Production Encyclopedia 1952 (1952)

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706 TELEVISION STATIONS Owned-Operated By American Broadcasting Co. Business-Studio Address. ABC-TV Center Phone Number NOrmandy 3-3311 Transmitter Location Mt. Wilson Air Time 88 hours weel<ly News Service AP, INS, UP Representative ABC Spot Sales President Robert E. Kintner (ABC) Director of Western Division William Phillipson Station Manager ....Phil Hoffman Program Director Al Flanagan Promotion Director C. Merwin Travis Director of News and Special Events Frank La Tourette Production Manager Cecil Barker Publicity Director Vic Rowland Film Editor Eloise Reeves Chief Engineer Cam Pierce Consulting Engineer Kear &. Kennedy Hollywood KHJ-TV (1948) Don Lee Network Channel 9 AP: 15.7 Kw VP: 30.2 Kw. Owned by General Tire & Rubber Co., Akron, Ohio, Thos. S. Lee Enterprises, Inc. Business-Studio Address 1313 N. Vine St. Phone Number HUdson 2-2133 Transmitter Located Mt. Wilson Air Time 76 hours weekly News Services AP, INS Representative Edward Retry & Co., Inc. President Willet H. Brown Executive Vice-President Ward Ingrim Vice-President in charge of Sales Ceo. A. Whitney National Advertising Manager John Bradley KHJ-TV Sales Manager John Reynolds Director of Operations Tony La Frano Program Director Kenneth Higgins Program Manager Elbert Walker Manager of Operations Robert Livingstone Hollywood KLAC-TV (1948) Channel 13 AP: 16.2 Kw VP: 30.8 Kw. Owned-Operated By... KMTR Radio Corp. Business-Studio Address 1000 N. Cahuenga Blvd. Phone Number HUdson 2-7311 Transmitter Location Atop Mt. Wilson Air Time 96 hours weekly News Services INS, UP Representative Katz Agency, Inc. President Dorothy Schiff Executive Vice-President, General Station Manager Don Fedderson Commercial Manager Dave Lundy Program Director Fred Henry Promotion Director Mark Lansburg Director of News and Special Events Ed Lyons Production Manager Don Forbes Director of Film, Remotes Fred Henry Chief Engineer. Robert W. Conner Consulting Engineers Craven, Lohnes & Culver Hollywood KNBH (1949) Channel 4 AP: 13.32 Kw VP: 25.25 Kw. Owned-Operated By National Broadcasting Co. Business-Studio Address 1500 N, Vine St. Phone Number Hollywood 9-6161 Transmitter Location Mt. Wilson Air Time 75 hours weekly News Service AP, INS, UP Representative NBC Spot Sale General Manager... Thomas B. McFadden Commercial Manager Donald A. Norman Program Director Albert V. Cole Promotion Director Richard Eisiminger Dir. of News and Special Events Roger Sprague Publicity Director Robert Pelgram Film Director Robert Guggenheim Director of Remotes William Bennington Chief Engineer Robert W. Clark Hollywood KNXT (1931) Channel 2 AP: 12.5 Kw VP: 25 Kw. Owned-Operated By CBS Business-Studio Address 1313 N. Vine St. Phone Number..... Hollywood 9-1212 Transmitter Location.. Mt. Wilson Air Time 85 hours weekly News Services AP, UP Representative CBS-TV Spot Sales Membership NARTB General Manager Wilbur S. Edwards Sales Manager. James T. Aubrey, Jr. Sales Promotion Manager Tony Moe Program Director Bill Brennan Film Department Don Hine Director of Program Operations R. P. Anderson, Jr. Publicity Director Robert Meyer Director of News and Special Events.. Grant Holcomb Chief Engineer Herbert W. Pangborn Los Angeles KTLA (1947) Channel 5 .AP: 15 Kw VP: 30 Kw. Owned-Operated By ..Paramount TV Productions, Inc. Business-Studio Address 5451 Marathon St. Phone Number Hollywood 9-6363 Transmitter Location Mt. Wilson Air Time 65 hours weekly News Services I NS, UP Representative Paul H. Raymer Company, Inc. Membership TBA President ....Paul Raibourn Vice-President and General Manager. .Klaus Landsberg Production Coordinator J. Gordon Wright Sales Manager Harry Y. Maynard Film Director Leiand G. Muller News Editor Jonathan C. Rice Publicity and Promotion ....Howard Wormser Talent Department .Bob Mohr Chief Engineer Raymond Moore Engineering Supervisor of Studio Operations Charles Theodore Engineering Supervisor of Remote Operations John Silva Attorney Albert A. Dorskind Los Angeles KTTV (1949) Channel 11 AP: 16.6 Kw VP: 30.9 Kw. Owned-Operated By KTTV, Inc. Business Address 5746 Sunset Blvd. Phone Number HUdson 2-7111 Transmitter Location Mt. Wilson Air Time 76 hours weekly News Service AP Representative Blair TV President Norman Chandler General Manager Richard A. Moore Commercial Manager Frank G. King Executive Producer Dude Martin Director of Production Bob Breckner Director of Operations Robert Purcell Promotion, Publicity Director John R. Vrba Manager of Program Operations Berte Hackett Production Operations Manager Richard Grey Film Editor Tom Corradine Director of Program Development. ...Robert Mayward Director of Sports Forrester Mashbir Chief Engineer Edward Benham Consulting Engineer Caven, Lohnes & Culver, Washington, D. C. San Diego KFMB-TV (1949) ABC. CBS, NBC, DuMont Channel 8 AP: 20.2 Kw VP: 20 Kw. Owned-Operated By Kennedy Broadcasting Co. Business Address 1405 Fifth Ave. Phone Number Main 21 14 Transmitter Location Mount Soledad Air Time .95 hours weekly Representative Branham News Service AP Membership NARTB Chairman of the Board John A. Kennedy General Manager Howard L. Chernoff Commercial Manager W. O. Edholm Program Director Bill Fox Production Manager Hal Codden Promotion, Publicity Director Lisle Shoemaker Chief Engineer Thornton Chew Consulting Engineer George Davis San Francisco KGO-TV (1949) ABC Channel 7 AP: 13 Kw VP: 27 Kw. Owned-Operated By American Broadcasting Co. Business Address.. 155 Montgomery St. Phone Number EXbrook 2-6544 Transmitter Location Mt. Sutro, ABC TV Center Air Time 90 hours weekly News Services AP, INS