Production Encyclopedia 1952 (1952)

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704 TELEVISION NETWORKS Supervisor of Night Operations Robert Troy Building and General Services Department Manager of Building and General Service Department Edward Lowell Supervisor of Building Maintenance Division Albert Humbert Supervisor of Office Services Division Helen Davis Guest Relations Department Manager of Guest Relations Department. .Peter Tintle Supervisor of Reception Division Joseph Phillips Supervisor of Tour Operations and Promotion Division William Grainger Supervisor of Ticket Division James Gaines RADIO NETWORK Controllers Department Controller for Radio Network Henry T. Sjogren Sales Departments Vice-President and General Sales Manager for the Radio Network..... John K. Herbert Administrative Assistant George MacGovern National Radio Network Sales Manager. .Walter Scott Sales Service Manager Sackett Miles Advertising and Promotion Department Manager of Advertising and Promotion Department Jacob A. Evans Program Departments Vice-President in Charge of Radio Network Programs Charles C. Barry Supervisor of Program Operations Grant Tinker Supervisor of Script Preparation Van Woodward Manager of Contract Administration Office Mitchell Benson General Music Director.... Samuel Chotzinoff Supervisor of Music Research Ernest La Prade News, Special Events and Public Affairs Department Director of Radio News, Special Events and Public Affairs Henry Cassidy Manager of Radio News Operations Joseph Meyers Public Affairs and Education Manager of Public Affairs and Education Edward Stanley Supervisor of Religious Broadcasts and Talks Doris Corwith Supervisor of Public Affairs Programs Margaret Cuthbert Technical Operations Department Director of Radio Network Technical Operations George Mc El rath Manager of New York Radio Technical Operations Thomas Phelan WNBC Station Engineer .John Flynn Supervisor of Radio Broadcasting Operations Paul Gallant East Coast International Station Engineer John Gullans Supervisor of Radio Equipment Maintenance Charles Phelan West Coast International Station Engineer Edgar Parkhurst TELEVISION NETWORK Vice-President in Charge of Television Network Sylvester L. Weaver, Jr. Vice-President in Charge of Television Network Operations and Sales Edward D. Madden Manager of Planning for the Television Network Richard A. R. Pinkham Controllers Departments Controller for Television Network Charles J. Cresswell Manager of the Accounting Department Francis X. O'Shea Manager of Planning and Auditing Department William V. Sargent Operations Departments Director of TV Network Operations. .E. Lyman Munson Assistant to the Director of TV Network Operations and Manager of Theatre TV....Stanton Osgood TV Personnel Supervisor William Roden Manager of Television Purchasing Department J. Robert Myers Manager of Special Effects Department ..James A. Glenn Production Services Department Director of TV Production Services Fred Shawn Executive Coordinator of Production Development Robert Wade Manager of Production Operations Division James Kovach Manager of Staging Services Division Benjamin Webster Film and Kinescope Operations Department Manager of TV Film and Kinescope Operations Department — Frank Lepore Technical Operations Department Director of TV Technical Operations Department Robert Shelby Manager of TV Technical Operations. F. A. Wankei Television Operations Supervisor Reid R. Davis Production Departments Vice-President and Director of TV Network Production Frederic W. Wile, Jr. Vice-President and Director of TV Production Units Robert W. Sarnoff Manager of Commercial Program Planning Carl M. Stanton Director of Talent and Program Procurement Thomas A. McAvity General Production Executive ..Davidson Taylor TV Production Manager Leonard Hole TV Program Manager Ernest Walling News, Special Events and Sports Department Director of TV News and Special Events. .Frank McCall Manager of TV News and Special Events Operations Adolph Schneider Assistant Director of TV Sports .James Dolan Sales Departments Vice-President and Director of TV Network Sales George H. Frey TV Network Eastern Sales Manager. ...Edward R. Hitz Manager of TV Sales Service Department Frank Reed Manager of Film Syndicated Sales John Cron Director of TV Sales Development Ruddick C. Lawrence Manager of TV Advertising and Promotion Department James H. Nelson Manager of TV Sales Planning and Research Robert McFadyen Coordinator of TV Package Program Sales Michael Dann TELEVISION SALES OFFICE, DETROIT 622 Lafayette, West, Detroit, Mich. Tel: Woodward 2-2000 Manager of TV Network Sales, Detroit Walter Gross Manager of TV Network Sales, Chicago. .Eugene Hoge Manager of TV Network Sales, Detroit.. ..Walter Gross Manager of TV Network Sales, Hollywood John T. Williams Owned and Operated Stations Vice-President for the Owned and Operated Stations James M. Gaines Controller for the Owned and Operated Stations Hamilton Shea Assistant Controller Thomas Rowe National Spot Sales Department Director of National Spot Sales.. ..James V. McConnell Administrative Assistant Evelyn Sniff in Eastern Manager of TV Spot Sales. ...Richard H. Close Eastern Manager of Radio Spot Sales Robert Leder Manager of Sales Development, Advertising and Promotion H. Norman Neubert WNBC, WNBC-FM, WNBT — NEW YORK General Manager of WNBC, WNBC-FM, WNBT Ted Cott Assistant Manager of WNBC, WNBC-FM, WNBT Charles Philips Controller for WNBC, WNBC-FM, WNBT Theodore Zaer Supervisor of Radio and Television Advertising and Promotion James Hirsch Supervisor of Publicity, WNBC-WNBT Winifred Schaefer Supervisor of News and Special Events, WNBC-WNBT George Wallach Manager of Radio Sales Department (WNBC) William Rich Manager of Television Sales Department (WNBT) John Reber Manager of Television Program Department (WNBT) -. Ivan Reiner Manager of Radio Program Department (WNBC) John Grogan WMAQ, WMAQ-FM, WNBQ — CHICAGO Merchandise Mart, Chicago 54, III. Tel: Superior 7-8306 Vice-President and General Manager. ...Harry C. Kopf Controller John Whalley Attorney, Labor Consultant Thomas Compere Supervisor of Personnel and Office Services Glenn Uhles