing a prominent role in “Home In Indiana” the war drew him into the Army Air Forces and he was ordered to report for a small part in the Air Force show, “Winged Victory.” LON McCALLISTER Still 719-635 Mat 719-1C He completed the cross country tour with this company and was ordered to the Air Transport Command and sent to Alaska with Special Services to organize radio broadcasts and accompany U.S.0O. units to Alaskan and Canadian bases. McCallister is still one of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelors. An excellent cook, he has been aptly named ‘the culinary answer to any woman’s prayer.’ Like Fodder, Like Sons Two of Seabiscuit’s sons will be seen as their famous racehorse sire in Warner Bros.’ “The Story Of Seabiscuit.” Sea Gambol will appear as Seabiscuit at two years, and Sea Voyager as the great money-winning ‘Biscuit’ at three years. Both horses are said to be exact images of their sire, and were selected from among 75 horses which Producer William Jacobs and Director David Butler looked over for the important horse part. Coming to the ............ Theatre, “The Story Of Seabiscuit” is in color by Technicolor with Shirley Temple, Barry Fitzgerald and Lon McCallister heading the cast. William Jacobs produced the film for Warner Bros. studio, with Butler directing.