Production Encyclopedia 1952 (1952)

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TELEVlSrON Supervisor of Package Programs and Talent Contracts Robert Kendall Manager of Radio Program Department (WMAQ) Homer Heck Agricultural Program Director Everett Mitchell Director of Education Judith Waller Manager of Radio Sales Department (WMAQ) Howard Meyers Supervisor of Radio and Television Advertising and Promotion (WMAQ-WNBQ) John Keys Manager of Integrated Services Department Leonard Anderson Supervisor of Continuity Acceptance Harry Ward Supervisor of Guest Relations and Night Operations George Gilbert Manager of News, Press and Public Affairs Department William Ray Director of Television Operations (WNBJ) Jules Herbuveaux Television Program Manager (WNBQ) George Heinemann Manager of TV Sales Department (WNBQ) John McPartlin Engineer in Charge Howard Luttgens Supervisor of Radio Technical Operations (WMAQ) Theodore Schreyer Supervisor of TV Technical Operations (WNBQ) Paul Moore Manager of Radio Network Sales Gordon H. Mills Manager of Television Network Sales....Eugene Hoge WTAM, WTAM-FM, WNBK — CLEVELAND 815 Superior Ave., Cleveland 14, O. Tel: Cherry 1-0942 General Manager John McCormick KOA, KOA-FM— DENVER 1625 California St., Denver 2, Colo. MAin 6211 General Manager Charles C. Bevis HOLLYWOOD OFFICE AND STATION KNBH Sunset Blvd. and Vine St., Hollywood 28, Calif. Hollywood 9-6161 Vice-President, Hollywood John K. West Assistant to the Vice-President and Director of Integrated Services Department Lewis Frost General Manager of Station KNBH Thomas McFadden NETWORKS 705 Director of Television Network Operations Norman Blackburn Manager of Television Network Sales John T. Williams Director of Radio Network Operations Thomas McCray Manager of Radio Network Sales Frank Berend Controller. Frank Del left Manager of Continuity Acceptance... .Donald Honrath Manager of News, Special Events and Sports Roger Sprague Manager of Stations and Traffic Department Paul Gale Manager of Radio Program and Public Affairs Department Homer Canfield Manager of Radio Press Department. ...Leslie Raddatz Manager of Radio Technical Operations Alfred Saxton Controller, Station KNBH Carol P. Ewing Manager Television Program Department. .Albert Cole Manager Television Sales Department. .Donald Norman Supervisor of Television Advertising and Promotion Richard Eisiminger Manager of Television Technical Operations Robert Clark Manager of Television Press Department ...Robert Pelgram Manager of Radio Recording Sales Alfred Woolley Television Network Operations Manager... Earl Rettig Talent Buyer Howard Ross KNBC, KNBC-FM — SAN FRANCISCO Taylor and O'Farrell Sts., San Francisco 2, Calif. GRaystone 4-8700 General Manager -Lloyd Yoder WRC, WRC-FM, WNBW — WASHINGTON Trans Lux Building, 14th St. and New York Ave. Washington 5, D.C. REpublic 4000 General Manager Eugene Juster FOREIGN REPRESENTATIVES England: Romney Wheeler. France: Paul Archinard, William Frye. Japan-Korea: George Thomas Folster, Helen Folster, John Rich. Germany: Edwin Haaker. TELEVISION STATIONS ALABAMA Birmingham WAFM-TV (1949) CBS-TV, ABC-TV and DuMont Affiliates Channel 13 AP: 13.6 Kw VP: 26 Kw Owned-Operated By Voice of Alabama, Inc. Business Office Protective Life Building Studios. ...Radio Park, atop Red Mountain, Birmingham Phone 4-0501 Transmitter Location Radio Park, Red Mountain Air Time 100 Hours Weekly News Service UP Representative CBS-TV Spot Sales Membership None Chairman of the Board Ed Norton President and Treasurer Thad Holt Station Manager Program Manager. .C. P. Persons, Jr. Chief Engineer J. L. Evans Business Manager E. H. Mitchell, Jr. Consulting Engineer A. D. Ring & Co. Attorneys Hogan & Hartson Birmingham WRBC-TV (1949) NBC Channel 4 AP: 7.25 Kw VP : 14.25 Kw Owned-Operated By Birmingham Broadcasting Co. Business Studio Address WBRC Building Phone Number 4-7741 Transmitter Location Red Mountain Air Time 109 hours weekly News Service AP, INS Representative Paul H. Raymer, Co. Membership NARTB President Eloise Smith Hanna General Manager G. P. Hamann Commercial Manager Don D. Campbell Vice-President M. D. Smith Promotion Director John Orr Director of News and Special Events.. ..Charles Tapley Publicity Director John Orr Production Manager M. D. Smith Director of Remotes Keith Williams Chief Engineer Hardy Carl ARIZONA Phoenix KPHO-TV (1949) ABC-CBS-NBC-DuM Channel 5 AP: 8.7 Kw VP: 17.5 Kw. Owned-Operated By Phoenix Television, Inc. Studio Address 631 North First Ave. Phone Number 4-7367 Transmitter Location 618 North Central Air Time 80 hours weekly News Service AP Representative Retry & Co. President and General Manager John C. Mullins Executive Producer Bill Burton Commercial Manager Julian Kaufman Program Manager Art Sprinkle Chief Engineer George L. McClanathan Hollywood Channel 1 .... CALIFORNIA KECA-TV (1949) ABC AP: 15 Kw .VP: 30 Kw