Production Encyclopedia 1952 (1952)

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TELEVISION NETWORKS 703 Director Pat Fay Director.. H. Wesley Kenny Director — David Lowe Director. William Marceau Director Arnold Nocks Director William Seaman Director Keith Thomas Director N. James Saunders Engineering Department Director of Engineering Rodney D. Chipp Chief Facilities Engineer Robert F. Bigwood Special Projects Engineer S. Patremio Technical Operations Engineer H. C. Milholland Assistant Technical Operations Engineer.... Eric Herud Propagation Engineer Arthur Deneke Station Relations Director of Station Relations Elmore B. Lyford Manager, Station Relations Robert L. Coe Assistant Manager, Station Relations Edward C. Koehler Manager, Teletranscription Department Robert S. Woolf Budget and General Services Director of Budgets Joseph Hess Purchasing Agent R. M. Skaar Public Relations and Publicity Director of Public Relations and Publicity Gerald Lyons Research Director of Sales Planning and Research Melvin A. Goldberg Advertising and Promotion Sales Promotion Manager Walter E. Brown Stations Promotion Manager Norman S. Ginsburg NATIONAL BROADCASTING CO. (Sub. of Radio Corp. of America) 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York 20, N.Y. Telephone: Circle 7-8300 Registered Telegraphic Address: NATBROCAST NEW YORK Board of Directors: Niles Trammeii, Chairman; John T. Cahill, Charles R. Denny, Gano Dunn, Frank Folsom, George L. Harrison, Mrs. Douglas Horton, Harry C. Ingles, Charles B. Jolliffe, Joseph H. McConnell, Edward J. Grady, David Sarnoff, Sylvester L. Weaver, Jr. Chairman of the Board Niles Trammeii President Joseph H. McConnell Executive Vice-President Charles R. Denny Financial Vice-President Joseph V. Heffernan Vice-President Charles C. Barry Vice-President... William F. Brooks Vice-President Sydney H. Eiges Vice-President George H. Frey Vice-President James M. Gaines Vice-President O. B. Hanson Vice-President William S. Hedges Vice-President John K. Herbert Vice-President Harry C. Kopf Vice-President Edward D. Madden Vice-President and General Attorney Gustav B. Margraf Vice-President Victor T. Norton Vice-President Frank M. Russell Vice-President Robert W. Sarnoff Vice-President Carleton D. Smith Vice-President John K. West Vice-President Sylvester L. Weaver, Jr. Vice-President Frederic W. Wile Controller Harry F. McKeon Secretary Lewis MacConnach Assistant Secretary Felix Schleenvoigt Assistant Secretary John Q. Cannon Assistant Secretary Thomas E. Ervin Assistant Secretary Paul B. Lynch Treasurer Joseph A. McDonald Assistant Treasurer William Williams DEPARTMENTS AND DIVISIONS Executive Offices President Joseph H. McConnell Executive Vice-President Charles R. Denny Financial Vice-President Joseph V. Heffernan Vice-President, Washington Frank Russell Assistant to the Executive Vice-President David C. Adams Director of Merchandising Frederick Dodge General Music Director Samuel Chotzinoff Legal Department Vice-President and General Attorney Gustav V. Margraf Assistant General Attorney Thomas E. Ervin Attorney John Shute, Sr. Attorney Arthur Cuddihy, Jr. Attorney James Denning Attorney.. Theodore Kupferman Attorney Paul B. Lynch Attorney Charles J. Moos Attorney Benjamin Raub Counsel Gordon Cahill, Zachry & Reindel Public Relations Departments Vice-President in Charge William F. Brooks Public Relations Representative Frank Young Press Department Vice-President in Charge of Press and I nformation Sydney H. Eiges Director of Press Joseph C. Dine Manager of Information Anita L. Barnard Continuity Acceptance Manager of Continuity Acceptance Stockton Helffrich Station Relations Departments Vice-President in Charge .Carleton D. Smith Director of Television Station Relations Sheldon Hickox Manager of Minute Man and Co-op Program Activities Ludwig W. Simmel Manager of Traffic Department Harry Woodman Finance Departments Financial Vice-President Joseph V. Heffernan Operations Analyst Hamilton Young Budget Department Acting Budget Officer Leslie C. Vaughan Assistant to the Acting Budget Officer Stephen Riddleberger Controllers Department Controller Harry McKeon Assistant Controller.... ....Harold M. Kelly Assistant Controller Hugh McGeachie Treasurers Department Treasurer Joseph A. McDonald Assistant Treasurer William A. Williams Purchasing Agent William Bloxham Administration Vice-President for Administration... .Victor T. Norton Capital Appropriations Department Director of Capital Appropriations Department Robert Luening Engineering Department Vice-President and Chief Engineer O. B. Hanson Administration Assistant William A. Clarke Liaison Engineer Edward R. Cullen Liaison Engineer Joseph D'Agostino Manager of Radio and Allocations Engineering Raymond Guy Manager of Engineering Development. ...George Nixon Manager of Audio-Video Engineering. .Chester Rackey Manager of Technical Services James Wood Personnel Department Director of Personnel Ernest de la Ossa Manager of Personnel Department William TIce Labor Relations Assistant to the Director of Personnel Edmund SouhamI Supervisor of Placement Section Elizabeth Haglund Supervisor of Wage and Salary Administration Section Robert de Beer Supervisor of Employee Services Section....Seth Faison Supervisor of Records and Research Section John Steeves Plans and Research Department Director of Plans and Research Hugh M. Bevllle Integrated Services Departments Vice-President in Charge of Integrated Services William S. Hedges Night Executive Officer William B. Miller Chief Librarian Frances Sprague Manager of Radio Recording Charles Hicks Manager of Transportation Albert Walker Cost Accountant for Integrated Services Willard Freeh Program Services Department Manager of Program Services Department. Arch Robb Supervisor of Music Rights and Music Library Thomas Belviso Supervisor of Literary Rights and Play reading Ross Donaldson Supervisor of Announcers Patrick Kelly Supervisor of Associate Directors Robert Wogan Supervisor of Sound Effects Frederick Knopfke