Production Encyclopedia 1952 (1952)

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TELEVISION PROGRAM: Vice-President of the Teievision Program Department Harold L. Morgan, Jr. Executive Producer Ward Byron Film Director Nat Fowler Business Manager Henry Hede Production Manager __Anthony Henning Assistant National Director of Television Program Production Charles Holden Manager of Film Service Robert Holland Program Director of WJZ-TV Harold Hough Operations Manager ....Ruth Kiersted Manager of Television Program Sales... Rupert Lucas Executive Assistant to Vice-President of Television Program Department William Mayer Art Director James McNaughton National Director of the Television Program Department Charles Underhill Broadcast Coordinator Bertha Williams PUBLIC RELATIONS: Director of Public Affairs John W. Pacey Executive Producer of Public Affairs Department Mary Ahern Librarian ...Rugh Crawford Manager of Advertising and Promotion Mitchell DeCroot Manager of Publicity Arthur B. Donegan Supervisor of Audience Information. ...Ellen Heagerty Director of Continuity Acceptance Grace Johnsen Manager of Religious and Educational Activities Ruth Trexler Director of Research and Sales Development Oliver Treyz SALES: Vice-President in charge of Television Sales John B. Lanigan Eastern Television Sales Manager Charles Abry National Director of Television Sales Edwin Friendly, Jr. Business Manager for Television Network Sales Thomas P. Robinson STATIONS: Vice-President in charge Slocum Chapin Manager of WJZ-TV Trevor Adams Local and Spot Sales Service Manager — Television Mary Connell Manager of Spot Sales Don L. Kearney Operations Manager of WJZ-TV Bernard Paulson Manager of Television Stations Department Richard B. Rawls Manager of Co-operative Program Sales — Television Henry Worthington WESTERN DIVISION HOLLYWOOD KECA, KECA-TV, ABC Television Center Hollywood 27, California William Phillipson, Director of Western Division Program Business Manager — Radio j. Clifford Anderson TV Program Production Director of Western Division and KECA-TV Cecil W. Barker Manager of KECA Amos Baron Continuity Acceptance Editor, Western Division Dorothy Brown Western Division Manager of Technical Operations Philip C. Caldwell KECA Continuity Acceptance Editor.. Byington Colvig Director of Radio, Western Division... .Francis Conrad Program Manager, Western Division Dresser M. Dahlstead Genera! Traffic Supervisor Henry Daugherty Radio Engineering Operations Supervisor R. G. Denechaud Assistant Treasurer Ernest Felix Evening Program Manager Paul Gates Sales Promotion Manager C. Merwin Travis Manager of KECA-TV Philip Hoffman Manager, Stations Relations, Western Division Edward B. Huliinger Western Division News Editor. Francis D. La Tourette Western Division TV Sales Manager and Sales Manager of KECA-TV Robert Laws Sales Service Manager Adolph Lefler TV Engineering Operations Supervisor Cameron C. Pierce Production Manager of KECA-TV Darrell Ross Manager, Hollywood Publicity Department Vic Rowland Personnel Director Florence Shiro Director of TV, Western Division Donn B. Tatum NETWORKS 701 Controller, Western Division John Wagner Program Manager of KECA Harry Walstrum WASHINGTON, D. C. 1703 K Street Robert H. Hinckley, Vice President CENTRAL DIVISION WENR, WENR-TV, 20 North Wacker Drive Chicago 6, I llinois John H. Norton, Vice-President in charge of Central Division. Research Supervisor Robert L. Anderson Manager of Traffic and Communications Kenneth Christiansen Auditor Francis J. Coveney Radio Engineering Operations Supervisor Wilbur Cummings Program Booking and Operations Supervisor Francis Dixon Legal Counsel Walter L. Emerson Manager of TV Program Department Monte Frassnacht TV Production Manager John Fitzpatrick Publicity Manager ...Elliott Henry, Jr. Engineering Manager E. C. Horstman Manager of Radio Sales Lowell E. Jackson Radio Production Manager Burr E. Lee Manager of Sales Promotion Dean Linger Radio National Spot and Local Sales Manager Edward J. Lynch, Jr. TV Program Business Manager Jack McCord TV National Spot and Local Sales Manager Roy McLaughlin Music Rights Supervisor Francis McNulty Manager of Office and Studio Services. .John J. Manley News Supervisor Cornelius O'Dea Director of TV Programming James S. Pollak Sales Service Manager Patric Rastall Continuity Supervisor Robert M. Savage Director of Radio Network for Central Division Edward C. Smith Director of TV Network for Central Division James L, Stirton TV Engineering Operations Supervisor Floyd Timberlake Manager of TV Sales Gerald R. Vernon Radio Program Manager Richard M. Woollen SAN FRANCISCO KCO, KGO-TV, 155 Montgomery Street San Francisco 2, California Gayle Crubb, Vice-President KGO and KGO-TV Engineering Manager A. E. Evans TV Sales Service Manager Gladys Ferguson TV Sales Manager. Vincent Francis Promotion and Publicity Manager Gordon Grannis Radio Sales Service Manager Muriel Jocz Radio Sales Manager Alan Johnstone Traffic Manager Edith Kirby Radio Program Manager Keith Kerby Continuity Acceptance Editor Dexter Nichols News Editor ...Victor Reed TV Program Manager Bloyce Wright COLUMBIA BROADCASTING SYSTEM, INC. 485 Madison Avenue New York 22, New York Officers of the Corporation Chairman of the Board William S. Paley President Frank Stanton Executive Vice-President Joseph H. Ream Vice-President Bruce A. Coffin Vice-President Lloyd H. Coffin Vice-President David H. Cogan Vice-President Earl H. Gammons Vice-President William C. Gittinger Vice-President Lawrence W. Lowman Vice-President Howard S. Meighan Vice-President Daniel T. O'Shea Secretary Julius F. Brauner Treasurer Samuel R. Dean General Auditor Arthur S. Padgett Controller Edward L. Saxe Assistant Secretary Edgar Batchelder Assistant Treasurer William J. Flynn Assistant Secretary (Station KNX, Los Angeles) Ned Marr DIVISIONS AND SUBSIDIARIES CBS Radio Division President Howard S. Meighan Administrative Vice-President Louis Hausman