Publix Opinion (Nov 29, 1929)

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BROADWAY TOUR ~ PLANNED FOR “RADIO HOUR Broadway, the heart and soul of the theatrical world, brilliant and glamourous, will be the background for the regular Paramount-Publix radio hour Saturday night (November 30) when it ‘is nationally broadcast from) Station WABC and associated stations of the Columbia System at 10 o’clock (Eastern Standard Time). Led by Paul Ash, who is known to theatre goers as an ace master of ceremonies, the radio audience will be taken.on a musical tour of Broadway night life which includes seven of the lead-| ing smash hits now playing in New York, one famous night club, and a motion picture studio. After the introductory musical selection which is to be a special | novelty, Paul Small, accompanied by the Paramount Radio Orchestra, is to sing “Back In Your Own Back Yard.’’ Then will come a succession of outstanding mu sical numbers from the shows. Included are: ‘George White’s Scandals”; ‘“‘Moanin’ Low’, from “Phe Little Show’, sung by Ver onica Wiggins and the Paramount Four; ‘Great Day’ from the. play py the same name; “Don’t Ever Leave Me” from “Sweet Adeline’”’; “A Ship Without a Sail” from “Heads Up’; “I’ll See You Again”, from ‘Bitter Sweet’; ‘Kinda Cute’; from Earl Carroll’s Sketch Book. | Then the audience will be given the opportunity of hearing melodies from ‘“Glorifying the American Girl,’ now being produced at the Paramount Long Island studio under the personal supervision of Florenz Ziegfeld and which is to be released in the near future. This will be followed by an atmospheric musical arrangement which is to depict the life and gaiety one of the New York’s fa-: mous night club. | John Carlile is the announcer of the Paramount-Publix hour. PUBLIX BUILDING LAN HITTING © ON ALL SIX (Continued from Page One) cember opening. \ For the middle of January, the Paramount, Montgomery, Ala., a beautiful new theatre seating 1500, is scheduled for opening. The remodeled Capitol Theatre, Cheyenne, Wyoming, a 900 seater, ‘will open approximately Feb. ist. Among the other theatres in ‘the process of construction are the ones in Middletown, and Peekskill, NN. Y., both 1500 seaters and progressing rapidly. The foundations fo rthe 2300 seat theatre in Denver, Colo., are complete and the sub-contracts for the balance of the project are being drawn. In Stapletown, Staten Island, where Publix will put up a 2300 seat theatre, to be called ‘“Paramount,” the old Vanderbilt mansion has already been razed from the site and a decision is being awaited from the city as to property line. Work Humming In’ Ft. Wayne, Ind., work has been started on the ‘‘Paramount”’ there, which will be a de luxe 2400 seater. The 2750 seat theatre in’ Manchester, England, is progressing satisfactorily. Wrecking and excavating have been com pleted in Lynn, Mass., where Pub-lix will build a 2500 seat theatre, } PUBLIX OPINION, WEEK OF NOVEMBER 29rn, 1929 -HERE’S A GOOD DECEMBER DRIVE STUNT! As a result of the classified ad tie-ups run in PUBLIX OPINION, George Henger, of Director Thornton W. Sargent’s Department of Pub licity and Advertising, Publix Skouras Theatres, St. Louis, The ads begin on Nov. 29th and continue to run until Christmas, mas Gift Suggestion Page. Publix-Skouras Theatres. has placed this stunt with the St. Louis Star as a means of exploiting its Christ using stills from pictures playing or coming to This proves once more what PUBLIX OPINION has always insisted, that the newspapers are anxious to use stills of your stars and pictures because of their known and acknowledged faculty of attracting the eye. dominate the ad. The St. Louis newspuper was smart enough to realize that this is an excellent means Christmas page with their own office ads. and backfilling has been started. Reports from Salem, Mass., where another large theatre of 2300 seats is being built, indicate that things are humming there too. Contracts have been let out for the new Publix theatre in Nashville, Tenn., and work will soon start on the 2,000 seat theatre to be built there. Reports from Hammond, Ind., where Publix is. also building, indicate that everything is progressing satisfactorily there. Work has been started in El Paso, Tex., on the 2400 theatre Publix is building there. The Bellevue Theatre, Niagara Falls, which was negotiated for by Michael. Shea and which will be operated by, Publix in conjunction with the Shea Company, opened Thanksgiving Day. Circuit Ready For Smashing Profit Drive (Continued from Page One) theory is that certain days, weeks and months are bad, and that peo-| ple will not patronize the theatre during that period. This is’ pure “bhunk.’’ “T can remember that when the months of May, June and July approached, the distributors either discontinued releasing pictures or threw in their ‘‘cluck’’ that they had been saving all year. Consequently, the showman pictures |. L G ving ie your wife ‘ Ouse: a gift : coziee : ork, at the that lighten regard for’ the ho; the on me. It's a sure w © You love, too, ay to t s earth” but « Note how the stills, accompanied by the name of attraction and theatre, of attracting attention to the ads on the ymething /seful Foy the Home 1 oe a is h ridicins home, diggin’ Aisotea A t ° ; Venn € needs of the houssebe and he heart of St, i ; Louis Stay Will find a 2s nde Priate for the + Avail yourselg of ene = ind Join the « é eek not o; §00d will at Hoes tf ong on he’ aid ‘this thoughtful”, P€ace on R ead the XMAS INDEX Today j Li was resigned to his fate and he became stagnated. This was passed on to the public and the business was considered a nine months affair. December and Holy Week killed more time. “You all know this bugaboo was dispelled by Publix resourcefulness and showmanship. These same showmen are now training their guns on one of the last and greatest obstacles to the stability of our business — ‘Decemberosis.’ Four out of five ‘‘habit-slave”’ showmen have ‘“Decembercsis.”’ “The titanic struggle is here. The Departments of Booking, Management, Advertising, Music and all others have marshaled their reserves and the circuit will reach its objective. pace “Tf you are not properly. equipped, or if. some. department has not given you your proper help, then wire or telephone to. yi nearest District Manager or trict Booker, and do it quic But if worst comes ot worst something you should have, fag to arrive, just jump in and fige anyway, because help will be cl at hand. No good fighter ever licked no matter what ) stacles were in his path. WATCH SPELLIN. OF ACTOR’S NA “It has been called to my at\\) tion several times that Fre March’s name is being missp¢ in theatre advertisements ard the country,’’ writes Arch R## “As you know, his nameg FEREDRIC MARCH, but it is -monly misspelled: Frederic. { | i