Production Encyclopedia 1952 (1952)

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TELEVISION STATIONS 707 Representative ABC Spot Sales President (ABC).. Robert E. Kintner General, Station Manager Cayle V. Crubb Commercial Manager Vincent Francis Program Director Bloyce Wright Promotion, Publicity Director Cordon Crannis Director of News and Special Events Vic Reed Production Manager Russell Baker Publicity Director Cordon Crannis Film Director Helen Bradley Senior Producer Bill Hollenbeck Chief Engineer A. E. Evans Consulting Engineer Keary & Kenneddy San Francisco KPIX (1948) CBS, DuMont, Paramount Channel 5 AP: 15.4 Kw VP: 30:5 Kw. Owned-Operated By KPIX, Inc. Business-Studio Address 2655 Van Ness Ave. Phone Number PRospect 6-5100 Transmitter Location Roof, Mark Hopkins Hotel Air Time 84 hours weekly News Services INS, UP Representative Katz Membership NARTB President V\/esley I. Dumm Vice-President, General Manager Philip G. Lasky Assistant to President Richard C. D. Bell Commercial Manager Lou Simon Program Director Sanford Spillman Promotion Director Kay Mulvihill Assistant Program Director Hugh Smith Technical Director A. E. Towne Consulting Engineer Universal Research Labs San Francisco KRON-TV (1949) Channel 4 AP: 7.7 Kw VP: 14.5 Kw. Owned-Operated By The Chronicle Publishing Co. Business-Studio Address 901 Mission St. Phone Number Garfield 1-1100 Transmitter Location ....San Bruno Mountain Air Time 10 a.m. -12:30 a.m. News Services AP, INC Telenews National Representative Free & Peters, Inc. General Manager Charles Thieriot Director of Television Harold See Commercial Manager, Film Buyer Norman Louvau Program Director A. H. Constant Chief Engineer R. A. Isberg CONNECTICUT New Haven WNHC-TV (1948) ABC, CBS, MBS, NBC, DuMont Channel 6 AP: 957 Kw VP: 1.82 Kw. Owned-Operated By. .The Elm City Broadcasting Corp. Business-Studio Address 1110 Chapel St. Phone Number 6-9826 Transmitter Location Caylord Mountain Air Time 118 hours weekly News Service AP, INS Representative Katz Membership NARTB President Patrick J. Goode Secretary-Treasurer, General Manager Aldo DeDominicis Commercial Manager J. Vincent Callanan Production Manager, Program Director David K. Harris Director of News and Special Events W. Rockwell Clark Publicity Director Joseph Robinson Director of Remotes, Chief Engineer Vincent DeLaurentis DELAWARE Wilmington WDEL-TV (1949^ NBC, DuMont Channel 7 AP: .5 Kw VP: 1 Kw. Owned-Operated By WDEL, Inc. Business-Studio Address 10th and King Sts. Air Time 110 hours weekly Phone Number 7268 Transmitter Location New Castle County News Service UP Representative Meeker Membership NARTB Station Executive Clair R. McCollough Station Manager J. Gorman Walsh National Sales Manager J. Robert Culick Program Director James Adshead Technical Director J. E. Mathiot DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Washington WMAL-TV (1947) ABC Channel 7 AP: 12 Kw VP: 22 Kw. Owned-Operated by The Evening Star Brdcstg. Co. Business Address 724 14th St., N.W. Phone Number NAtional 5400 Transmitter Campus American University Air Time 65 hours weekly Newspaper Affilation The Evening Star Representative The Katz Agency, Inc. News Services AP, INS, UP President S. H. Kauffmann Vice-President and General Manager... .K. H. Berkeley Commercial Manager Ben B. Baylor, Jr. Program Director Charles Kelly Promotion Director S. T. Chichester, Jr. Director of News and Special Events Bryson Rash Publicity Director Mary Pauline Perry Film Director Charles Bloomquist Chief Engineer Frank Harvey Washington WNBW (1947) NBC Channel 4 AP: 10.5 Kw VP: 20.5 Kw. Owned-Operated By.. ..National Broadcasting Co., Inc. Business-Studio Address 724 14th St., N.W. Phone Number REpublic 4000 Transmitter Location Wardman Park Hotel Air Time Ill hours weekly News Services AP, INS, UP, plus Syndicated NBC Newsreels. Representative.... NBC Spot Sales Membership TBA, NARTB President Joseph H. McConnell Washington Vice-President Frank M. Russell General Manager Eugene juster Assistant to Vice-President George Y. Wheeler Director of Programs Ralph Burgin Commercial Manager .Charles De Lozier Engineer in Charge ...Charles Colledge Business Manager Arthur Hamilton Sales Promotion Manager, Publicity Manager John Ghilain Washington WTOP-TV ( 1949) CBS Channel 9 AP: 14.4 Kw VP: 27.3 Kw. Owned-Operated By The Washington Post Business Address Warner Building Phone Number ME. 3200 Transmitter Location ..40th and Brandywine St., N.W. Air Time 115 hours weekly Newspaper Affiliation The Washington Post News Service AP Membership NARTB Commercial Manager George Hartford Program Production Director, Production Manager H. Thomas Tausig News, Publicity, Promotion Director ..Cody Pfanstiehl Film Director C. D. Dyatt Chief Engineer L. A. Wilkinson Washington WTTC (1945) DuMont Channel 5 AP: 10.5 Kw VP: 17.5 Kw. Owned-Operated By Allen B. DuMont Labs., Inc. Business-Studio Address 12th and E Sts., N.W. Phone Number STerling 5300 Transmitter 5217 19th Rd., N,; Arlington Air Time 40-45 hours weekly News Service United Press Representative....Harrington Righter & Parsons, N.Y., and Richard Railton Co., San Francisco, Calif. Membership NARTB President Dr. Allen B, DuMont General Manager Walter Compton Commercial Manager Perry Walders Program Director Roger Coelos Promotion, Publicity Director Alex Sheftell Director of Special Events and Remotes Donald G. Roper Film Director Jules Huber Chief Engineer Malcolm M. Burleson